Fill in the blank but how clean is the air people breathe?

People need to breathe. If we don't breathe, we will die. But how clean is the air people breathe? If they breathe (1)............air, they will have breathing problems and become ill. Plants and animals need (2)..........air too. A lot of the things (3)...........our lives create harmful gases and make the air dirty, like cars, motorbikes and factories. Dirty air is called "polluted air". Air pollution can also (4)...........our Earth warmer. The problem of air pollution started with the burning of coal homes (5).............factories.

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  • 1. will

    2. dirty

    3. in

    4. make

    Mk ko chắc lắm nha bạn

    Chúc bạn hk tốthaha

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    Câu theo yes sẽ trả lời theo Yes,I will.Thanks

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    Mẫu: you / see a doctor

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    Ex1 :

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    2 : Our drama club is ................ a play for the school anniversary celebration

    A : making B : rehearsing C : playing D : doing

    3 : He is ............ student in my class

    A : tall B : the taller C : tallest D : the tallest

    4 : Hung cycle ......... He is a very ............... cyclist

    A : quicker / quick B : quick / quickly C : quickly / quick D : quickly / quickes

    5 : It takes me half an hour ......... from my house to the office every day

    A : walk B : to walk C : walking D : to walking

    6 : Nga ......... absent ............ school last friday . what's the matter with her ?

    A : was / from B : was / in C : were / from D : was / to

    7 : Mr.Brown looks tired because he drank ......... wine last night

    A : too many B : few C : lots D : to much

    8 : What an ........... film ! Do you think that ?

    A : interested B : interestingly C : interest D : interesting

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    3.how many [house/houses] are there on regent street?








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  • Ex5: Rewrite these sentences

    1. Lan learns Math very well.

    => Lan is very ...

    2. Lam has ten days off for this summer vacation.

    => Lam has a ...

    3. Do you enjoy listening to music ?

    => Are ...

    4. I think that learning English is important.

    => I find ...

    5. The tickets to the show are too expensive for us.

    => The tickets to the show cost ...

    6. The police questioned everybody in the house.

    => Everybody ...

    7. They sell tickets at the gate of the tourist site.

    => Tickets ...

    8. Be careful or you'll hurt yourself.

    => If you are ...

    9. Neither Mary or her sister studied arts at school. (either)

    => Mary never studied arts at school and ...

    10. I think Vinh acted better than Quang in that play. (as)

    => I think Quang didn't ... Vinh in that play.

    11. Both Anna and her brother are fond of watching water puppet. (too)

    => Anna is fond of watching water puppet and ... (too).

    12. We couldn't keep on cleaning the streets because of the heavy rain.

    => Because it ...

    13. Both students and teachers can borrow books from the library.

    => The library ...

    14. Nobody plays this piece of music as beautifully as he does.

    => He plays this ...

    15. Mr. Binh started recycling rubbish two years ago.

    => Mr. Binh has ...

    16. They haven't cleaned up the street for five months.

    => It's ...

    17. We have donated books and clothes for ten years.

    => We began ...

    18. Youre the best guitarist in the school.

    => No one ...

    19. He didn't remember anything about it, and i didn't either.

    => He forgot ...

    20. School uniforms don't have to be worn at all times.

    => Students ...

    21. With luck we will win the cookery competition.

    => If ...

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  • 1, Do you and your brother ( like ) ____________ watching cartoon?

    2, Is your sister ( study ) _________ English?

    3, What time you ( play ) _________ soccer after school?

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  • Tra loi cau hoi

    1. Where does your mother work ?

    2. Whay are those?

    3. What time do your classes start ?

    4. Is your house near a park ?

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  • Hoàn thành theo mẫu:


    S1: Why shouldn't you climb a tree?

    S2: Because I may fall down.


    Why + shouldn't + S + V(bare) + O?

    Because + S + may + V(bare) + O.

    Câu hỏi:

    1. he / play with matches? get a burn

    2. she / take / many aspirins? die

    3. they / eat candy / at night? have a toothache

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  • Cho mình hỏi

    Điền "a lot of" "many" or "much"

    There aren't .............. radishes

    There isn't ................ honey

    There aren't ................. mushrooms

    There's .................... jam.

    There aren't .................. apples.

    Tại sao lại điền như vậy và qui tắc là gì

    Các bạn giúp mình nhé

    Cám ơn

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  • Make questions ưith the underlined words/ phrases

    1. I received a letter from Lan last week.

    2. Minh usually takes exercises after getting up.

    3. She goes to bed at 9.p.m

    4. Theyvlive in the city centre.

    5. I like ‘ Tom and Jerry’ because it’s very interesting.

    6. They do their homework at night.

    7. I like the red blouse, not the blue one.

    ​8. It’s 063.3921680.

    9. My father is a teacher.

    10. They came by bus.

    11. I have a headache.

    12. I am drying the rice.

    13. I visit my grandma once week.

    14. I work in open-air market.

    15. This book is 3$.

    16. There are two pens on the table.

    Giúp mik nha, mik sẽ tick hết❤️

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  • Dùng hình thức đúng của đọng từ trong ngoặc

    1.Every morning,Thu (get).............up at 6.She (have)..........breakfast 6.10.After breakfast she (brush).............her teeth.She (go)...........to school at 6.30.She (have) .............lunch at 11.30 at school

    2.We (watch)............television every evening

    3.I (do).............my homework every afternoon

    4.Mai and Lan (play)..........games after school

    5.Vy (listen).............to music every night.

    Đổi các câu sau sang thể phủ định và nghi vấn

    1.They listen to music every day

    2.He plays volleyball after school

    3.They play soccer every afternoon

    4.He does the homework every evening

    5.She has breakfast at 6.10

    6.I get up at 6.00 every morning

    7.Nga and Lan go to school every day

    8.We have lunch at 11.30

    9.My father reads a newspaper every day

    10.Nga does the housework every day

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