What do we do to make our world greener?

What do we do to make our world greener?

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  • For green roofs, students must plant and protect trees as trees are a giant air purifier. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which is essential for human respiration. In addition, plants are a very valuable resource for human resources to survive from the ancient to the present. The pencil we use every day, the chopsticks, the table, the chair ... All are made from wood, from trees. Trees decorate, make the roof more "beautiful". In the Will, Uncle Ho also reminded people to continue planting trees:
    "If there is a plan to plant trees on the hill, whoever visits, plant a tree for a memorial. Planting trees must be good tree. Everyday many trees into the forest, will be good for the landscape and benefit the industry "
    For the "clean" school roof, meaning a clean environment, without the appearance of rubbish or being polluted by the surrounding environment, students have to follow the Five Things Uncle Ho teaches: give birth to good "by not littering indiscriminately into the garbage, clean the table, furniture, floor clean ... In the school, students at all levels must be educated about the sense of protection of the lips. Applying for environmental examinations, volunteering to protect the environment ... to gain basic knowledge, thus voluntarily contributing to the creation of green living environment. - clean.
    We have been fortunate to have been given the best of nature by Mother Nature: the beautiful nature, the green pines, the calm rivers. If we do not respect, we will lose everything. The class, as well as the second roof of every school-age student to school. So you, me and the rest of us keep the environment that we are learning is "green - clean - beautiful".
    "We treat evil with Earth because we regard it as an asset to ourselves. When we consider ourselves to belong to the Earth, we may begin to behave with love and respect. "

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