Choose the best answer

. She often ____ stamps of many other countries in her spare time. She has a large ____ of stamps.

a. collect / collective b. collects / collection         c. collections / collects                  d. collecting / collect

38. Please ____ the volume of the television. Don't make too much noise because we are preparing for our coming final examination.

a. suggest     b. link           c. adjust                    d. act

39. Do you often watch ___ television in ___ evening after you finish your homework. 

a. no article / the b. a / an  c. a / no article  d. the / an

40. You should read the ____ on the prescription before using the drug.   

a. instruction       b. suggestion      c. production d. calculation

41. The encyclopedia is now available on _____ 

a. computer screen            b. CD-ROM              c. keyboard             d. printer

42. A: What should you do if you don’t want to hear the sound ?    - B :______________

a. Press the MUTE button       b. Press the VOLUME button      c. Press the PROGRAM button    d. Press the POWER button

43. The orphan, ____ parents died in a traffic accident, has stayed in the orphanage since last year.  

a. who      b. whom    c. whose     d. that

44. Can you please tell me ____ a computer is used for?         

a. what                   b. which                  c. that           d. who

45. An air conditioner is used for keeping the air ____.    

a. to be cool or warm     b. coolly or warmly      c. cool or warm      d. coolness or warmth

46. ___ you want to turn on or turn off the TV, press the power button.        

a. Because     b. Whether    c. That                    d. If

47. The file ____ in the removable disk contains the information that you want. 

a. store         b. to store     c. storing       d. stored

48. A. ___________ – B: Well, a microwave is used to cook or heat food.

a. Could you tell me what is a microwave is used  for ?             b. Please tell me how to use microwave ?

c. Can you tell me what is used for cooking ?                             d. Could you tell me what a microwave is used for ?

49. A : What will we do when we want to call the Fire Service ? B:_________ 

a. Dial 113     b. Dial 114     c. Dial 115    d. Dial 116

50. A: Would you like a coffee ? – B :__________         

a. Not at all   b. Yes,let’s              c. Yes, I would                  d. Yes, I ‘d love one

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