Discribe your best vacation

discribe your best vacation 

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  • Thanks to the excellent title of my students last year and now my parents enjoyed a trip to Vung Tau beach and beautiful dep.Hom magnificent, I could not describe her feelings: both entertaining happy, and proud because this is a reward for me to achieve good school. ASIAN! Taxi arrived!

    Sitting in the car, watching the street in the early morning, I saw the city where I live so that's nice! Two roadside planting lush green trees, straight as the pay of soldiers are marching ... Wow! Finally we also went to sea and then here?!? Vung Tau Sea dreamer but also full of life did I stood enraptured while now. Oh! salty smell of the breeze through my hair tone well enough for me to feel happy then! When I got the family room, I looked from the window of the fifth floor where you see the majestic Vung Tau, this beautiful! Today it's really beautiful, the sky clear blue, cloudless. There are a few sea birds hovering in the sky as if to join them for the amusement of tourists here! The sun looked like a ball of fire between a blue glowing translucent. When my parents told me to be able to park, I rejoice run like having gold, I was expecting this ohut chời seconds long time ago! When I walked down the sandy lane smooth, I felt like I was standing on a carpet so pale yellow velvet! Through a little fine sand as the waves hit the shore spill stained legs. The naughty intermittent waves slapping on my feet. Really cool sea! I see the sea like a giant mirror reflecting the image of the sky. Looks like I stepped on something! ASIAN! As the shells. Look them stagnant sea, sparkling in the sun is beautiful! The so-white, the reddish, pale pink ones ... Looking around the park, there are outer shell colored umbrella looked lively enough as there are giant lollipop!
    The majority of the visitors here are foreigners, they are fun and friendly. They play sports games, looks very funny, such as volleyball, ... If you had said to the sea, people will think of seafood. So to Vung Tau beach without eating seafood is very worthwhile! Dad took me to a shop and family on the beach to eat affordable: oysters, shrimp, squid, crab, ... delicious too! Toward evening, my family to the hotel to rest and prepare for the luggage away. Looked out, I saw a reddish sky. My mother said it was oblivious to cook. Other than the morning sun on sunset at sea with few clouds colorful float. They look like cotton candy trees colors that she bought for me when I was little. The sea is calm, more quiet beach in the morning. Few people on the beach and bathing because they like us, are resting on it ... It's all we have for now. Before boarding, I look and feel grateful sea because the country of Vietnam has made landscapes including mat- stay where I am Vung Tau beach.
    I will try to do well for my parents to come here again so I can enjoy the majestic ambience. Photos Vung Tau beach picturesque and full of life will forever imprinted on the heart as well as my soul as a beautiful and memorable exemption century of the summer holidays in Grade Six. See you next year there, Vung Tau Oh!

      bởi Lê Thị Phương Chi 25/03/2019
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