Hỏi đáp Unit 2 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Vocabulary


Danh sách hỏi đáp (18 câu):

  • Dương  Quá

    Sửa lỗi

    a)They haven't saw him hefore

    b) Yestterday, I didnot got up late

    c) The children has never been to the zoo before

    d) He hasn't ate any thing sine left night

    e)This is the firs time we watched a UFO

    Giúp mik nh dag cần gấp

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  • Mai Rừng

    các bạn cho mình hỏi trên phim đôi khi ta thường thấy câu chứa chữ " nonsense" ấy ạ, mình nhớ không rõ nhưng na ná hình như là it takes nonsense hay j đấy, nhìn chung mang nghĩa: chẳng có ý nghĩa gì cả. Các bạn biết thì giúp mình với

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  • Anh Trần

    ...................................(you/ever/connect) a priter

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  • hà trang


    Task 1. Choose the best answer A, B or C (10 points)

    1. London is famous for _____ red buses.

    A. it’s B. its C. it

    2. Is there _____ milk in the fridge?

    A. a lot B. much C. some

    3. Where are _____ children? - They go to school.

    A. X B. you C. the

    4. There is a flower shop in front _____ my house.

    A. of B. to C. off

    5. Those students are working very _____ for their next exams..

    A. hardly B. hard C. harder

    6. I ____ a car next year.

    A. buy B. am buying C. going to buy

    7. Jane _____ as a fashion designer for ten years before becoming a famous singer.

    A. worked B. is working C. work

    8. Look out! The box is going to fall down.

    A. Watch outside B. Help you C. Be careful

    9. Dan can _____ the drum very well.

    A. play B. do C. make

    10. My friend is ______ so she has a lot of free time.

    A. singer B. married C. single

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  • Phạm Khánh Ngọc

    I. Pick out the word whose underline part is pronounced differently from the others
    1. A. rivalry B. economic C. symbolic D. comic
    2. A. fade B. fashion C. label D. plain
    3. A. enough B. laugh C. cough D. plough
    4. A. champagne B. check C. cheese D. choose
    5. A. boxes B. washes C. watches D. goes
    6. A. rose B. chose C. close D. lose
    7. A. tent B. rely C. tend D. send
    8. A. hobby B. honest C. humor D. hole

    II. From each number, pick out one word which has the stress on the first syllable.
    1. A. champagne B. inspire C. unique D. fashion
    2. A. comic B. cotton C. equal D. unique
    3. A. novel B. poet C. champagne D. symbol
    4. A. rivalry B. occasion C. logical D. equally
    5. A. economic B. economy C. minority D. encourage

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  • na na

    II.Choose the word (A,B,C or D)which has a different underlined sound.






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  • Thùy Nguyễn

    Rewrite these sentences using an if construction

    1. I did't see the signal so Idid't stop

    2.she did't know you were in hospital so she didn't visit you

    3. I did't know your number so I didn't ring

    4.We only came by bus because there were no taxis

    5.She didn't speak to him possible because she was so shy

    6. Landlord: She threatened to set fire to her flat ; that's the only reason I askeed her to leave

    7' we đin't visit the musrum because we hadn't time

    8.I only came up the stairs because the lift wasn't working

    9.We didn't listen carefully; perhaps that's why we made this mistake

    10'We got a lift so we reached the station in time

    11 You washed it in boiling water that's why it shrank

    12. We missted the train because we were using an out -of- date timetable

    13His own men deserted him; that's the only reason why he failed

    14 They were driving very quickly .That's why the accident was so terrible ư

    15 it was raining .That the only reason I didn't take the children to the beach

    16 When I bought this house I didn't realize that in summer planes skimmed the roof very five minutes

    17 Tom's father was on the Board'That 's the only reason he got the job

    18 He wasn't looking where he was going ,That's why he was run over

    19 I don't like country life perhaps because I wasn't brought up in the country

    20 I didn't know he was so quarrelsome '.I'm sorry now that I invited him

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  • Nguyễn Hạ Lan

    I. Use the words given in brackets to form a word that fits in the space.

    1. Is that a ................ diamond in your ring? (REALITY)

    2. The teacher asked us to do the .............. in the book. (PRACTISE)

    3. You look fatter. How much do you ..............? (WEIGHT)

    4. My brother has ................ some famous books. (EDITION)

    5. Tom is the ............. student in my class. (GOOD)


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  • Phong Vu

    Read the following passage and then fill in each blank with a suitable word .

    I was very excited when I knew I was going to New Zealand (1)________ I had never been there before. I didn’t think about the problems of speaking English (2)________ I met my host family. At first I couldn’t communicate (3)________ them because my English was so bad. All the eight years I had been learning English wasn’t much use at all, because we didn’t have real practice at school. Even (4)________ my grammar was good, my pronunciation wasn’t. My problem is pronouncing ‘‘L” and ‘‘R”. For (5)________ , New Zealand people often asked ‘‘What do you eat in Vietnam?” I wanted to tell them that we eat rice, but they didn’t understand when I said ‘‘We eat lice”. My host mum (6)________ me a lot by correcting my pronunciation. I usually practised by talking to (7)________ when I had a shower, so no one could hear me. After four months my English was (8)________ better. Apart from English I learnt to make my (9)________ breakfast and lunch. I had to ride a bike to school every day. I went swimming and tried water-skiing and sailing. It was wonderful. But (10)________ most valuable thing was that I learnt to be myself and to be independent.
    P/s: Ai dịch tốt thì dịch giúp mình bài này nha !! mình đag cần gấp ! ~

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  • het roi

    fill in the blank?

    bởi het roi 31/08/2019

    Mí bạn ưi~~~Bác nào đi qua giúp em một số bài Anh với a~Em cảm ơn các bác nhiều lắm

    II.Supply the correct forms of the verbs in brackets

    1,We(move) HCMS in 1970 and(live)........there since then .

    2.It's not easy(find)....a good job in Chine

    3.Nam's mother was very pleased(hear)...... he got good grades this semester

    4.He(live) this house since he(be)...................a little child

    5.It's not safe(drive)............after drinking wine

    6.(Plant) is one of my mother's hobbies

    7.They(buy)........apair of tickets yeterday.They(see)......a movie tomorrow evening

    8.He(study).........English for 3 years

    9.It is very convenient(shop) a supermarket

    III.Give the correct forms of the words in brackets to complete the following sentences

    1,There if a supermarket in our...................(NEIGHBOR)

    2,The central hospital has very modern.........facilities(MEDICINE)

    3,This river is............dangerous(EXTREME)

    4,Tom had a very Science and Spanish(IMPROVE)

    5,Linh's .......skill if not very good(LISTEN)

    6,I'm very intersted in outdoor...........(ACT)

    7,It's leave children under five at home alone(DANGGER)

    8,Some sports are good

    9,Study English is very..................for everyone(USE)

    10,Nga wrote more..........than Ba,so she got better marks(CARE)

    11,Think carefully before makling a.........(DECIDE)

    12,Her life changed after her father got.....(MARRY)

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  • Tra xanh

    1. There are (variety) .................. types of festivals all over the world.

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  • can chu
    II. Choose the correct answer. ( 2.5pts) 1. We are looking forward ............ you. A. to see B. see C. seeing D. to seeing 2. Do you want to go ………….a coffee ……….. Saturday evening? A. to/ in B. for/ in C. for/ on D. in/ on 3. He can sing and play some ………..instruments well. A. musical B. musician C. musically D. music 4. My youngest sister …………. read fluently when she was four. A. can B. could C. does D. was 5. Sue: Can I speak to Nancy, please? - Mrs. Brown: ……….. . A. Yes, you can B. No, you don’t C. No, you can’t D. I’m sorry. She’s out at the moment. 6. Meg: Let’s go surfing. - Alex: “…………….” A. I’m afraid, I can’t because I have a lot of homework. B. Good idea. C. I don’t really like surfing. D. All are correct. 7. Jellyfish is the most dangerous animal ………… the sea. A. to B. on C. in D. for 8. My father is a good swimmer. He swims …………. A. skillful B. skillfully C. skill D. badly 9. The ………….thing in life is free. A. important B. more important C. most important D. importance 10. Francesca is …………. at Literature than I am. A. well B. better C. good D. the best III. Reading Fill in each blank with a suitable word from the box. (2pts) cheaper -climbed -wait - applied - because - receptionist - to - highest - great – on –so- an Dear Márton, How are you? I’m having a (1) …………….. holiday in the Lake District with my girlfriends, Penny. It’s a beautiful place. We arrived (2)…………….. Monday evening. We were late,(3) …………….. we couldn’t find the hotel! On Tuesday, we visited Derwent Water, a large lake in the valley of Borrowdale. Yesterday, we (4)………………. Scafell Pike, the (5) …………….. mountain in England. I noticed (6)……………. advertisement in the hotel this morning: the hotel is looking for a (7)……………….. I (8) …………….. for the job immediately! The pay is better than my job at the Arcadia and Penny prefers the countryside (9) …………….. the city because it’s more peaceful. Rent is (10)…………….., too. That’s all for now. See you soon! Dave
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  • Nguyễn Thủy

    I/ Rewrite sentences, using the infinitive or the gerund:
    1. "Whould you like to go to my party?"
    -> He invited me.....
    2. Shall we go out for a drink?
    -> I suggested...........
    3. I don't take your pen.
    -> He denide........
    4.You should stop smoking.
    -> He advised me........
    5. I hope be become stop smoking.
    ->He advised me.......
    HELPPP ME!!!!!!

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  • Ngoc Nga

    giúp em tìm lỗi sai và chữa lại..

    1. i am not used to be spoken to like that.

    2. there are a lot of regional difference in england.

    3. the kind of music is familiar on teenagers.

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  • hi hi

    1Do you want me to do the washing-up?' 'No, it's all right……it.'

    2 'I don't know how to use this computer.' 'OK,……you.'

    3.Goodbye! Have a nice holiday.' 'Thanks……you a postcard.'

    4.Thank you for lending me your camera……it back to you on Monday, OK?

    5.Are you coming with us?' 'No, I think……here.'

    Mong các bạn giúp mik sớm nhé

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  • thu phương

    Mọi ng ơi cho mình hỏi câu Last night, we saw a meteor streak through the sky. Tại sao lại dùng streak mk k dùng streaked. Các bạn giúp mik nhé thanks.

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  • Bin Nguyễn

    Complete the sentences without changing their meanings:

    1. It is useful for many families to write down a set of rules about how family members are expected to behave.

    Many families find _________________________________________________________________________

    2. Many parents think that it's good idea to make the rules public by sticking them on the fridge.

    Many parents think that they ____________________________________________________

    3. It is necessary for young children to get supervision and support to follow family rules.

    Young children will _______________________________________________________

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  • Nguyễn Quang Thanh Tú

    1. ...... for twelve hours , I left marvelous.

    A. Having slept

    B. Have slept

    C. having been slept

    D. have been slept

    2. By the time their baby arrivers , the Johnson hope ............. painting and decorating the new nursery .

    A. having finished

    B. to have finished

    C. having been finished

    D. to have been finished

    3. She's angry about .............. to the farewell party last night .

    A. not having invited

    B. not to have invited

    C. not having been invited

    D. not to have been invited

    4. We decided not to travel , ........... the terrible weather forecast

    A. having heard

    B. to have heard

    C. having been heard

    D. to have been heard

    5. I'd love ........... to the party , but it was impossible

    A. having gone

    B. to have gone

    C. having been gone

    D. to have been gone

    6. I don't recall ............. him at the conference .

    A. having seen

    B. to have pained

    C. having been seen

    D. to have been seen

    7. ............. in dark colors , the room needed some bright lights

    A. having plainted

    B. to have plained

    C. having been plained

    D. to have been plained

    8. the stockbroker denied ............. of the secret business deal

    A. having informed

    B. to have informed

    C. having been informed

    D. to have been informed

    9. They now regret ............ their son by providing too many material possessions

    A . having spoiled

    B. to have spoiled

    C. having been spoiled

    D . to have been spoiled

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