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6/ Then I go home, take a short rest and have lunch with my family at 11.30.A. break B. relaxation C. while D. time7/ We finish our work at 6 pm, sometimes much later.A. now and then B. lately C. recently D. and so on8/ We have done everything as planned .A. programmed B. thought C. said D. mentioned9/ The police want to discuss these recent racist attacks with local people.A. say to B. tell about C. speak of D. talk to10/ It takes me 30 minutes to prepare .A. get ready B. make easy C. keep clean D. be good
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  • Paul goes to university every day. In his backpack there is ….. book, …. pencil case, ….. apple and ….. egg and mayonnaise sandwich. Some days he also buys ….. ice cream for dessert.

    Today he has ….. English exam. The exam is not very difficult. He writes ….. short story about ….. adventurer. The story begins like this: “It is .... special day for Oliver. At ten o’clock in the morning, he gets on …. plane. His destination is Australia…”

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