Đề thi HK1 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 (Trắc nghiệm và tự luận)

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HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em đề thi HK1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11. Hi vọng các em có thể tự mình ôn tập và hệ thống kiến thức chuẩn bị cho kì thi tới.




Time allowed: 60 minutes

  1. Which of the following words has a different vowel sound?

a. spread              b. bread          c. break         d. breath

  1. Which of the following words contains the sound /tf/?

a. mutual             b. machine     c. computer   d. chemistry

  1. Which of the following words has a different final sound?

a. glanced            b. provided   c. brushed      d. looked

  1. Which of the following words is stressed on the second syllable?'

a. represent          b. constancy c. participate            d. literacy

  1. Which of the following words is stressed on the first syllable?

a. traditional        b. longevity   c. similarity   d. literacy

  1. Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence.
  1. I've got lots of ______ but only a few really good friends.

a. best friends     b. neighbors c. acquaintances   d. partners

  1. The students in this class were made ______ very hard.

a. learn                 b. to learn     c. learning      d. having learnt

  1. I prefer staying at work late ______ work home with me.

a. to take             b. taking         c. than take    d. to taking

  1. You are under no obligation to help as assistance is purely ______.

a. free                   b. voluntary c. charitable d. donated

  1. Scientists ______ a carefully controlled experiment on the mystery virus.

a. turned over      b. put up         c. carried out           d. set in

  1. Let's go ahead and do it now. Nothing ______ by waiting.

a. accomplishes              b. accomplished

c. has accomplished       d. will be accomplished

  1. No one is a better cook than your mother, ______?

a. is she                b. isn't she      c. are they     d. aren't they

  1. 'Did you enjoy the picnic?' 'It was okay, but I'd rather ______ to a movie.

a. to go                 b. be going     c. have gone d. went

  1. I don't remember ______ of the decision to change the company policy on vacation. When was it decided?

a. telling               b. being told c. to tell          d. to be told

  1. I couldn't find Jo at the party last night. If I ______ him, we'd have been happy.

a. .meet                 b. met             c. have met    d. had met

  1. She said she ______ that film several years before.

a. had seen          b. has seen     c. saw             d. would see

  1. The secret of getting good marks is to keep ______ in the exam room.

a. calm                 b. calmly        c. calming      d. calmed

  1. ______ you change your mind, I won't be able to help you.

a. If only              b. Because     c. Unless        d. Provided

  1. Big cities like New York and Tokyo are ______ populated.

a. greatly              b. densely      c. closely       d. variously

  1. ______ in some developing countries may be the cause of poverty and hunger.

a. Modernization            b. Literacy     c. Pollution    d. Overpopulation

  1. ______ Christmas Eve, people often have parties late at midnight.

a. On                    b. In                c. At                d. For

  1. A lot of things ______ to the house before we can move in.

a. need be doing  b. need to be done  c. need being done  d. need to do

  1. Had he learned the lesson well, he ______ more confident now.

a. would feel       b. would have felt       c. will feel   d. will have felt

  1. When I met John, he ______ from his university already.

a. graduated   b. was graduating    c. has graduated    d. had graduated

  1. He got an excellent grade in his examination ______ the fact that he had not worked particularly hard.

a. on account of  b. because of c. in spite of d. Although

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