Sắp xếp câu sau hoàn chỉnh: air/am/that/afraid/th/city/pollution/in/our/getting/worse/and/is/worse/I.

XI,Dùng từ cho sẵn sắp xếp lại thành câu (ko được thêm từ ,có thể thêm dấu)











Mk cần gấp ,mai mk nộp zùi ,mong các bạn làm mau mâu lênheheleuoaoahaha

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  • XI,Dùng từ cho sẵn sắp xếp lại thành câu (ko được thêm từ ,có thể thêm dấu)


    i am afraid that the air pollution in our city is getting worse and worse


    we are sure that environmental pollution will be controlled


    if level of the sea rises, there will floods in many parts of the world


    if many people lose their homes and land, they will live in hunger and poverty


    why many countries are spending much time and more money doing research on energy from the sun, waves and wind?


    we can save natural resources by using solar energy instead of fossil fuels


    we can use the Internet as an effective way for self-study


    many friends who he met in Paris encouraged him in his writing career


    we shouldn't swim in this river because its water is highly polluted


    although he has a particularly well-paid job, he isn't very important

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  • Some districts in Ho Chi Minh city (not have) _________________________ enough schools to give disabled children a good education in the last decade. 2. Up to now, many parents of disabled children (not have) _________________________ the awareness and skills to help their children to develop and integrate into society. 3. In the last school year, some parents (prevent) _________________________ their normal children from having the opportunity to interact with disabled children. 4. But the situation (recently/change) _________________________. 5. Since the last meeting, parents of normal children (have) _________________________ sympathy for disabled children. 6. Education for children with disabilities (meet) _________________________ a lot of difficulty in the past. 7. The authorities (recently/make) _________________________ considerable effort to improve the situation. 8/ So far, the center (receive) _________________________ most of the funds for educating the disabled from local and foreign charities

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    1. (Lose) ………….my keys, I didn’t know how (get) ………in the house.
    2. Last year I (make)……….. (clean) ………..the classroom for two weeks.
    3. He (not have)……….. the accident if he (not drive) ………so fast.
    4. John (water) ……….the flowers when it (start) ………….to rain.
    5. When we (get) ……….to her house last week, she (just leave)………….
    6. She (come)…………….. at 9 am. So, she (be) ……………here for more than 4 hours.
    7. My parents would rather I (find)… a job, but I’d rather (go) ..to university for higher education.
    8. Jane (do) the test again at the moment because she (not pass) ……………it the first time.
    9. The man (sit)…………. next to me was nervous because he (not fly) …………before.
    10. I (never forget)……….. what you (just tell) ……..me, I promise.

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  • You'll have the opportunity _______ any questions at the end.

    A. asking B. to asking C. being asked D. to ask

    42. The equipment could be used for a(n) _______ of educational purposes.

    A. amount B. little C. variety D. area

    43. The reason _______ the disaster was engine failure, not human error.

    A. into B. about C. at D. for

    44. She’s doing extra work to _______ up with the rest of the class.

    A. come B. make C. catch D. put

    45. There's an Egyptian art collection on _______ at the museum at the moment.

    A. display B. illustration C. demonstration D. network

    46. After so many years of neglect, the house is practically _______ ruins.

    A. at B. under C. about D. in

    47. The college principal promised _______ into the matter.

    A. to look B. looking C. being looked D. to be looked

    48. The two scientists both ___ the same discovery independently, at roughly the same time.

    A. took B. made C. kept D. invented

    49. My doctor put me _______ a diet of nothing but fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

    A. up B. at C. on D. into

    50. The power failure was _______ to the recent storms and high winds.

    A. blamed B. complained C. acclaimed D. attributed

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  • a. have mistake

    b. are with the wrong

    c. have the wrong

    d. made the wrong


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  • Describe your family by using the new words you have learned in the lesson in about 80 words. You can base on the following questions. Do you live in a nuclear family or an extended one? Who does the childcare in your family? Do all members have conflicts or generation gaps? If yes, give examples.How are the conflicts solved?

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  • At university, it is a big turning point in the lives of each human. Most parents in Vietnam today think that studying at university is the best future guarantee for their children. Therefore, many parents have put pressure on the grades and hierarchies in the classroom. To revoke that, they race each other for their children to study, learn the fool, causing you to have time to rest, to play healthy. We can't confirm whether parents think or think is wrong at all when good jobs require degrees. Studying at university is important by the way. Firstly, in a higher education environment, students will have access to selected knowledge as quickly as they can through books and practices. Its knowledge will help you to raise your expertise at work later on. Secondly, universities provide you with more opportunities for your careers. For example, companies tend to receive students who have good results or are proved to be excellent from universities instead of looking for candidates themselves.

    But is university the only way to success? No is the answer. If you think about it, scientists, the richest people in the world don't everybody go to university but they still succeed. Let's take just one example. Bill Gates, a global owner of Microsoft at the age of 20, has dropped out of university to pursue his interests. And the people who invented the utility plow or the reapers were just farmers. We cannot deny the benefits of college, but why are there thousands of unemployed students every year? And very few students get out to school and do their training? Many students get a good degree, a good degree, but are difficult or unable to get a job. There are only two main reasons, which are that few practices lead to a lack of skills and a failure to implement the skills that they have learned. In short,the university is not the only path to success but it is the most secure and secure path. So when you slip through college, you don't have to go through sadness, and this door closes, another door opens, and importantly we have to have faith and determination, and one day we will achieve success.

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  • I dinner when Harry came in ______

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  • My parents watched me (do) ……………….. my homework for a moment.

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  • Have you got time _____________ the report today. ​

    A. finishes

    ​B. to finish

    ​C. finishing​

    D. finished

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  • The Global Volunteer Network currently has opportunities to aim at (1)……………… primary and secondary (2) ………… to needy children, and community outreach and counseling with their partner organization in Uganda. This provides (3) ……………… opportunity to experience Ugandan life first-hand (4) ……………… working to improve your host community. The programs provide counseling, (5) …………, and education for (6) ……………… people, orphans and underprivileged children in small villages. The main activities will (7) ……………… working with the local children and youth teaching nursery, primary, and vocational education. Volunteers (8) ……………… work in the areas of sport, art, games and academic. For volunteers with a medical (9) ……………… and education, placements can involve work in (10) ……………… clinics with small health-based community organizations.

    1. a. to provide           b. providing   c. having provided        d. provided

    2. a. education              b. teacher            c. studying                d. learn

    3. a. a                       b. an                      c. the                    d. no article

    4. a. as soon as                b. no longer        c. as well as          d. while

    5. a. suffer                  b. disadvantages       c. care             d. diseases

    6.  a. farm                 b. urban                      c. rural                d. suburb

    7.  a. insist                b. consist                   c. attract              d. involve

    8.  a. too                     b. so                 c. as well                         d. also

    9.  a. background           b. ground           c. foundation              d. level

    10. a. local                    b. area                   c. region                   d. part

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  • evaluate; campaign; community; cooperation; gratitude; illiterate

    satisfied; minority; charitable; promote; fruitful; facilitator

    1. She sent them a present to express her ________.

    2. Advertising companies are always having to think up new ways to ________ products.

    3. It's only a tiny __________ of people who are causing the violence.

    4. I am completely _________ with what I have written in my last test. The result must be very satisfactory.

    5. It's impossible to ________ these results without knowing more about the research methods.

    6. Someone who is functionally ________ can only read and write just a little.

    7. The government have just begun their annual Christmas ________ to stop drunken driving.

    8. It's a _______ organization, depending for its income upon voluntary contributions from the public.

    9. The company produces computers in ________ with a German firm.

    10. I see my role as a ________ in my group. I have to enable other people to work in the way that can bring the best result.

    11. There's a large Jewish ________ living in this area.

    12. This was the most _________ discussion. The both sides agreed to carry out the common policy.

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  • 1. Children/ buy/ often/ comics and sweet/ want/ their parents/ them.

    2. their patients/ high in fats/ eat/ Many doctors/ avoid/ advise/ food.

    3. stay/ like/ home/don’t/ all / weekend/ I

    4. exercise/ experts/remind/ once/ us/ day/ to Health/ regularly/ every

    5. The/ parking attendant/ for free/ didn’t/ allow/ the/ park/ woman.

    6. brothers/ together/ to live/ We/ learn/must/ as.

    7. children/ spend/ time/ I’d like / with/ the/ more/ hopeless/ enjoy."

    8. We/ get up/ for/ don’t/ than/ earlier/ usual/ work/ mind.

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