Bài tập củng cố Unit 4, 5, 6 tiếng Anh lớp 10 có đáp án

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Nhằm củng cố kiến thức tiếng Anh 10 Unit 4, 5, 6 HỌC247 đã tổng hợp một số bài tập xoay quanh 3 bài học này và gửi đến các em tham khảo.


I. Choose the word which underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:

1. a. top                                   b. job                           c. box                          d. call

2. a. food                                b. put                           c. full                           d. pull

3. a. teacher                             b. bird                         c. other                       d. together

4. a. more                                b. four                         c. wrong                     d. sport

II. Circle the best answers:

5. He became____ after a car accident.

a. disabled                              b. rich                          c. able                          d. a and c are correct

6. A ____is a machine which can keep food fresh.

a. electric- cooker                    b. radio                        c. telephone                 d. fridge

7. _____ is the physical part of the computer system.

a. software                              b. hardware               c. CD roms                  d. CPU

8. My brother ___________ English for six years.

a. have learned                        b. learns                       c. learned                     d. has learned

9. There was a car crash yesterday. The ______ were taken to the hospital.

a. injured                                b. die                           c. poor                         d. rich

10. The young usually___ to the English speaking club on Sunday.

a. go                                        b. goes                         c. went                                    d. have gone

11. Last night, after Mai ________ her homework, she _______ TV with her parents

a. did/ had watched                b. did/ watched           c. had done/ watched d. has done/ watched

12. Have you ever ___________ a lion?

a. see                                       b. saw                          c. seen                         d. been seen

13. When we arrived at his office, he___________  for his house already. 

a. had left                               b. left                           c. has left                     d. will leave

14. An electric cooker is used ________ rice, meat, vegetables.

a. cooking                                b. cook                                    c. to cook                    d. cooks

15. Don’t forget ___________ the book I gave you.

a. read                                     b. to read                    c. reads                        d. reading

16. I used _____ in Da Lat 10 years ago.

a. lives                                     b. living                       c. lived                                    d. to live

17. Tan ___________ his friends to his house.

a. just has invited                    b. have just invited      c. has just invited     d. had just invited

18. Let’s think about the work________ makes us feel happy!

a. which                                   b. what                                    c. that                          d. a&c are correct

19. When I was 10, I used_______ a lot of ice cream.

a. eat                                        b. ate                           c. eating                       d. to eat

20. It’s the nicest hotel ___________ I used to stay.

a. whom                                  b. that                         c. what                                    d. which

21. A pen is a thing _______ you can use to write every thing.

a. that                                     b. who                         c. whom                      d. this

22. Julia is a nurse so she takes care of the _____ everyday.

a. rich                                      b. poor                         c. sick                          d. unemployed

23. A ____ person is one who can not see any thing.

a. dumb                                   b. deaf                         c. poor                         d. blind

24. A/An ______ keeps the atmosphere cool or warm.

a. radio                                                b. vacuum cleaner       c. air conditioner       d. TV

25. When we ___________ at his office, he ___________ for his house already. 

a. arrived /had left                 b. had arrived/ left      c. arrived/has left        d. arrive/ will leave


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