Write full sentencea using words and phrases given?

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  • 1. VTV is a _________TV channel in Vietnam. It attracts millions of TV viewers in Vietnam.
                A. national                 B. international        C. local                       D. wide
    2. What’s your __________ TV programme?
                 A. best                       B. good                       C. favourite               D. like
    3. My family enjoys watching game shows __________ they are very exciting and interesting.
                 A. so              B. because                 C. but              D. and
    4. - __________ do you like the modern English programme?
           - Because it helps me with my English.
                A. What                      B. Where                    C. Who                       D. Why
    5. My father likes watching sports __________ on VTV3.
                A. channels               B. events                   C. athletes                  D. matches
    6. My brother wants to become a _________ to tell TV viewers what the weather is like.
                A. newsreader           B. actor                      C. weatherman          D. producer
    7. __________ are films by pictures, not real people and often for children.
                A. Documentary       B. Cartoons               C. Love stories          D. Detective story
    8. Are there any good programmes __________ teenagers on TV tonight?
                A. to                            B. of                            C. with                        D. for
    9. - __________ is the weather forecast programme on?
       - At 7.30 pm every day.

    A. What                      B. What time             C. How                       D. Who
    10. - __________is that TV programme directed by?
    - By a famous Vietnamese director.
                A. What                      B. When                     C. Where                    D. Who
    11. My sister often __________ badminton in her free time.
                A. play                       B. plays          C. playing                            D. to play

    12. She worked very hard,  _______she passed all  her exams.

    A. because                 B. although                C. so                           D. but

    13. __________fishing in the storm! It is dangerous.

    A. Not go                   B. Go                          C. Not going  D. Don’t go

    14. Can you____________karate?

    A. do                           B. play                        C. make                      D. take

    15. Let’s____________skiing!

    A. do                           B. make                      C. play                        D. go

    16. My father________me a new bike two weeks ago.

    A. bought                   B. buy             C. buys                      D. was buying

    17. Long An is a______________channel.

    A. national                 B. local                       C. international         D. live

    18. The football player___________a fantastic goal.

    A. marked                  B. took                       C. scored                    D. played

    19. ____________because it is harmful for environment!

    A. Not litter               B. Litter                      C. Do litter                 D. Don’t litter

    20. Thanh likes _____________weather because he can go swimming.

                A. hot                       B. cold              C. rainy                      D. windy



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  • Đặt câu hỏi cho phần in đậm

    1. MY FATHER often goes to work by bus.

    2. I play football IN THE AFTERNOON.

    3. My mother WALKS to work.

    4. YES. They have a brother and two sisters.



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  • 1. Is your school………..the city?-Yes, it is.

    A.in B.on C.at D.to

    2. How many classrooms does your school…………….?

    A. get B.go C. sit D. have

    3. …………..do you have breakfast?- At 6.30

    A. Where B. What time C. What D. How

    4.They go……….at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

    A. school B. home C. class D. classroom

    5. We have Math……………..1.00 …………..1.45

    A. from-at B. from-to C. to-at D. at-to

    6. The boys……………volleyball in the afternoon.

    A. plays B. goes C. play D. go

    7. What is your first…………..on Monday?-It is English.

    A. school B. classroom C. class D. teacher.

    8. He takes a ………………every morning.

    A. breakfast B. dressed C. shower D. lunch

    9. There are…………..days in a week.

    A. five B. six C. seven D. thirty

    10. Our house……………a big garden.

    A. has B.have C. are D. is

    II.Make questions for the underlined words(Đặt câu hỏi cho từ gạch chân)

    1. Hoa goes to bed at ten.=>……………………………………………..

    2. Lan has History on Wednesday.=>……………………………………

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    1. ​​​Who/you/ go with?

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  • III. Choose the best answer for each blank to complete the sentence:

    1."Which ....................... is Britain in?" - "Europe".

    A. country B. continent C. city D. area

    2. Nha Trang has an ....................... atmosphere of a young, ....................... city.

    A. exciting - growing B. excited - grown C. exciting - grown D. excited - growing

    3. Eiffel Tower is the most visited ....................... in the world.

    A. city B. building C. region D. landmark

    4. The Sydney Opera House is well-known in ........................ as well as over the world.

    A. America B. Australia C. The USA D. Italy

    5. I ...................... to Wooden Church many times

    A. am B. have been C. was D. were 6. Vietnam is a tropical............................

    A. capital B. world C. country D. weather

    7. We had a wonderful holiday in Hue because we visited many .................. of interest there

    A. places B. buildings C. cities D. times

    IV. Give the correct form of the word given to complete the sentences:

    1. New York is an....................................... city with many skyscrypers. (excite)

    2. There are many modern............................... in Ho Chi Minh City (build)

    3. Ha Long Bay is one of the most............................ places in Viet Nam (beauty) 4. The weather in Kon Tum is.............................. than the weather in Da Lat (hot) 

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  • Chia động từ

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    I. Viết dạng so sánh hơn của những từ trong ngoặc.
    1. Can't you think of anything _____________(intelligent) to say? 
    2. Well, the place looks _____________(clean) now. 
    3. Janet looks ____________(thin) than she did. 
    4. You need to draw it ______________(carefully) . 
    5. The weather is getting ___________ (bad). 
    6. The programme will be shown at a __________ (late) date. 
    7. I can't stay ________________(long) than half an hour. 
    8. A mobile phone would be a_______________ (useful) present. 
    9. I'll try to finish the job ________________ (soon). 
    10. It was_______________ (busy) than usual in town today. 
    11. I'll be even_____________ (annoyed) if you do that again.
    12. Since the break-in I feel ____________ (nervous).
    II. Viết dạng so sánh nhất của những từ trong ngoặc.
    It's the shortest (short) day of the year. 
    It's the most beautiful (beautiful) building in the world. 
    1. That was the __________ (funny) film I've ever seen. 
    2. It was the ______________(horrible) feeling I've ever had. 
    3. Have you read her ______________(recent) book? 
    4. It's the _______________(large) company in the country. 
    5. It was the _______________(boring) speech I've ever heard. 
    6. You've got the _______________(far) to travel. 
    7. That's the _____________(helpful) idea so far. 
    8. The factory uses the ________________ (modern) production methods. 
    9. This is the __________________(early) I've ever got up. 
    10. It was the ________________(sad) day of my life.

    III. Một số câu dưới đây đúng, và một số có một từ thừa. Nếu câu nào đúng, hãy thêm dấu √ vào bên cạnh. Nếu câu nào không đúng, hãy gạch bỏ từ thừa và viết từ đó ra khoảng trống. 

    I’ve got the least powerful computer in the world.

    London is more bigger than Birmingham. 

    1. Silver isn't as expensive as gold. 

    2. Indian food is the nicer than Chinese, I think. 

    3. The telephone is one of the most useful inventions ever. 

    4. I feel a much better now, thank you. 

    5. The longer you wait, so the harder it'll be.

    6. The piano is heavier than the sofa. 

    7. This is the quickest way to the hotel. 

    8. You're taller than he is. 

    9. Who is the cleverest student in of the class? 

    10. The weather is getting hotter and hotter.

    >> more


    IV. Dưới đây là đoạn trích lá thư của Tessa gởi cho Angela kể về việc làm mới của mình. Hãy chọn từ đúng để điền vào khoảng trống.

    My new job is great. I like it much better than my old one. The people here are (1) (more nice/ most nice/ nicer/ nicest)__________ than I expected. Luckily my new boss isn’t as rude (2) (as/ so/ than/ that)__________ my old boss, Mrs. Crossley, was. I hated her. She was the (3) (least/ less/ less and less/ so)__________ friendly person I’ve ever met. Everyone here is older (4) (as I/ as me/ than I/ than me)__________ In fact I’m the youngest person (5) (from/ in/ of/ out of)__________ the office. But I don't mind.
    The good thing about the job is that I get a (6) (bit/ less/ lot/ much)__________ more money, although not much more than I did before. The bad thing is that the journey isn’t (7) (as/ less/ more/ same) __________ simple as it was in my old job, where the bus took me straight there. Now I have to change buses. But I’m allowed to start work early. The earlier I leave home, (8) (more easier/ more easy/ the easier/ the easy)__________ the journey is because the buses aren't so crowded.
    V. Sử dụng từ trong ngoặc để hoàn chỉnh những câu sau đây sao cho vẫn giữ nguyên nghĩa gốc. 
    This train is more convenient than all the others. (most) 
    This train is the most convenient. 
    1. The living-room isn't as big as the kitchen. (bigger) 
    The kitchen __________.
    2. I'm not as fit as you. (am) 
    You're __________. 
    3. The table and the desk are the same size. (big) 
    The table __________the desk.
    4. Prices just get higher all the time. (and) 
    Prices __________.
    5. The dress is cheaper than the skirt. (expensive) 
    The skirt __________ the dress.
    6. This crossword is the easiest. (difficult) 
    This crossword __________. 

    7. Their excitement was increasing all the time. (excited)
    They were getting __________. 
    8. I've never read a more romantic story. (most) 
    It's the __________read.



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  •  Find which word does not belong to each group:

    1. A.fridge   B.worker   C.dishwasher   D.washing machine

    2. A.quick   B.wireless   C.automatic   D.hi-tech

    3. A.robot   B.bedroom   C.bathroom   D.living room

    4. A.house   B.moon   C.houseboat   D.motorhouse

    5. A.town   B.house   C.city   D.countryside

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    1. We all adored (1.do)_____ aerobics when we were young. 2. 30 years ago, we (2.not have)________ mobile phone. 3. The girl (3.cry)_____ when a fairy (4.appear)______.

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  • Write an article about your new year in English !
    Thank you !!!

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  • I. Find which word does not belong to each group. 

    1. A. director B. viewer C. audience D. watcher 

    2. A. international B. local C. national D. boring

    3. A. studio B. cartoon C. world news D. documentary 

    4. A. newsreader B. programme C. comedian D. film producer 

    5. A. reporter B. educational C. exciting D. popular


    III. Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D). 

    1. VTV is a _______ TV channel in Vietnam. It attracts millions of TV viewers in Vietnam.

    A. national B. international C. local D. wide 

    2. What’s your __________ TV programme? 

    A. best B. good C. favourite D. like 

    3. My family enjoys watching game shows ________ they are very exciting and interesting. A. so B. because C. but D. and 

    4. ___do you like the modern English programme?- Because it helps me with my English. 

    A. What B. Where C.Who D. Why 

    5. Disney channel is one of the most __________channels __________ children. 

    A. good – for B. exciting – of C. popular – to D. popular – for 

    6. My father likes watching sports __________ on VTV3. 

    A. channels B. events C. athletes D. matches 

    7. The football match is on at 2 am __________ I can’t watch it. 

    A. so B. because C. but D. then 

    8. My brother wants to become a __________ to tell TV viewers what the weather is like. 

    A. newsreader B. actor C. weatherman D. producer 

    9. TV __________ can join in some game shows through telephone or by email. 

    A. weathermen B. people C. viewers D. newsreaders 

    10. __________ are films by pictures, not real people and often for children. 

    A. Documentary B. Cartoon C. Love stories D. Detective story 


    IV. Match the questions in the first columnwith the answers in the second column. 


    1. How often do you watch football on TV? 

    2. Where is Hollywood? 

    3. What channel in the film on? 

    4. What time is the cartoon on? 

    5. What is the name of your favourite TV programme? 

    6. Why do you like the programme? 

    7. How many hours a day do you watch? 

    8. Who is the director of the film? 

    9. When did John Logie Baird make the first TV set? 

    10. Why do you like cartoon?

    a. In 1926. 

    b. It’s on VTV3. 

    c. In California, USA. 

    d. Because it’s very exciting. 

    e. About two hours a day. 

    f. Because they are colourful and funny.

     g. It’s Steven Spielberg. 

    h. It’s at 7.30 pm. 

    i. It’s the science programme. 

    j. Twice a week. Usually at weekend.




    VII. complete the following sentences with the words below.

    news/ popular / live / volume/ weatherman

    1. My Tam’s __________________show at Lan Anh Stadium will be on TV next Sunday. 

    2. The Voice Kids is a ____________programme. Everyone watches it on Saturday nights. 

    3. The ___________________ programme is on VTV3 at 7pm every day. 

    4. I want to be a __________________in the future to tell people what the weather’s like. 

    5. Could you please turn down the ___________________? It is too loud.


    VIII. Complete the following sentences with the words given.

    and/ but / so / because / although

    1. Children love cartoons ___________________ they make them feel happy. 

    2. ___________________the newsreader speaks really fast, my father can hear everything. 

    3. The animal programme is so late ___________________ I can’t wait for it. 

    4. Some game shows are popular, ___________________ I never watch them.

    5. My sister is a weatherwoman, ___________________ my father is a newsreader.

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  • Điền từ giúp tôi they believe the ringing bells can remcing

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  • What are you going to do tomorrow?

    Help mecrying

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  • Miss lien live in a small house on hanoi. She teaches english at a school there . She usually is breakfast in seven in the morningand she has dinner at twelve o'clock in the canteen of the school.She teaches his students in the morning. She teaches them dialogue on wednesday to friday .On mondays ,

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