Put suitable words into blanks

evaluate; campaign; community; cooperation; gratitude; illiterate

satisfied; minority; charitable; promote; fruitful; facilitator

1. She sent them a present to express her ________.

2. Advertising companies are always having to think up new ways to ________ products.

3. It's only a tiny __________ of people who are causing the violence.

4. I am completely _________ with what I have written in my last test. The result must be very satisfactory.

5. It's impossible to ________ these results without knowing more about the research methods.

6. Someone who is functionally ________ can only read and write just a little.

7. The government have just begun their annual Christmas ________ to stop drunken driving.

8. It's a _______ organization, depending for its income upon voluntary contributions from the public.

9. The company produces computers in ________ with a German firm.

10. I see my role as a ________ in my group. I have to enable other people to work in the way that can bring the best result.

11. There's a large Jewish ________ living in this area.

12. This was the most _________ discussion. The both sides agreed to carry out the common policy.

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