viết một đoạn văn nói về người bạn thân nhất của em ở trường

viết một đoạn văn nói về người bạn thân nhất của em ở trường (80-100 word) 

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  • My best friend in high school is Lan. Lan sits next to me in class, eats with me at break time, and hangs out with me after school. She has long and beautiful hair; my mother always says that I need to pay more attention to my hair so it can be pretty as hers. I am good at English while Lan is excellent in Math, therefore we can help each other every time one of us has trouble in understanding those subjects. Besides our study, Lan is always by my side whenever I feel upset. I tell her everything, and only her can know my true feelings. We have been best friends since our young age, and I will keep this friendship forever.

      bởi Nguyễn Hoàng Ngân 09/12/2018
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  • now, i would like to tell you a about my best friend.I like Thiên the most .WE have studied together for 4 ages and now we are both 14 the ages of sweet dreams .He has short black hair ,a face round with round wide eyes and white teeth.Thiên is sociable , humorous and helpful. He enjoy playing football in free time.anywhere anytime he can tell jokes to me.In short ,Thiên is my beloved friend and i believe that nothing is going to change my love for his


      bởi Văn Hoàng Ân 09/12/2018
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  • Everyone of us has at least one best friend to share happiness and sadness. So do I. My best friend's name is Linh. I can say she is my closest friend since we were the children. We have grown up in the same town , went to same school and even studied in the same class. Linh is quite good-looking. She is tall and thin. She has a round face, brown eyes and thin lips. She is a helpful and friendly girl. She has talent in Maths so sometimes when i get troubles , she always explains comlex Maths theories in simple ways to help me understand. I like spending time with her because we have common things together. That's why she understands me including my hobbies and dislikes. The best thing I like about her is sense of humor. She always has useful ways to make me laugh whenever I'm sad or angry. I really treasure our friendship and hope that it will last forever. 


      bởi Nguyễn Khánh Linh 27/12/2018
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