Hỏi đáp Unit 3 Tiếng Anh lớp 9 phần Listen


Danh sách hỏi đáp (11 câu):

  • Ha Ku

    Su khac nhau giua Anything, Everything, something , nothing.

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  • Long lanh

    41-Come and work for my company iif you…….better to do.
    A-have nothing B-will have nothing C-had something D-had nothing

    42-If you had done as I told you ,I think you……….
    A-would succeed B-would have succeeded C-could succed D-had succeeded

    43-If he had got half a mark more, he ……in the exam.
    A-wouldn’t fail B-wouldn’t have failed C-won’t fail D-won’t be failing

    44-If it……… tomorrow, we may postpone going.
    A-rains B-will rain C-shall rain D-raining

    45-If you hadn’t watched that late movie last night, you……sleepy now.
    A-wouldn’t have been B-wouldn’t be
    C-might have not been D-would’t have been being

    46 - If you …….as I told you, you ……….sorry now.
    A-did/would not be B-had done/had not been
    C-do /would not be D-had done/would not be

    47-If I………I will let you know .
    A-am staying B-will stay C-do stay D-would stay

    48-“Are you thinking about going to the Bahamas for the hollidays?”
    “No,but if I ……the time , I would definitely go”
    A-have B-had C-have had D-would have

    49-“It’s really raining”
    “Yes.If the weather……, we’ll have to camp somewhere else”.
    A-would get worse B-might get worse C-get worse D-should get worse

    50-“Why did you only send twenty dollats in the mail?”
    “If I had had more money, I ……..given you more.”
    A-will have B-would have C-would D-have

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  • Đan Nguyên

    I. Read the passage and choose the best answer ( A, B, C or D ) to fit each space:

    You can make life more difficult for thieves by (1)______ your wallet in an inside pocket instead of a back pocket. But make sure that you still have it if someone bumps into you in a (2)______ . Most pickpockets are very skillful. Never let your handbag out of your (3)______. On public transport, (4)______ hold of it. You are also (5)__________ to take travelers' checks rather than cash when you go abroad and to use cash dispenses which are on (6)______ streets or are well lit at night.

    A quarter of all crimes are car thefts or things from cars like radio and cassette players. If your car is (7)________ ,you may not get it back. One in four are never found and eve if it is, it may be badly (8)______ . Always lock all doors and windows and think about fitting a car alarm too. If you are buying a new radio cassette player, it id (9)________ choosing one that is security-code or removeable by the drive. These precautions will help to (10)______ thieves.

    1. A, carrying B, bringing C. taking D. holding

    2. A. mass B. crowd C. band D. group

    3. A. view B. visibility C. vision D. sight

    4. A. keep B. catch C. take D. have

    5. A. advised B. told C. suggested D. informed

    6. A. principal B. major C. main D. important

    7. A. robbed B. burgled C. stolen D. hijacked

    8. A. hurt B. damaged C. spoilit D. injured

    9. A. beneficial B. practical C. worthwhile D. sensible

    10. A. put off B. put down C. put out D. put back

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  • Lan Anh

    8.Have you finished your work?


    9.Nobody likes her,.............?[tag question]

    10.Do you know the boy ? He 's playing the guitar

    -Do you know

    11.Did your brother work here?

    -Your brother

    12.They last played soccer since 1990

    -They haven't

    13.It's ten days since he came here

    -He hasn't

    -He last

    14.I lent you the book. where is it?

    -Where is

    15.Nam is very lazy. He failed his exam. [so]


    16.Don't be careless,....................?[tag question]

    17.When she grows up she wants to work for that company.

    -She the future

    18.It took them 80 days to travel around the work


    19.He spemds an hour teaching his son Math a day


    21.I'm writng a letter to Anna. [passive]


    22.They have built my house for ten years. [passive]


    20.Your father and sister will come to visit you,.............?[tag question]

    23.Youe house was built ten year ago,...............? [tag question]

    24.Nothing is wrong,................? [tag question]

    25.I spend thirtyminutes a day watering the garden


    26.It took him four days to finish the report.


    27.David doesn't speak English well so he can't find a good job


    28.''Le's hold a party next Sunday.'' My sister said

    -My sister suggested

    29.'' Don't copy David 's Smith.'' The teacher said

    -The teacher

    30.I don't want to go out when it's hot


    31.''My sister will me tomorrow.'' Huy said [reported speech]


    32.''Na. what are you doing?'' her mother asked. [reported speech]


    33.They had breakfast in a restaurant,.................? [tag question]

    34.I am right...............? [tag qustion]

    35.Slow down or you will have an accident


    36.The sea is rough so we can't go swimming.


    37.She hadn't eaten meat since last year.


    38.My mother bought a dictionnary to me yesterday. [passive]


    39.David is going torepair the faucet. [passive]


    40.My son wants to go for a picnic but he doesn't have time


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  • Anh Trần

    Do as directed in the brackets:

    1. The boy is living in Tran Hung Dao Street.He is my friend. (using the -ing participles)

    2. The garden is watered every morning.It is full of flowers. (using the -ed participles)

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  • hồng trang


    1/ Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but he has become a famous speaker


    2/ The waves were strong, so they didn't have a swim

    They didn't have a swim.........


    1/ Everyone / know / that / water / very / important / our life

    2/ However / the water resources / now get / polluted

    3/ Our " water wise" organization / help / protect / lakes / HN

    4/ We hope / all of you / join / our voluntary organization

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  • can chu


    1. She worked hard, but he passed her exam.
    2. Liz took many photos, or she could show the pagoda to her parents.
    3. My racket is broken, or I can’t play tennis.
    4. We haven’t got any food, but we’re going shopping.
    5. Mark missed his bus, because he was late for school.
    6. He woke up late, because she didn’t go to school.
    7. We took a taxi home so the rain was very heavy.
    8. The beach was very crowded, because there was hardly room to sit down.
    9. I want to study in Japan or learn Japanese.
    10. They didn’t have enough money, because they didn’t buy the house.

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  • Spider man

    Bài 2: Choose the word, which is pronounced differently from the others

    1) A. city B. river C. trip D. shrine

    2) A. lively B. style C. poetry D. symbol

    3) A. music B. musical C. musician D. climate

    4) A. nation B. pay C. pray D. say

    5) A. seemed B. arrived C. divided D. pray


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  • Long lanh

    1/ i wish i ( not live) such a big city

    2/ When i saw them, they (play )

    3/ When she ( telephone).......... ,I was having a bath

    4/ They were watching television when I (visit).....them

    5/ The light ( go out).......while we ( have)......dinner

    6/ They ( not go).......on working until the rain stops

    7/ When we ( cross).....the street, the policeman shout) us

    8/ I ( wait)......for him since 8 o'clock but he ( not come).......yey

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  • Thùy Nguyễn

    1. he need to cut the grass

    -> the greass

    2.he needs to tidy his bedroom

    -> his bedroom

    3.he often makes us laugh

    -> we

    4. we need to water the flowers

    -> the flowers

    5. he took me a pphoto

    -> i had

    6. i made my children study hard

    -> my children

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  • Bảo Lộc

    Giúp mình bài này đi các bạn

    1. I don't understand this point of grammar. I wish I ........... it better.

    A understood

    B would understand

    C had understood

    2. It never stops raining here. I wish it ........... raining.

    A stopped

    B would stop

    C had stopped

    3. I should never have said that. I wish I ........... that.

    A didn't say

    B wouldn't say

    C hadn't said

    4. I miss my friends. I wish my friends ........... here right now.

    A were

    B would be

    C had been

    5. I speak terrible English. I wish I ........... English well.

    A spoke

    B would speak

    C had spoken

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