Unit 7 lớp 11 Writing - Bài viết World population

Bài học Unit 7 Lớp 11 World population phần Writing hướng dẫn các em miêu tả thông tin thông qua biểu đồ về vấn đề dân số ở các châu lục trên thế giới.

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Tóm tắt bài

Unit 7 Lớp 11 Writing Task

Study the chart carefully then write a paragraph of 100 - 120 words, describing the information in the chart. (Nghiên cứu kĩ biểu đồ dưới đây, sau đó viết một đoạn văn khoảng 100 - 120 từ, miêu tả thông tin trong biểu đồ.)

Unit 7 Writing tiếng Anh 11

Useful language

  • it can be seen that
  • distributed unevenly
  • account for ... percent
  • more than double the population of
  • half as much as/ nearly half of
  • rank first/last

Guide to answer

Paragraph 1

The chart shows the distribution of world population by region. As seen from the chart, the world population is distributed unevenly. South Asia has the largest population with 32% while the Oceania is the least populated with only 2%. A bit higher than that of the Oceania are the rates of Latin America and Northern America with 8% and 6% respectively. Europe accounts for 15% of the world population and Africa is a bit lower with only 11%.

To sum up, Asia has more population than in other parts of the world.

Paragraph 2

The chart shows the distribution of world population be region. In general, it can be seen that the world's population is distributed unevenly in the world. The population rate in Asia is the highest of the four continents: 32% in South Asia and 26% in East Asia. Most countries in Asia are developing ones. People aren't often aware of the result of the population explosion. Therefore, their families are usually big ones. They can't support their children well and lead a poor life whereas in Europe, the population rate in 15% and 11% in Africa. Most countries in Europe are developed ones and people’s living conditions are much better than those in Asia and Africa, which has most poor people in the world. In America, the population rate is 14% - 8% in Latin America, where many people whose living standards are low, and 6% in Nonhen America, where there are many rich people. In the oceanic regions, the number of residents is much lower and the population rate is only 2%.

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  • viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh về future

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  • 1.when you ask me for the car , I'll lend it to you .


    2. He isn't a good runner because he doesn't train every day.

    ➜ If

    3. I bought a house . It was advertised in the local paper .

    ➜I bought a new house

    4. Mary works in our office . Her husband is a plastic surgeon.

    ➜Mary ,

    5. Venice is a wonderful place . We spent our last holiday there .

    6. He showed us create a computer-based game . It was very interesting .

    ➜He showed us

    7. Helen has just arrived . She had a can accident.


    8.the house is so spacious that it can accommodate them all . (enough)

    9.Germs are too small to be seen with the naked eye .(so....that)

    10. No sooner did the hunter raise his gun than the birds flew away .(as soon as)

    11. You must take your medicine . Other wise , you will not get well (in order to )

    12. Both Peter and Mary were shocked by the news (as well as )

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  • Sử dụng những thông tin đã cho dưới đây hãy viết câu điều kiện có sử dụng "If"

    1. I don't ride the bus to school every morning because it's always so crowded.
    2. The schoolchildren sowed some seeds, but they forgot to water them so they didn't grow.
    3. Stop talking or you won't understand the lesson.
    4. The wind is blowing hard, so we won't take the boat out for a ride.
    5. Carol didn’t answer the phone because she was studying.
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