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Viết một bức thư bằng tiếng anh có đầy đủ thông tin (ngày, tháng, người gửi,...) về một thành phố

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  • Hue,February 10,200...

    Dear Minako ,

    How are you? Thanks for your letter. I am so happy because you always miss and think of me. I have just come back home from Hue. In this trip, I went to by train because it is cheap and safe . That was a really interesting trip. Hue is known for its beautiful imperial architecture and wonderful natural beauty, especially the length of history of Nguyen dynasty. I think that Hue is the only city in Vietnam that still has restored historic beauties with of walls, places, and royal tombs. Everything in Hue city make me impressed and surprised. Perfume rives is very poetic and peaceful. It always make me feel comfortable and relaxing. In this trip, my father and I were on a boat in this river to listen to hue songs every night. The melody of Hue songs is always very special. I love Hue songs very much. The trips lasted 2 days. In the first day, we went to visit Tu Duc tombs. It is a large and bulky structure. We spent all day to discover this historical Structure. There are a lot of famous tomb in Hue but because os limited time we only visited Tu Duc tombs. The following day, we came to Thien Mu pagoda. This pagoda was built in the 14th century and is placed on Ha Khe hillock area near the perfume river. It is also known as Linh Mu pagoda. This is one of the most beautiful and acient architectural structures for reverence in Hue. After that, we went around the city by cyclo and enjoined some special food of hue. I had a lot of memories in this trip and I hope I will have more times to visit Hue in the future. And you? Have you ever visited Hue city? Let me about your impression about Hue.



      bởi Minh Tuấn Nguyễn 05/03/2019
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