II.CHOSE THE WORD OF PHRASE THAT BEST FITS EACH SPACE IN THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE (15PTS) We often assume the best way to…(1) to a decision is to spend aged taking into account a lot of information before we arrive at our conclusion. We…(2) the evidence in the belief that instant decisions are unreliable. However, there are arguments for a reassessment of that…(3). It may be that…(4) our subconscious mind does a better job in a moment than our conscious mind does. When Evelyn Harrison, a(n)…(5) on sculpture, was shown a statue that the J. Paul Getty Museum had purchased for $10 million, she….(6) out that it was a fake. It came…(7) a shock to the museum. Harrison was…(8) to explain why she had formed that impression, but it was enough to….(9) doubt on the statue. Now most expert have come round to her …(10), but how did she….(11) the difference between that and the… (12) article so quickly ? It’s is probable that her subconscious mind sorted through information that escaped the ….(13) of h

Giải chi tiết giúp mk, mk đag gấp, cái bài học không đúng nội dung đâu, đây là đề chuyên nha
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  • Paul goes to university every day. In his backpack there is ….. book, …. pencil case, ….. apple and ….. egg and mayonnaise sandwich. Some days he also buys ….. ice cream for dessert.

    Today he has ….. English exam. The exam is not very difficult. He writes ….. short story about ….. adventurer. The story begins like this: “It is .... special day for Oliver. At ten o’clock in the morning, he gets on …. plane. His destination is Australia…”

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