Viết lại câu bị động trong tiếng anh: We waste too much fresh water everyday

bởi Phạm Nhi 22/11/2018

Chuyển những câu sau sang dạng bị động (giúp mik với mik đang cần gấp ) Cảm ơn nhiều ạ
1. We waste too much fresh water everyday
2. The students are doing an exercise on passive voice at the moment
3. No one used this computer yesterday. 
4. They will build a new hospital in this ảea
5. Phu Quang has composed a lot of songs about Ha Noi
6. We were painting the wall at this time yesterday
7. My grandmother named my daughter after a kind of flower
8. They are decorating their rooms for Tet holiday
9. People speak English in many African countries
10. Nobody informed me about the change of the plan
11. My school is going to set up a new workshop
12. They gave Linh an Oxford dictionary last semester
13. Designers have adđe many beautiful patterns to the Ao dai
14. People don't grow maize in this region
15. People often use Google or Yahoo website to search for information
16.They'll send you a letter of invitation soon
17. Mr. Nam is repairing the faucet in the bathroom
18. My sister hasn't finished the project yet
19. The workers were building a new bridge when it collapsed
20. They are going to plant trees in the school garden this weekend
21. Viuses can attack your computer at any time
22. You must wash this sweater in warm water
23. He used to write many poems when he was a student
24.They couldn't control the economic situation last year
25. The mechanic is going to repair my car
26. Visitors must leave their shoes outside the door
27. You can see pictures of the earth from the outer space
28. The government should modernize the traffic system
29. Mai has to wash clothes regularly
30. He is going to introduce his new collection this evening
31. No student can find out the correct answer
32. The school will inform the result of the examination in two weeks
33. The students have to close all the windows after class every day
34. Someone might break the news
35. Teachers should check the previous lessons everyday
36. People used to pump raw sewage directly into the sea
37.Jack won't pay the bill
38. You mustn't touch that button while the experiment is in progress
39. They should take urgent actions to prevent diseases after the flood
40. I had my nephew paint the gate last week
41. She will have Peter wash her car tomorrow
42. We must save natural resources for future use
43. They have her tell the story again
44. John gets his sister to clean his shirt
45. Anne had had a friend type her composition
46. Rick will have a barber cut his hair
47.I will get the dressmaker to make a new dress
48. He had a mechanic repair his car
49. She often gets the technician to maintain the heater
50. They had the police arrest the shoplifter
51. Are you going to have the shoemaker repair your shoes
52. I must have the dentist check my teeth
53. She will have a veterinary surgeon examine her dog
54. We had a man take this photograph when we were on holiday last summer
55. The Greens had a carpet cleaner clean their carpet
56. People believe that 13 is an unlucky number
57. They know that English is an international language
58. People saw him steal your car 
59. They say that John is the brightest student in class
60. Open your book
61. She advised me to sell that house
62. It is dangerous for us to take the short cut
63. He won't let you do that silly thing again
64. He orders us to clean the floor
65. People believe that the earth stood still


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