Unit 13 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Ngữ pháp Language Focus - Films and Cinema

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Bài học Language Focus Unit 13 tiếng Anh lớp 10 hướng dẫn các em điểm ngữ pháp về những tính từ chỉ thái độ trong tiếng Anh, bên cạnh đó giúp các em làm quen với cấu trúc câu "It was not until...that" và ôn tập lại mạo từ.

Tóm tắt bài

1. Pronunciation Language Focus Unit 13 Lớp 10

Phát âm /f/ - /v/

2. Grammar Language Focus Unit 13 Lớp 10

a. Attitudinal Adjective (Tính từ chỉ thái độ)

  • Các tính từ chỉ thái độ được thành lập từ quá khứ phân từ (past participle) diễn tả con người cảm thấy như thế nào (how people feel)
  • Các tính từ được thành lập từ hiện tại phân từ (present participle) nêu lên cảm giác người hoặc vật tạo ra.
  • Ví dụ:
    • I was very interested in the lesson.
    • The lesson is interesting.
  • Một số tính từ chỉ thái độ thông dụng
    • Excited (about/at/by) and Exciting
    • Amused (at/by) and Amusing
    • Surprised (at/by) and Surprising
    • Bored (with) and Boring

b. It was not until that ....(Mãi cho đến khi)

  • Mệnh đề khẳng định + until: chỉ ai đó làm việc gì cho đến lúc nào đó thì thôi.
    • Let us wait until the rain stops. (Chúng ta hãy đợi cho đến lúc trời hết mưa.)
    • I lived in New York until I got married. (Tôi sống ở New York cho đến lúc tôi kết hôn.)
  • Mệnh đề phủ định + until: chỉ mãi cho đến lúc cái gì đó xảy ra thì cái kia mới xảy ra.
    • You are not going out until you've finish this. (Mãi cho đến lúc làm xong cái này bạn mới được ra ngoài.)
    • I didn't realize she was English until she spoke. (Tôi đã không nhận ra cô ấy là người Anh cho đến lúc cô ấy nói.)
  • It was not until + year + that: Mãi cho đến năm nào đó cái gì đó mới xảy ra.
    • It was not until 1985 that I graduated from university. (Mãi cho đến năm 1985 tôi mới tốt nghiệp đại học.)

c. a/an and the 

  • Mạo từ không xác định a/an dùng trước danh từ số ít đếm được (a: dùng trước danh từ bắt đầu bằng phụ âm và an: đứng trước danh từ bắt đầu bằng nguyên âm)
  • Những trường hợp không dùng mạo từ bất định
    • Không dùng trước danh từ số nhiều (chairs, flowers, children...)
    • Không dùng trước danh từ không đếm được (milk, hair, water...)
    • Không dùng trước danh từ trừu tượng (beauty, happiness...)

3. Exercise Language Focus Unit 13 Lớp 10

Unit 13 Language Focus Exercise 1

Write the adjective forms of the verbs below. (Viết dạng tính từ của các động từ dưới đây.)

Guide to answer

1. fascinate --> fascinating 

2. excite --> excting 

3. terrify --> terrifying 

4. irritate --> irritating 

5. horrify --> horrfying

6. bore --> boring

7. suprise --> suprising

8. amuse --> amusing

9. embarrass --> embarrassing

10. frustrate --> frustrating

Unit 13 Language Focus Exercise 2

Complete two sentences for each situation. Use an adjective ending -ing or -ed form of the verb in brackets to complete each sentence. (Hoàn thành hai câu cho mỗi tình huống. Dùng tính từ tận cùng với -ing hoặc -ed của động từ trong ngoặc để hoàn thành mỗi câu.)

1. It's been raining all day. I hate this weather. (depress)

a. The weather is ______.

b. This weather makes me ______.

2. Astronomy is one of Tan's main interests. (interest)

a. Tan is ______ in astronomy.

b. He finds astronomy very ______.

3. I turned off the television in the middle of the program. (bore)

a. The program was ______.

b. I was ______ with the program.

4. Lan is going to Singapore next month. She has never been there before. (excite)

a. Lan is really ______ about going to Singapore.

b. It will be an ______ experience for her.

5. Huong teaches small children. It's a hard job. (exhaust)

a. Huong often finds her job ______. 

b. At the end of the day's work she is often _____.

Guide to answer


a) depressing

b) depressed


a) interested

b) interesting


a) boring

b) bored


a) excited

b) exciting


a) exhausting

b) exhausted

Unit 13 Language Focus Exercise 3

Rewrite the following sentences. (Viết lại các câu sau.)

1. She didn't become a teacher until 1990.

2. He didn't know how to swim until he was 30.

3. They didn't begin to learn English until 1980.

4. The boy didn't do his homework until his father came home.

5. The football match didn't start until the lights were on.

Guide to answer

1. It was not until 1990 that she became a teacher.

2. It was not until he was so that he knew how to swim.

3. It was not until 1980 that they began to learn English.

4. It was not until his father came home that the boy did his homework.

5. It was not until the lights were on that football match started.

Unit 13 Language Focus Exercise 4

Put a(n) or the in the numbered blanks. (Điền a(n) hoặc the vào các chỗ trống đã được đánh số.)

1. This morning I bough (0) a newspaper and (1) ___ magazine. (2) _____ newspaper is in my bag, but I don't know where I put (3) ______ magazine.

2. I saw (4) accident this morning. (5) ____ car crashed into (6) _____ tree. (7) _______ driver of (8) ________ car wasn't hurt, but (9) ____ was badly damaged.

3. There are two cars parked outside: (10) ______ blue one and (11) ______ grey one. (12) _______ blue one belongs to my neighbours; I don't know who (13) ________ owner of the grey car is.

4. My friends live in (14) _______ old house in (15) _______ small village. There is (16) ______beautiful garden behind (17) ______ house. I would like to have (18) _____ garden like that.

Guide to answer


(1) a

(2) The

(3) the


(4) an

(5) a

(6) a

(7) the

(8) the

(9) the


(10) the

(11) the

(12) the

(13) the


(14) an

(15) a

(16) a

(17) the

(18) a

Bài tập minh họa

Complete the passage with the correct article (a, an, the) or leave the blanks empty (X)

Motion Picture

Motion Picture, (1) _______ series of images that are projected onto (2) _______ screen to create (3) _______ illusion of motion. Motion pictures- also called (4) _______ movies, films, or (5) _______ cinema- are one of (6) _______ most popular forms of entertainment, enabling people to immerse themselves in (7) _______ imaginary world for (8) _______ short period of time. But movies can also teach people about (9) _______ history, science, human behavior, and many (10) _______ other subjects. Some films combine entertainment with instruction, to make (11) _______ learning process more enjoyable. In all its forms, cinema is (12) _______ art as well as (13) _______ business, and those who make motion pictures take great pride in their creations.

(14) _______ images that make up (15) _______ motion picture are all individual photographs. But when they appear rapidly in succession, (16) _______ human eye does not detect that they are separate images. This results from persistence of vision, (17) ________ phenomenon whereby (18) _______ eye retains (19) _______ visual image for (20) _______ fraction of (21) _______ second after (22) _______ source has been removed. Although we do not experience (23) _______ images as individual photographs, we do notice (24) _______ differences between them. (25) _______ brain then perceives these differences as motion.

(26) _______ Motion pictures are recorded using specially designed cameras that capture (27) _______ images on rolls of film. After being processed and printed, (28) _______ film is run through (29) _______ projector, which shines light through (30) _______ film so that (31) _______the images are displayed on (32) _______ screen. Most movies have accompanying sound.

This article concerns (33) _______ technical aspects of motion-picture production. For information about (34) _______ artistic and historical development of motion pictures and (35) _______ motion-picture industry.


1/ a      ; 2/ a    ; 3/ the ; 4/ X   ; 5/ the ; 6/ the ; 7/ an  ; 8/ a    ; 9/ X   ; 10/ X

11/ the ; 12/ an                        ; 13/ a  ; 14/ The          ; 15/ a  ; 16/ the           ; 17/ a 

18/ the ; 19/ a  ; 20/ a  ; 21/ a  ; 22/ the           ; 23/ the           ; 24/ the

25/ The            ; 26/ X ; 27/ the           ; 28/ the           ; 29/ a  ; 30/ the

31/ the ; 32/ a  ; 33/ the           ; 34/ the           ; 35/ the

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