Trắc nghiệm Unit 2 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 phần Reading - School Talks

Sau khi tìm hiểu bài học trong chương trình SGK tiếng Anh 10, mời các em thử sức với một số bài tập trắc nghiệm đọc hiểu Unit 2 Lớp 10 do HỌC247 sưu tầm và biên soạn. Chúc các em thực hành hiệu quả!


Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm (15 câu):

  • Câu 1: Read the following passage then answer questions. After each question there are four possible answers marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the correct answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. All students here come from very difficult backgrounds; there are street children, orphans, children of war-invalids, hearing-impaired students and young people from very poor families. This School provides us with free training in one of these areas: Vietnamese and Asian cooking, French and European cooking, French baking and pastry, restaurant and catering services, domestic service, sewing and embroidery. After one year of training at the school, full-time jobs are found for us and we could be working in any number of hotels, restaurants, private houses, Embassies or companies throughout Vietnam. To cover all the training costs, our school runs four businesses: a restaurant, a bakery, a catering service and a sewing & embroidery shop. These income-generating businesses also provide an excellent opportunity for us to gain valuable practical experiences. If you ever come to Vietnam, don’t miss the chance to taste delicious Vietnamese and French dishes at our restaurant.

    Which of the statements is not true according to the text?

    • A. The School accepts students who are in difficult situation.
    • B. The students have to pay for their training.
    • C. After the training, the School finds jobs for the students.
    • D. The School sets up businesses in order to pay for its operation.
    • A. sewing and embroidery
    • B. catering service
    • C. bakery
    • D. tourism
    • A. street children
    • B. orphans
    • C. children of war-invalids
    • D. hearing-impaired students
    • A. tourists
    • B. the school authorities
    • C. the students
    • D. the school teachers
    • A. To give information about the life of students from difficult circumstances.
    • B. To point out the difficulties that the School is facing.
    • C. To prove how successful the School becomes.
    • D. To advertise the School.
  • Câu 6: Choose the correct option a, b, c or d to complete each space. Kevin teaches (6)................ at a high school. He enjoys his teaching very much, and he always feels very (7)............. and proud when he is standing on the teaching (8).............. .Some of his ex-classmates have just offered him a chance (9)................ them in a new company (10)................. computer software  for businesses. Everyone thinks that it (11).............. very well. Kevin will (12)...............earn more money than he (13)................  at the high school. The new company is (14)................, and the money may be very good in deed. (15)...............  Kevin can hardly quit his teaching. job! He loves it.

    • A. mathematic
    • B. mathematics
    • C. mathematical
    • D. mathematician
  • Câu 7:

    • A. shy
    • B. embarrassed
    • C. self-confident
    • D. unhappy
  • Câu 8:

    • A. class
    • B. career
    • C. profession
    • D. platform
  • Câu 9:

    • A. to join
    • B. join
    • C. joining
    • D. joins
  • Câu 10:

    • A. to get
    • B. to produce
    • C. to prepare
    • D. to work
  • Câu 11:

    • A. was done
    • B. does
    • C. will do
    • D. did
  • Câu 12:

    • A. actually
    • B. ready
    • C. immediately
    • D. probably
  • Câu 13:

    • A. do
    • B. does
    • C. did
    • D. doing
  • Câu 14:

    • A. excited
    • B. excitedly
    • C. excitement
    • D. exciting
  • Câu 15:

    • A. Therefore
    • B. Furthermore
    • C. Consequently
    • D. However