Indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s): Margaret Thatcher was known for her tough uncompromising conservative political views, and became dubbed as ‘The Iron Lady’.

Margaret Thatcher was known for her tough uncompromising conservative political views, and became dubbed as ‘The Iron Lady’.

A. reserved                  B. inflexible                C. narrow-minded                   D. compatible

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  • B. inflexible


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  • Since 1979, ULI has honored outstanding development projects in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors with the ULI Global Awards for Excellence program, which today is widely recognized as the development community's most prestigious awards program.

    A. important                B. notable                    C. ordinary                  D. respected

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  • Mark the letter A, B, c, or D to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions.

    Question 1: A. apply                       B. persuade               C. reduce                   D. offer

    Question 2: A. preservatives         B. congratulate         C. preferential          D. development

    Question 3: A. president                B. physicist               C. inventor                D. property

    Question 4: A. economy                 B. unemployment    C. communicate       D. particular

    Question 5: A. elephant                  B. dinosaur               C. buffalo                  D. mosquito

    Question 6: A. scientific                  B. intensity                C. disappearance     D. expectation

    Question 7: A. conference              B. lecturer                  C. researcher             D. reference

    Question 8: A. intentional              B. optimistic             C. environment        D. participant

    Question 9: A. explain                    B. happen                  C. decide                   D. combine

    Question 10: A. represent               B. intensive               C. domestic               D. employment

    Question 11: A. minister                 B. dependent                        C. encourage             D. agreement

    Question 12: A. equip                     B. listen                      C. answer                  D. enter

    Question 13: A. involve                  B. provide                 C. install                    D. comment

    Question 14: A. hospital                 B. inflation                C. policy                    D. constantly

    Question 15: A. garment                 B. comment               C. cement                  D. even

    Question 16: A. different                B. achievement         C. educate                 D. primary

    Question 17: A. sorrow                   B. schooling              C. passion                 D. subtract

    Question 18: A. certainty                B. activity                  C. organize                D. compliment

    Question 19: A. publish                  B. replace                  C. involve                  D. escape

    Question 20: A. police                    B. system                   C. woman                  D. novel

    Question 21: A. attract                    B. amaze                    C. offer                       D. require

    Question 22: A. delicate                 B. promotion            C. volcanic                D. resources

    Question 23: A. figure                     B. honest                    C. polite                     D. happy

    Question 24: A. engage                   B. import                   C. conserve               D. maintain

    Question 25: A. original                 B. responsible           C. reasonable                        D. comparison

    Question 26: A. person                   B. hotel                      C. signal                    D. instance

    Question 27: A. situation                B. appropriate          C. informality           D. entertainment

    Question 28: A. different                B. bamboo                 C. rainfall                  D. wildlife

    Question 29: A. gorilla                    B. interesting            C. September                        D. opponent

    Question 30: A. promote                B. precede                 C. picture                  D. pollute

    Question 31: A. exciting                 B. impolite                C. attention               D. attractive

    Question 32: A. curious                  B. receive                   C. unique                  D. achieve

    Question 33: A. comprehend         B. entertain                C. develop                D. introduce

    Question 34: A. consider                B. concentrate           C. interest                  D. sacrifice

    Question 35: A. pollutant               B. graduate               C. enjoyable              D. suspicious

    Question 36: A. generous               B. endangered          C. horrible                 D. wonderful

    Question 37: A. history                   B. village                   C. surprise                D. physics

    Question 38: A. deafness                B. arrange                  C. absorb                   D. exhaust

    Question 39: A. pressure                B. sensible                 C. treatment              D. canal

    Question 40: A. publish                  B. predict                   C. reply                      D. refuse

    Question 41: A. machine                B. export                    C. chemist                 D. proceed

    Question 42: A. applicant               B. preference             C. sufficient               D. appointment

    Question 43: A. interview              B. concentrate           C. comfortable          D. technology

    Question 44: A. example                B. happiness             C. advantage             D. disaster

    Question 45: A. explain                  B. involve                  C. swallow                D. control

    Question 46: A. character               B. guitarist                C. astronaut              D. bachelor

    Question 47: A. surgeon                 B. conquest               C. profit                     D. canal

    Question 48: A. supply                   B. consist                   C. happen                  D. delay

    Question 49: A. broaden                 B. persuade               C. reduce                   D. explain

    Question 50: A. solidarity              B. effectively             C. documentary       D. dedication

    Question 51: A. royal                      B. unique                   C. remote                   D. extreme

    Question 52: A. enroll                     B. promote                C. require                  D. danger

    Question 53: A. optimistic             B. diversity               C. environment        D. assimilate

    Question 54: A. affectionate           B. kindergarten        C. respectable           D. occasional

    Question 55: A. certificate              B. compulsory          C. remember             D. information

    Question 56: A. treasure                 B. appoint                 C. advance                D. diverse

    Question 57: A. conceal                  B. contain                  C. conserve               D. conquer

    Question 58: A. forgettable            B. philosophy           C. humanism                        D. objectively

    Question 59: A. centralize              B. candidate              C. applicant              D. motivation

    Question 60: A. compass                B. campus                 C. comfort                 D. command




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  • 1. This company employs two hundred


    2. My brother does exercises every day. 


    3. People speak English in almost every corner of the world. 


    4. After class, one of the students always erases the chalk board.


    5. Nobody in this village believes his story. 


    6. Somebody is cleaning the room at the moment. 


    7. They are building a house at present. 


    8. Two strange people are following us. 


    9. What books are you reading this year ? 


    10. He is painting the living room again now. 


    11. Somebody has already taken some of my books away. 


    12. They have provided the victims with food and clothing. 


    13. Nobody has ever treated me with such kindness. 


    14. Science and technology have completely changed human life. 


    15. He has made no mistakes in his composition so far. 


    16. The teacher gave each of us two exercise books. 


    17. They gave up the research after three hours. 


    18. The detective saw the woman putting the jewelry in her bag


    19. They never made us do anything we didn’t want to do.  


    20. A violent storm destroyed the fishing village last night. 


    21. The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plant. 


    22. Martha was delivering the documents to the department. 


    23. My father was watering the garden when I came home from work


    24. Someone was cleaning the room when we arrived. 


    25. She was doing her homework in her room at 8 p.m last night. 


    26. The company had ordered some new equipment before the strike began. 


    27. The delegates had received the information before the recess.


    28. The doctor had seen ten patients by eight o’clock this morning. 


    29. The architect had a few days off after he had finished the plans for the new high school.  


    30. The professor had reviewed the material before he gave the quiz.

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    Stressful atmospheres, (1) _______ of deadlines and long hours dominate office life, according to a survey published  recently.

    The majority of those questioned said a good salary and career (2) _______ were their main reason for working. But (3) _______ numbers did not believe their employers offered either. In general the survey found that most felt that (4) _______ of life was more important than status and company perks. Most would prefer employers to offer (5) _______ hours, challenging tasks and job security rather than perks such as company cars and private health care. Many employers’ (6) _______ to understand this meant more than a third worried about their work on holiday, and 40 per cent took days off (7) _______when not ill.

    Workers were also irritated by the conditions they had to work in. A fifth struggled with (8) _______ technology, badly lit offices and chairs which caused backache. Half said their (9) _______ would increase if their environment improved.

    On the plus side, the biggest compensation was the friendship offered by colleagues, and it appears that the office also affords the chance to flirt with colleagues, make (10) _______ calls to friends abroad, steal stationery and play computer games.

    1.A. weight            B. force        C. heaviness            D. pressure

    2.A. outlooks            B. odds        C. prospects            D. views

    3.A. important                    B. impressive        C. heavy            D. significant

    4.A. quality            B. calibre        C. excellence            D. worth

    5.A. pliable            B. elastic        C. amenable            D. flexible

    6.A. failure            B. defeat        C. deficiency            D. lack

    7.A. indisposed        B. unwell        C. injured            D. sick

    8.A. behind the times       B. expired        C. out-of-date                    D. invalid

    9.A. fertility            B. capacity        C. value                     D. productivity

    10.A. idiosyncratic        B. unique        C. personal            D. individual


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  • 1. she was soon__ again(healthy/well)

    2. the government always promote the preservation of__monuments(historic/historical)

    3. i was__to get out of this room(thankful/graceful)

    4. i gave the child a__on my back(ride/lift)

    5. i have used written and__material(aural/oral)

    6. jenny paused for__(breath/breathe)

    7. i may have to stay there__(awhile/a while)

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  • Have you watched the movie I gave you yesterday already?

    A. Have

    B. Watched

    C. Gave

    D. Already

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