Hỏi đáp Unit 5 Tiếng Anh lớp 10 phần Reading


Danh sách hỏi đáp (5 câu):

  • Mai Anh

    1) Find the mistake and correct these sentences:

    1.I'd like you spending more time on the program of our club

    2.We hope the club will make you feeling happy

    3.Do you know where and when does our club start?

    4.It not take you much time to join in the club

    5.How much student take part in the club do you guess?

    2) Complete the sentences:

    1.Is it ok if i take some photos of you?

    --> would you mind if.....

    2.Nobody has used those books for a long time.

    -->Those books......

    3.It is five years since i saw her.

    -->I have not........

    4.''We enjoy this song.'' the singer said.

    --> The singer said that......

    5.We have learned English for four years

    -->We started.....

    3)Write a short paragraph about your close friend.

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  • Nguyễn Thị Lưu

    Nguyet: Tell us about yourself Duy

    Duy: sure! I live near here now. This is my new school

    Wow! It (1. have) _ _ _ a large playground

    Nguyet: _ _ you _ _ (2. have) any new friends?

    Duy: yes, I _ _ _ (3. love) my new school and my new friends, Vy and Phong

    Nguyet: _ _ Vy _ _ ( 4. walk) to school with you?

    Duy: Well, we often _ _ _ _ _ (5. ride) our bicycles to school.

    Nguyet: Who's your teacher?

    Duy: My teacher is Mr Quang. He's great. He _ _ _ (6. teach) me English.

    Nguyet: what do you usually do at break time?

    Duy: I play football but my friend Phong _ _ _ _ _ (7.not play) football. He _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8. read)

    Nguyet: what time do you go home?

    Duy: I _ _ _ _(9. go) home at 4 o'clock everyday. Then I _ _ _ _ (10. do) my homework

    Nguyet: Thank you

    mấy anh chị lớp 7 làm bài này giùm em với, em làm như ngữ pháp rùi nhưng mà sao mấy cái phần gạch ít quá. không biết là điền mỗi chữ một gạch hay là điền nhiều chữ trong từng đó gạch nữa. giúp em với khocroikhocroikhocroikhocroikhocroi

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