Viết một đoạn văn ngắn khoảng 5 dòng về vai trò quan trọng của tivi?

viết một đoạn văn ngắn khoảng 5 dòng về vai trò quan trọng của tivi?

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  • Today, television has become an indispensable item of modern families, because of the great benefits that it brings about. First of all, watching TV is one of the most economical ways to save money. After a hard-working day, you feel very tired and really want to find a means of entertainment, TV is one of the best choices. You only need to sit at home, pay for electric and optical fiber expenses so you can watch any favorite programs, from cartoon to sports, news. It's a lot cheaper than going to luxury amusement parks. Moreover, just through the small screen, we can explore new things. For example, we just sit at home but can know the famous landmarks, unique scientific phenomena or social and political issues. From there we expand our eyes, our knowledge of the world around us. With these benefits, everyone is very fond of using the TV. I hope that in the near future, there will be more TV companies so consumers can freely choose the most suitable one.

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  • talk about a famous person


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    hãy đặt câu hỏi cho từ in đậm

    they are going to the stadium after school

    mona plans to buy a new mobile next month

    they are watching tv at 7 o'clock in the evening

    ben is meeting his friends at the railway station tonight

    helen has got license to drive her new car

    they will spend their vacation in sapain next year

    kate is afraid of sitting in the dark room

    tom breaks tthe window in the classroom because he is careless

    we usually have lunch in the garden

    pam has a tterrible headache

    nick lives next to school

    that shop is only five minuttes' walk from my house

    i am buying four new cds

    this ring is $100

    i usually have a shower at 7 a.m

    i am going to the post office because i need some stamps and send some letters

    my brother looks tall and quite thin

    i am going to the cinema tonight

    she is going shopping with lucy

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  • Hoang is twelve years old. He is in grade 6. He lives with his mother, his father and two sisters in the city. On the street, there is a restaurant, a bookstore and a temple. In the neighborhood, there is a hospital and a factory. Hoang’s father works in the factory. His mother works in the hospital.

    * Questions:

    1. Does Hoang live with his mother, his father and two sisters?

    2. Which grade is he in?

    3. What is there on the street?

    4. Where does his father work?

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  •  Match the questions in column A to the answers in column B




    1. Are you doctors?                                                  a. Yes, there is.

    2. What does Mr. Hai do?                                                                        b. I live with my parents.

    3. Which school do you go to?                                                                        c. He is a teacher.

    4. Do the boys play badminton?                                                                        d. They go to work at six.

    5. What is next to the hotel?                                                                        e. No, they don’t.

    6. Is there a well to the left of your house?                                                                        f. Yes, we are.

    7. What time do your parents go to work?                                                                        g. I go to Tran Hung Dao School.

    8. Who do you live with?                                                                        h. It’s a bookstore.

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  • giới thiệu bản thân bằng tiếng anh smiley ( 7 ->10 câu thoi)

    giúp mình nha ,mình cần gấp 

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  • What should a good friend do

    giúp mình với mình cần gấp

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  •                                               Thương lắm thầy cô ơi

    Hôm nay em đi đến trường, từng ánh mắt bên thầy cô. Cho em thơ ngàn câu hát, lời yêu thương vô bến bờ.Xinh tươi như hoa điểm mười, đẹp biết mấy tương lai ngày mai. Em yêu sao thầy cô giáo vì đàn em năm tháng vun trồng. Từng trang giáo án như những bông hoa, đẹp tươi trong nắng theo gió đưa hương, trên con đường thầy cô vẫn đi . Ngàn sao lấp lánh soi sáng đêm thâu, bài ca em hát ghi nhớ công ơn, cô thầy dạy dỗ em nên người 

    06/01/2019 |   11 Trả lời

  •  On Mother's Day  sons and daughters visit their mothers and bring _______(1) flowers and little presents. The eldest son must ______(2) his mother a good cake. If sons or daughters cannot be_______(3) their mother on that day, they usually_______(4) her presents.

     Mother's Day must be a day of rest_______(5) the mother of rest_______(6) the mother of the family, so her daughters_______(7) and the sons help to _______(8) the plates and dishes after dinner.

     In the United States and Canada, Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May. They have a _______(9) beautiful stamp for Mother's Day in the United States.

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  • viết 1 đoạn văn về neighborhood


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  • nêu cấp so sánh nhất của tính từ ngắn và dài trong tiếng anh

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