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  • I often call Nhuan Trach Primary School is my second home.

    School children, though not very large but very spacious and clean. High school entrance and spacious, the two sides is the flower corridor leads straight to the playground and the classroom.

    School Grounds em wide, around the yard Poinciana trees and ancient eagle shade cover, with flower beds and lawns green. Listed under the tree row of stone for us to read books and talk after each lesson.

    The classrooms are full of tables and chairs, cabinets for learning and also exhibited the post office corner, nice article. In addition, you also have the other classrooms as music room, computer science, library, classrooms English ...

    I even loved the school because here we have good friends and the teachers are always interested to teach and impart knowledge to us so people. I loved my second home! 

      bởi Hoàngg Lann 27/02/2019
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