Describe your friend's house to the class

Describe your friend's house to the class.

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  • Describe your friend's house to the class.

    Hi! I'm Thu. I'm eighteen. I study at Chau Thanh School, I'm in Grade 11, class 11B. My best friend name's Trang. I'm with her classmates. Her house is at 131 Bach Dang Street, in Ba Ria City. Her house is big and beautiful. In front of her house, there is a big yard. Behind her house, there is a big garden. To the left of her house, there is a store. To the right of her house, there is a drugstore. In her house, there are cars, trees,.... I love her house very much, because it isn't home anymore, but it's a luxury villa home. I love her house very much!

      bởi Nguyễn Tỷ 25/03/2019
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    After each lesson at school, your mother was usually eager to welcome his return to the fold of the tiny house. That place, everything was so dear to me sometimes.

    It was a modest house located in a hospital dormitory, children learn how schools around two kilometers. It was built three years ago but looks very. each. Walls painted pale pink spray should be durable and very bright. The main door to the newly repainted her father last week, looks new and shiny. Glass doors, shutters were me I cleaned the ball. The house consists of two floors. The first floor is the living room and kitchen. The second floor has two rooms: one room of his parents and a room reserved for you to rest and study. Between the living room armchair brown millet looks so elegant. On the table, my mother put a fresh flower vases make the room even more vivid. On the wall hangs a landscape picture coastal countryside sunset.

    To the opposite wall is a picture wearing China's harmonious look. Kia again, the pendulum clock grandparents left me a long time ago, after each hour to let the church bells hummed pounding. Inside, the kitchen cooking a dinner table placed next to it. Her mother arranged very neatly map, tidy, clean: a mi ni pantry, a small gas stove pedestal pantry and fridge ...

    On the second floor, a room of my parents had prescribed a bed, a wardrobe, a desk. Oh, look to the south windows make this room is always cool. Her parents arranged very orderly, in this room, always clean, cozy. Rooms for children are their parents even more concerned. Last year, Dad bought me a piece of furniture incorporating both handy bookshelf. I love it. Located next to the bed is pretty cute wardrobe. My mother always prompt and help you sort things tidy. Somewhere in the house I saw love. But it unfurnished luxury but comfortable and airy.

    I love you my love nest. It's sticking to me like blood. Living in this house, both children are to love one another.

      bởi Nguyễn Thị Phương Mai 26/03/2019
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  • your house have 5 rooms are:a living room,a bedroom,a kitchen ,a bathroom and a toilet

      bởi Hoàng Trang 27/03/2019
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