120 câu trắc nghiệm về từ hạn định trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án

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Hoc247 xin giới thiệu đến các em 120 câu trắc nghiệm về từ hạn định trong Tiếng Anh có đáp án nhằm giúp các em có cơ hội luyện tập và củng cố kiến thức đã học. Hi vọng đây sẽ là tài liệu tham khảo hữu ích trong quá trình học tập của các em. Mời các em cùng tham khảo nhé!




1. Đề bài

Exercise 1

1.         The young man and the young woman paid_______ attention to the writer.

            a. none b. any  c. not any        d. no

2.         Mr. Scott has a garage in Silbury. His_______ garage is in Pinhurst.

            a. another        b. other            c. else  d. different

3.         Bill Frith's garden is larger than Joe's. It is _______

            a. larger garden           b. a large garden         c. large garden d. largest garden

4.         Joe's garden is more interesting_______ Bill's

            a. by    b. for   c. than d. from

5.         Joe's garden is the best in the town. It’s  the best_______ them all.

            a. in     b. of     c. than d. from

6.         Joe's garden is interesting. Joe is _______ in gardening.

            a. interesting    b. interest        c. interestingly d. interested

7.         The writer doesn't like hard work. It's_______ to look after a garden.

            a. a hard work b. a hard job    c. hard job       d. hardly a job

8.         Harry sat at the same table. He didn’t sit at _______ one.

            a. other            b. a different   c. extra d. another

9.         We shall have plenty of time. There will be_______ time to see him.

            a. enough         b. almost enough         c. less than enough      d. hardly enough

10.       Most of the young people will be there. _______ the young people will be there.

            a. A lot b. Nearly all    c. Some           d. Many

11.       I speak a few words of French. I don't know_______ French

            a. many            b. much           c. plenty of      d. a little

12.       The firm couldn't pay_______ large salaries.

            a. so     b. such a          c. such d. a such

13.       _______ turn is it? It's your turn.

            a. Which          b. To whom     c. Whom          d. Whose

14.       I might as well have them. I am_______ to have them.

            a. very pleased b. very glad     c. not very glad           d. delighted

15.       I am even less lucky. I am _______ lucky.

            a. more            b. as     c. not   d. so

16.       His bag is empty. He has_______

            a. a empty bag b. and empty bag         c. empty bag    d. one empty bag

17.       I am one of the few people left. So there_______

            a. are none left b. is one left    c. are some left           d. are lot left

18.       She received a letter from a girl of her own age. The girl is_______ she is.

            a. the same age with   b. the same age           c. as old           d. the same age as

19.       I like my sister's house. It's a _______

            a. new beautiful house                        b. beautiful house new

            c. beautiful new house                        d. the same age as

20.       She will come to England _______ year.

            a. last   b. next c. the other      d. the last

Exercise 2

1.         _______ room was it? This gentlemen's

            a. To whom     b. Who c. Whose         d. Of whom

2.         We like them_______ we like pretty curtain material.

            a. just as          b. the same      c. just the same           d. so

3.         It is one of the ugliest faces I have ever seen. I've never seen_______

            a. an ugly one  b. an ugliest one          c. the ugliest one         d. an uglier one

4.         This is the most surprising thing about it. It is_______ than anything.

            a. most surprising        b. more surprising       c. more surprised         d. most surprised

5.         He used to work fourteen hours a day. He did this_______ day.

            a. one   b. some            c. each d. a

6.         He had a shop of his own. It was_______ shop.

            a. his own        b. his's c. his'own        d. whose is

7.         _______ this bicycle? Their son's

            a. who's is        b. whoses        c. who's           d. whose is

8.         people are no so honest as they once were. They are_______ honest.

            a. as     b. so     c. less   d. fewer

9.         There were fewer people in the shop than usual. There were_______

            a. as many as usual                  b. not as many as usual          

            c. a few as usual                      d. more than usual

10.       The woman bought a few small articles. She bought_______

            a. a little          b. some            c. one   d. three

11.       How_______ was the shore? Eight miles.

            a. away far      b. far from       c. far away      d. long

12.       They got such a fright. They were_______

            a. so frightful  b. such frightened       c. so frightened           d. such fright

13.       She was a young woman. The woman was_______

            a. a youth        b. young          c. a young        d. youth

14.       The operation roved to be every difficult. It proved to be_______ operation.

            a. difficult       b. the difficult c. a difficult    d. difficult the

15.       A great many good were sent. There were_______

            a. quite a few  b. quite a little c. not too  many          d. very much

16.       It has a head like a horse_______ head was like that of a horse.

            a. It      b. It's   c. It's   d. Its

17.       The strike will last for a week. That's what_______ people believe.

            a. most of        b. the most of  c. the more      d. most

18.       We went so unwillingly to school. We were _______ unwilling pupils.

            a. such b. so     c. so much       d. such an

19.       People will do anything to see a free show-even if it is_______

            a. badly           b. bad one        c. a bad            d. bad

20.       He hardly used_______ large car that he owned.

            a. his    b. a      c. the   d. any

Exercise 3

1.         They did not find_______

            a. nothing of value      b. a valuable thing       c. any value     d. anything valuable

2.         They stagger home loaded with_______ necessities as they can carry.

            a. as many of the         b. as many       c. so many       d. the most

3.         The _______ is the Gouffre Berger near Grenoble.

            a. deepest cave known in the world    b. cave deepest known in the world

            c. world's cave known deepest.          d. deepest cave in the world's knowledge

4.         The bigger the risk an insurance company takes, the higher the premium you will have to pay.

            a. The higher you will have    b. the more you will have

            c. ore you will have                d. you will have higher.

5.         Modern dances proved to be _______ the dish could bear.

            a. too much for            b. as much as   c. so much that            d. so much for

6.         The public are often far more interested_______ political events.

            a. in people's stories than        b. in stories about people than

            c. with stores about people then         d. by people's stories than by

7.         We are_______ dependent on specialized labour as we used to be.

            a. increasingly less      b. becoming not so      c. not nearly as            d. becoming less

8.         _______ spend hours of their leisure time.

            a. men of each age                  b. men of every age   

            c. all ages of men                    d. whatever a man's age, they

9.         Whatever it is, a fused light, _______ furniture, a clogged pipe, a broken down vacuum cleaner, wives expect their husbands to put things right.

            a. shaked         b. shaken         c. a shaky        d. shaky

10.       Drilling a hole under the sea has proved more difficult than_______

            a. drilling one on lad               b. under the land        

            c. to drill a hole on land          d. a hole on the land

11.       The bottle hasa_______

            a. green delicately shaded tint b. delicately shaded green tint

            c. green tinted delicate shade  d. delicate shade of green tint.

12.       _______ belongings people accumulate.

            a. as they get older more         b. In getting older there are more

            c. only when they get older, do more  d. the older they get the more

13.       I like him very much, he is_______

            a. quite an intelligent boy       b. quite intelligent boy

            c. a quite intelligent boy         d. a boy quite intelligent

14.       Nowadays_______ women get university degrees.

            a. either           b. every           c. both d. many

15.       Nam's parents are_______ with his success.

            a. please           b. pleasant       c. pleasing       d. pleased

16.       It is an _______ story.

            a. interesting    b. interested    c. interest         d. all are correct

17.       My daughter can make only few sandwiches with_______ flour left in that paper bag.

            a. so much       b. so may         c. so few          d. the little

18.       Those are_______ books we still have this library.

            a. few  b. the few        c. a few           d. the little

19.       Many other_______ afraid of walking in the darkness.

            a. girls are       b. girl are         c. girls is          d. girl is

20.       Some people can stand_______ criticism, others can’t stand_______

            a. much/ any    b. much/ a few c. a little/ some            d. little/ few

Exercise 4

1.         I did not see_______ seagulls soaring into the sky

            a. some            b. any  c. no    d. few

2.         The _______ prisoner has been recaptured.

            a. escaped        b.  escaping     c. having escaped        d. escape

3.         A man who has wide knowledge is called a (n) _______ man.

            a. inform-well  b. informed-well         c. informing-well         d. well-informed

4.         My dress is quite yours.

            a. differ from   b. different to  c. differ to       d. different from

5.         The students don't review_______ English lessons.

            a. them b. their c. their d. none is correct

6.         We still have _______ money.

            a. many            b. few  c. some            d. none

7.         Everyone should do _______ duty (British English)

            a. their b. her   c. his    d. one's

8.         I can write this report with_______ pencil.

            a. a       b. an    c. the   d. no article is needed

9.         Do you have_______ books?

            a. little b. much           c. some            d. any

10.       We want out country to be free and ______

            a. independent b. independence          c. independent d. independently

11.       He is ______ of three.

            a. best  b. good            c. better           d. the best

12.       I can't speak______ English.

            a. many            b. much           c. very d. the best

13.       ______ games that we like best are ______ tennis and football

            a. The/  the      b. The/ no article         c. No article/ the         d. No article/ no article

14.       You can write this essay in______ ink or with______ pencil.

            a. The/ the       b. no article/ the          c. the/ no article           d. no article/ no article

15.       The church has______ pictures.

            a. some French old      b. some old French      c. old French some      d. French old some

16.       The library has several______

            a. very English easy books     b. very easy English books

            c. English very easy books     d. easy very English books

17.       A man with one leg is called______

            a. a one leg man          b. a one-leged man      c. a one-legged man    d. one-leg man

18.       Give me______ information, please.

            a. father           b. further         c. little d. many

19.       My mother gave me too______ money.

            a. many a         b. much more  c. little d. many

20.       Very______ people understand what he said.

            a. some            b. little c. few  d. less

Exercise 5

1.         I have______ books of my own.

            a. no    b. not   c. any   d. much

2.         He is______

            a. a three years old boy           b. a three year old boy

            c. three years boy                    d. three year old boy

3.         I would like to buy______ one-legged table.

            a. a       b. an    c. many            d. the

4.         My grandfather has a garage. The garage is______

            a. to him          b. of him          c. of his            d. his

5.         One should respect______ parents.

            a. their b. his    c. one's d. her

6.         That lawyer is______ than he looks.

            a. more young b. more younger          c. much younger         d. much more younger

7.         I have a ______ building.

            a. two-hundred-room              b. two hundred rooms

            c. two hundred a room                        d. two hundred rooms

8.         Leman tastes______

            a. sour  b. sourly          c very sourly   d. to be sour

9.         How many sweets does Tom have?

            a. quite a few  b. very little     c. less than I    d. not much

10.       John, how are you to day? I am ______ that I can meet you.

            a. too glad       b. very glad     c. so glad         d. such glad

11.       I never met______ man before.

            a. a so good     b. so good a     c. so a good     d. good so a

12.       I think it's______ for walking.

            a. much too hot           b. too much heat         c. very much hot         d. very much heat

13.       What kind of car did you buy? Well, think it's somewhat______ yours.

            a. as     b. like  c. alike d. similar as

14.       There isn't much ______ news in today's paper.

            a. to surprise    b. surprised      c. surprising     d. to have surprised

15.       The family never agree about______ shares of the property.

            a. her   b. its    c. their d. his

16.       We hada______ dinner and ran to the theatre.

            a. quickly         b. quick           c. more quick  d. quickest

17.       I've always found Fred to bea.  ______ person.

            a. politely        b. impolitely    c. not polite     d. polite

18.       He is a ______ customer.

            a. regular         b. regularly      c. irregular       d. not regular

19.       A______ breeze touched my face.

            a. gently          b. gentler         c. gentle           d. more gently

20.       The audience booed the actors'______ performance.

            a. bad  b. badly           c. worse           d. worst

Exercise 6

1.         ______ has just arrived

            a. A piece of new equipments b. A few new equipments

            c. There are some new equipment which       d. A lot of new equipment

2.         ______students enrolled this year than last year.

            a. Less of the   b. A few of      c. A few more d. There were a few

3.         You don't hear______ news about Mr. Allen these days.

            a. many            b. much           c. a lot d. much of

4.         "Are you going to hunt this year?"

            "I don't know. There are______ deer in this area".

            a. so few          b. so little        c. no a lot of    d. only a few of

5.         "Are you sure you don't want to go to the movies tonight?".

            "I can't. I have______".

            a. too many homeworks          b. much too much homework

            c. much too many homework d. too much homework assignments

6.         "How was our trip to Fort Knox, Kentucky?"

            "I've never seen______ bars in one place".

            a. so much gold           b. so many gold          c. more than a little     d. as much of gold

7.         I'm sorry I'm late. I hope I didn't cause you______

            a. too much problems  b. problem       c. many more trouble  d. too much trouble

8.         "The price of chocolate has really gone up".

            "Yes, they give you______ for your money now".

            a. so few          b. so less          c. so little         d. fewer

9.         "______ do you think we need?"

            "Oh, about a gallon".

            a. How much paint                  b. How much of paint

            c. How much paint                  d. How many paints

10.       "I'm looking for something to eat".

            "There's ______ meat in the refrigerator".

            a. a little of      b. a little          c. a few           d. some few meat

11.       I've never seen______ people in one place.

            a. so much       b. so many       c. so much of  d. this many of

12.       "What would you like to drink?"

            "I'll have______, please".

            a. a coffee cup b. small coffee c. a little coffee           d. a cup coffee

13.       "Henry wasn't able to give us______ information".

            "That's too bad. We really needed it".

            a. much            b. any of          c. many            d. a lot

14.       ______ fish are there in that bowl"

            a. How much number of         b. How many

            c. Do you know how much     d. What is the number of

15.       ______ do we need for the winter?

            a. How many woods               b. How many wood

            c. How much of wood             d. How much wood

16.       We have heard______ about you.

            a. so many news          b. so much news         c. a lot news    d. few news

17.       We have______ this year than last year.

            a. fewer cows  b. smaller cows           c. much cows  d. many cows

18.       Some people are panning to vote, but______ are staying home.

            a. much of them          b. more of them           c. little of them            d. many of them

19.       A teacher's equipment usually includes______

            a. a few pieces of chalk           b. a few chalks

            c. a little number of chalk       d. a small number of chalk

20.       There is ______ ink in the pot.

            a. few  b. small            c. little d. a lot

2. Đáp án

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Exercise 2





















Exercise 3





















Exercise 4





















Exercise 5





















Exercise 6






















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