Viết một bài văn tả ngày tết quê bạn bằng tiếng Anh

viết một bài văn tả ngày tết quê bạn bằng tiếng anh  

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  • tham khảo thôi nhé :D

    Every year winter passed, carrying the cold of it, is bustling around preparing to welcome a fresh flowers next spring. And of course, the yellow apricot trees loaded with fresh flowers sunny Southern fibers with bright pink peach trees bring beauty cold tender for the domain are two indispensable. 
    Did not know how now, beautiful golden apricot trees appeared before me at home. Just remember that brief, his grandfather brought it on when going out New Year market. Listen to your mother said, was to bring it about, it's really very small. Yet now, it was a beautiful apricot trees, charming. Radiating trunk branches each branch is a lot of fresh flowers. The petite flower buds are pink sapphire carrier shy, waiting to be uncovered. Each flower bud is a red flame, miracles brought to light last year. 
    Every year the festival is bordered on two brothers with stripped leaves the airport tomorrow. Old leaves, young leaves, fallen leaves as many as sifting down, covering the whole tree. It looks like a green carpet. When stripped of all leaves, apricot trees are left bare body carrying a plate full of flower buds. nearly 29 festival, apricot trees start to grow leaves. The young leaves on the trees gradually grow tight. Foil and velvety. 
    1st Year, apricot trees begin to flower. The shy bud any day now in full bloom, showing bright yellow sheet of it in the sun shimmering on New Year's. In mai petals spreading wide. Each flower has a green calyx caught at the bottom. Inh beautiful pistil, the stigma small orange yarn, mixed with yellow apricot flowers characteristic of creating beauty shimmering apricot trees. When the wind comes, apricot flowers sent away by the wind and slightly sweet fragrance of it. Ecstatic aroma, can not describe the appeal of it. And every time the wind through the surf, the gently flew off tomorrow with the wind, beautiful magical fairy paintings. When the wind settled that, the flowers come again fell to the ground, forming a carpet of gold as the sun cover. 
    1st Year, three to play, choose a beautiful apricot branches into evidence at the altar grandmother. It's nothing more beautiful. It is through this that the lunar new apricot trees, the family has received many admiring eyes and admiration. 
    I love this apricot tree cover Tet , it has brought my family complete cosmetic beauty. It is also the beauty of the traditional homeland of Vietnam, home of the South.

      bởi nguyễn võ gia thịnh 27/02/2019
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