Chọn đáp án thích hợp

I/khoanh đáp án đúng

1His wife was possibly the most highly......prime minister of this century.

a.educate    b.education     c.educational   d.educated

2/My sister wasn't enjoying the chance so she thought she'd spoid it for everybody else - it was very......of her

a.children     b.childish    c.childhood     d.childlike

3/We're sorry that we weren't.......to telephone you and your friends yesterday afternoon

a.able     b.unable     c.enabled     d.disabled

4/I feel so.......because there's nothing I can do to make the youngster better

a.help   b.helpful   c.helpless    d.helper

5/It's true......your aunt's gone back to teaching,isn't it?

a.that   b.when    c.which    d.where

6/.........of your brothers and sisters do you feel close to?

a.who   b.what   c.whose    d.which

7/We met in an ancient building,......underground room had been converted into a chapel

a.that    b.whose    c.whom    d.which

8/I'm going to meet a woman with.......I used to study

a.who   b.whose   c.whom     d.that

9/My teacher asked me if I knew......had got that job

a.who    b. whom     c.that    d.which

10/.........are they doing that for? Please tell me

a.whom    b.that   c.what    d.why

II/chọn từ và điền từ(education,period,contact,provided,escape,away,scheduled,sign,labor,delays)

11/Long.....are predicted on the motorway because of the accident

12/It's a country which places great importance on......

13/May 1st  is.......day in alot of countries

14/the study will be carried out over a six-month..............

15/$ is the .......for the British pound

16/I'd hate to lose......with my old school friends

17/The meeting has bên ......for tomorrow afternoon

18/He's welcome to come along,.......that he behaves himself

19/The recent flood has swept....the footbridge

20/......from this window and return to the main menu



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  • 1B 2C 3A 4C 5A 6A 7D 8C 9A 10C 

    11 Delays 12.education 13larbor 14.period 15.sign 16.contact 17.scheduled 18.provide 19.away 20.escaped

      bởi Trang Phương 01/06/2019
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  • 1B 2C 3A 4C 5A 6A 7D 8C 9A 10C 

      bởi Love Linkin'Park 02/07/2019
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  • 1.we're going to try to keep......as we grow older

    a.act    b.active    c.action      d.activity

    2.the.........of policy is not our business-our job is to put it into practice

    a.determine       b.to determine      c.determination     d.determined

    06/05/2019 |   6 Trả lời

  • Jane looks beautifully in her new dress 

    20/03/2019 |   6 Trả lời

  • Exercise 1: Choose among A, B, C, or D the one that best fits each of the blanks.


    1. The technological and economic changes of the 19th century had a marked_________ on workers

    A. cause B. effect C. impact D. consequence

    2. The government_________ the flood victims with food, clothes and money.

    A. gave B. provided C. offered D. presented

    3. More and more people_________ of food poisoning nowadays

    A. exist B. survive C. die D. starve

    4. The first sign of vitamin A disorder is night_________.

    A. loss of sight B. lack of vision C. invisibility D. blindness

    5. When you take ice out of the freezer, it_________ .

    A. melts B. dissolves C. softens D. disappears

    6. There are many_________ of pollution in our modern world

    A. resources B. sources C. bases D. foundation

    7. Many people_________ that natural resources will never be use up

    A. view B. regard C. consider D. believe

    8. Using the computer competently is an important_________ to help one get a good job.

    A. reason B. aspect C. factor D. issue

    9. George wants £1000 for his car, but I don’t think it’s_________ as much as that.

    A. worth B. cost C. valued D. priced

    10. “Did Jenny say anything about her sister?”-No, she didn’t_________ her at all.

    A. remind B. remark C. refer D. mention

    11. He just couldn't open the jar__________ hard he tired.

    A. even B. moreover C. whatever D. however

    12. Our football team lost__________ three goals to nil.

    A. with B. by C. in D. to

    13. She is__________ to leave as soon as possible.

    A. anxious B. cautious C. nervous D. worried

    14. I don't__________ locking the door.

    A. forget B. remember C. accept D. remind

    15. Come__________, children! Get your coats on or you'll be late for school.

    A. along B. over C. across D. to

    16. She tried to prevent the dog__________ running into the road.

    A. for B. from C. to D. against

    17. The students were low to catch__________, gut gradually they began to understand.

    A. in B. away C. out D. on

    18. Some of the passengers spoke to reporters about their__________ in the burning plane.

    A. happening B. occasion C. event D. experience

    19. Please leave this space__________ on the enrolment form.

    A. blank B. missing C. undone D. absent

    20. A good friend will__________ you when you're having problems.

    A. stand by B. stand out for C. stand against D. stand in

    21. You shouldn't have criticized him in front of his friends. It was extremely__________ of you.

    A. unfortunate B. insensitive C. unconscious D. insensible

    22. The job was more difficult than I__________ expected it to be.

    A. might B. would C. have D. had

    23. We had so many problems with the car that__________ we sold it and bought a new one.

    A. to the end B. by the end C. at the end D. in the end

    24. His parents think it's time he__________ married.

    A. gets B. would get C. will get D. got

    25. He__________ me to buy my air ticket immediately or it would be too late.

    A. suggested B. convinced C. insisted D. advised

    26. You will become ill__________ you stop working so hard.

    A. until B. if C. unless D. when

    27.__________ I ask him for the money he owes me, he says he will bring it in a few days, but I don't think he has got it at all.

    A. However B. Wherever C.  Whatever D. Whenever

    28. It was impossible for her to tell the truth so she had to__________ a story.

    A. combine B. invent C. lie D. manager

    29. He is very stubborn, so it will be difficult to__________ him to go.

    A. make B. suggest C. persuade D. prevent

    30. I hope he's__________ to buy some bread; there's hardly any left.

    A. reminded B. proposed C. remembered D. suggested

    31.  It's__________ long time since he last saw his brothers and sisters.

    A. such a B. too C. very D. so

    32. The dentist told him to open his mouth__________.

    A. broad B. wide C. much D. greatly

    33. The children didn't know the__________ by which the game was played.

    A. customs B. orders C. rules D. facts

    34. Wait__________ you get home before you unpack your parcel.

    A. until B. after C. to D. when

    35. His parents never allowed him__________.

    A. to smoke B. a smoking C. some smoked D. smoking

    36. The child was told to__________ for being rude to his uncle.

    A. forgive B. apologize C. excuse D. confess

    37. This is the__________ of the bicycle which was stolen.

    A. information B. detail C. example D. description

    38. Some drives, after__________ annoy their fellow-motorists by slowing down again immediately.

    A. passing along B. passing by C. overtaking D. taking over

    39. It is__________ unlikely that the Queen agree to open the new Town Hall.

    A. greatly B. highly C. mainly D. largely

    40. I don't think he'll ever__________ the shock of his wife's death.

    A. get by B. get over C. get off D. get through

    41. Some school have very__________ rules of behavior which must be obeyed.

    A. strict B. strong C. straight D. solid

    42. It was difficult to__________ a date which was convenient for everyone.

    A. organize B. arrange C. elect D. provide

    43. It's difficult to pay one's bills when prices keep__________.

    A. growing B. raising C. rising D. gaining

    44. You may not have to stay the night but take a toothbrush just in__________.

    A. preparation B. case C. time D. order

    45. She remembered the correct address only__________ she had posted the letter.

    A. since B. following C. after D. afterwards

    46. The shops are always__________ of people at Christmas time.

    A. stuffed B. full C. crowded D. busy

    47. I think he is unwell; he was complaining__________ a headache this morning.

    A. of B. at C. from D. against

    48. I'm afraid a rise in salary is__________ just now.

    A. out of the question B. out of control C. out of date D. out of sight

    49. British Leyland is aiming to push__________ its share of UK car sales to 25% over the next two years.

    A. through B. out C. on D. up

    50. In pain as a result of the fall, he__________ slowly home.

    A. sped B. limped C. stepped D. wound

    51. He had to leave his family__________ when he went abroad to work.

    A. behind B. at a loss C. at all costs D. out

    52. No child__________ the age of sixteen will be admitted to this film.

    A. below B. except C. before D. lacking

    53. I have lived near the railway for so long now that I've grown__________ to the noise of the trains.

    A. familiar B. accustomed C. aware D. unconscious

    54. The young soldier__________ a dangerous mission across the desert, although he knew that he might be killed.

    A. entered B. undertook C. agreed D. promised

    55. From the hotel there is a good__________ of the mountains.

    A. view B. sight C. vision D. picture

    56. There is a fault at our TV station. Please do not__________ your set.

    A. repair B. change C. adjust D. switch

    57. It is usually better not to__________ things, in case they are not returned.

    A. offer B. lend C. borrow D. lose

    58. She applied for training as a pilot, but they turned her__________ because of her poor eyesight.

    A. down B. over C. up D. back

    59. I lost too much money betting at the races last time, so you won't__________ me to go again.

    A. impress B. urge C. convince D. persuade

    60. We've__________ of time to catch the train so there's no need to rush.

    A. great deal B. enough C. very much D. plenty

    61.__________ goes the bus; now we will have to walk!

    A. Early B. There C. At once D. On time

    62. The police have asked that__________ who saw the accident should get in touch with them.

    A. somebody B. someone C. anyone D. one

    63. As the streets of our cities become busier, people are turning more and to the__________ bicycle.

    A. historical B. old aged C. elderly D. old fashioned

    64. We'll play tennis and__________ we'll have lunch

    A. then B. straight away C. so D. immediately

    65.__________ of all of us who are here tonight. I would like to thank Mr. Jones for his talk.

    A. On behalf B. On account C. In person D. Instead

    66. He soon received promotion, for his superior realized that he was a man of considerable__________.

    A. opportunity B. ability C. possibility D. future

    67. Take the number 7 bus and get__________ at Forest Road.

    A. off B. up C. down D. outside

    68. Some people think it is__________ to use long and little-known words.

    A. sensitive B. clever C. intentional D. skilled

    69. Don't touch the cat, he may__________ you.

    A. scratch B. kick C. tear D. scream

    70. These old houses are going to be__________ soon.

    A. run down B. knocked out C. pulled down D. laid out

    71. The house is__________ at the corner of a busy street.

    A. put B. stood C. placed D. situated

    72. You must be careful when you wash this__________ silk blouse.

    A. delicate B. weak C. feeble D. sensitive

    73. The stolen jewels were__________ a lot of money.

    A. worth B. priced C. valued D. cost

    74. Would you be__________ to hold the door open?

    A. too kind B. as kind C. kind enough D. so kind

    75. He couldn't make the radio__________.

    A. work B. to work C. working D. worked

    76. I__________ do that if I were you.

    A. won't B. don't C. shan't D. wouldn't

    77. While studying he was financially dependent__________ his wife.

    A. of B. to C. from D. on

    78. He often__________ about his expensive car.

    A. boasts B. shows C. prides D. praised

    79. She isn't__________ well with the new manager.

    A. going on B. getting on C. keeping on D. taking on

    80. What do you mean, he's watching television? He's__________ to be washing the car.

    A. hoped B. thought C. supposed D. expected

    81. This wet weather has lasted for three weeks now;__________ rained every single day.

    A. it has B. it was C. there was D. there has

    82. Scientists have discovered a close__________ between smoking and several serious diseases.

    A. combination B. union C. connection D. action

    83. The__________ thing about traveling by train rather than by car is that you can sleep or reading during the journey.

    A. enjoyable B. enjoyment C. enjoying D. enjoyed

    84. He__________ very quickly after his illness.

    A. recovered B. uncovered C. discovered D. covered

    85. I couldn't resist having another slice of cake even__________ I was supposed to be losing weight.

    A. otherwise B. although C. though D. however

    86. Surely David's not going to drive,__________ he?

    A. isn't B. will C. does D. is

    87. By the time you receive this letter, I__________ for Japan.

    A. have left B. will have left C. will leave D. would have left

    88. The president__________ his intention to retire before the next election.

    A. told B. announced C. informed D. promised

    89. You will never finish that job by tomorrow morning unless you__________ some help.

    A. would get B. get C. will get D. will have got

    90. The firemen brought several long__________ to try to reach those trapped on the roof.

    A. staircases B. steps C. ladders D. stairs

    91. There is always__________ traffic in the city centre at rush hour.

    A. full B. heavy C. many D. strong

    92. We would very much__________ a reply by the end of the month.

    A. require B. value C. expect D. appreciate

    93. I took someone else's coat from the cloakroom by__________.

    A. mistake B. forgetfulness C. fortune D. error

    94. I am sorry I pined your handbag but I__________ it for mine.

    A. mistook B. imagined C. recognized D. confused

    95. Many accidents in the home could be__________ if householders gave more thought to safety in their houses.

    A. avoided B. preserved C. protected D. excluded

    96. Jenny and her sister are so__________ they could almost be twins.

    A. likeness B. the same C.  same D. alike

    97. If you want to be healthy, you should cut__________ on your smoking.

            A. down

    B. up

    C. through

    D. out

    98. I hope we will be able to avoid__________ anyone.

            A. disappointment

    B. disappointing

    C. disappointed

    D. disappoint

    99. He was clearly nervous; he was sitting right on the__________ of his chair.

            A. outside

    B. edge

    C. tip

    D. border

    100. There were over 30.000__________ at the match.

            A. spectators

    B. viewers

    C. witnesses

    D. watchers

    101. You'll__________ yourself a lot of time if you take the car.

    A. save B. spend C. make D. spare

    102. You will spend at least one year working abroad__________ you can find out how things operate overseas.

    A. as long as B. so as to C. because D. so that

    103. Despite her undoubted ability at tennis, she never became the__________ of the local tennis club.

    A. member B. winner C. champion D. partner

    104. There's__________ to be frightened of the dog; he's quite harmless.

    A. no fear B.  no need C. any reason D. a fear

    105. Although he was completely__________ as a furniture maker, he produced the most beautiful chairs.

    A. incapable B. unable C. untrained D. uneducated

    106. It was very difficult for the inspector to__________ what recommendations he should make.

    A. decide B. settle C. solve D. realize

    107. When he heard the terrible noise he asked me what was__________ on.

    A. happening B. going C. ting D. being

    108. The managers agreed to__________ the question of payment.

    A. control B. discuss C. increase D. balance

    109. Her guest apologized for causing her so much__________.

    A. damage B. complication C. problem D. trouble

    110. If__________ it would stop raining for a morning, we could cut the grass.

    A. ever B. even C. just D. only

    111. When she was crossing the room the night nurse happened to notice the old lady__________ to get out of bed.

    A. tried B. to try C. has tried D. trying

    112. Children with__________ diseases should not be allowed to go to school.

    A. constant B. infectious C. contact D. influential

    113. I would like to offer a small__________ to anyone who finds my missing dog.

    A. expense B. repayment C. receipt D. reward

    114. When we visited the zoo on Sunday afternoon it was very crowded but on a weekday. It's practically__________.

    A. full B. uncrowded C. clear D. empty

    115. She walked to the__________ of the swimming pool and jumped in.

    A. start B. extent C. side D. border

    116. The three friends all__________ for the same job.

    A. applied B. intended C. requested D. referred

    117. Don't think that red dress__________ her.

    A. suits B. matches C. cheers D. agrees

    118. I had no__________ that the divorce rate was so high in this country.

    A. idea B. understanding C. doubt D. knowledge

    119. After closing the envelope, the secretary__________ the stamps on firmly.

    A. stuck B. struck C. sucked D. licked

    120. The patient__________ to listen to his doctor's advice.

    A. hindered B. resigned C. refused D. lacked

    121. The purpose of the examination was to__________ the student's knowledge of the subject.

    A. inspect B. prove C. try D. test

    122. We have no__________ in our files of your recent letter to the tax office.

    A. list B. memory C. account D. record

    123. Yesterday the naval authorities__________ the reports in Friday' newspapers that they had explored three bombs near an unknown submarine.

    A. published B. confirmed C. re-started D. agreed

    124. The station clock is not as__________ as it should be; it is usually between one and two minutes fast.

    A. certain B. strict C. accurate D. true

    125. It is__________ knowledge in the village that Mr. and Mrs. Thorne quarrel violently several times a week.

    A. usual B. complete C. common D. normal

    126.__________ people go to football matches now than twenty years ago.

    A. Lesser B. Fewer C. Few D. Less

    127. But why did the police suspect you? It just does not make__________ to me.

    A. truth B. reason C. sense D. right

    128. When he spoke over the telephone, his voice was so__________ that I could hardly hear him.

    A. dull B. dim C. faint D. unnoticeable

    129. Don't worry about trying to catch the last train home, as we can easily__________ you up for the night.

    A. take B. set C. keep D. put

    130. I must tell you about my__________ when I first arrived in London.

    A. happenings B. experiences C. events D. incidents

    131. I have been looking for this book for months, and__________ I have found it.

    A. at last B. at the end C. at present D. in time

    132. My wife and I have much pleasure in__________ the invitation to your daughter's wedding.

    A. thanking B. taking C. welcoming D. accepting

    133. They tell me he is__________ a lot of money in his new job.

    A. having B. earning C. profiting D. gaining

    134. Hello. Is that 21035? Please put me__________ to the manager.

    A. across B. over C. up D. through

    135. He was very upset by the__________ of his English examination.

    A. failure B. result C. success D. effect

    136. I knew him__________ I was a child.

    A. until B. when C. during D. as

    137. You really can't__________ a thing that woman says!

    A. imagine B. believe C. rely D. count

    138. The new factory must be finished__________ as the profitability of the company depends on it.

    A. in times B. for a time C. on time D. at time

    139. She was unable to warn her mother that she would be late because the telephone was__________.

    A. out of work B. off work C. out of order D. off duty

    140. His performance was__________ the audience was delighted.

    A. imperfect B. unmarked C. faultless D. worthless

    141. Wild ducks always fly in a definite__________.

    A. formation B. shape C. figure D. formula

    142. I walked away as calmly as I could__________ they thought I was the thief.

    A. to avoid B. or else C. in case D. owing to

    143. Two other__________ in his argument for his country's independence are worth a mention.

    A. reports B. effects C. points D. notices

    144. I have ever__________ any experience of living in the country.

    A. had B. wished C. made D. done

    145. He's such a naughty child. It's amazing what his mother lets him__________ way with.

    A. get B. make C. do D. go

    146. A railway bridge is already__________ over the river.

    A. in construction B. being built C. erecting D. been erected

    147. Of course I'm a Christian__________ I expect everyone who works here to be a Christian too.

    A. and B. but                              C. since D. then

    148. The teacher__________ them the answer to the question.

    A. discussed B. said C. explained D. told

    149. I have absolutely no doubt__________ the innocence of the accused.

    A. about B. with C. over D. on

    150. All students leaving college at the end of term must leave their addresses so that letters can be sent__________.

    A. through B. to C. on D. forward

    151. The little girl wouldn't go into the sea__________ her father went to.

    A. except B. but C. also D. unless

    152. I__________ my friend to lend me his caravan for my trip to the country.

    A. proposed B. convinced C. suggested D. persuaded

    153. Having__________ the table, Mrs. Roberts called the family for supper.

    A. completed B. ordered C. laid D. spread

    154. Could you please tell me if you have any electrical typewriters__________?

    A. in store B. in stock C. in order D. in supply

    155. Paris lies__________ the river Seine.

    A. on B. next C. over D. at

    156. Mary Smith decided to give up her job for the__________ of the children.

    A. reason B. sake C. care D. concern

    157. He liked to sit__________ the river and fish.

    A. along B. next C. at D. beside

    158. She heated the chocolate until it__________ then pour it over the cake.

    A. changed B. formed C. melted D. flooded

    159. John swims very well and__________ does his brother.

    A. too B. even C. also D. so

    160. He got out of bed and took a few__________ but couldn't go any farther.

    A. actions B. stages C. starts D. steps

    161. This is not the right__________ to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen.

    A. circumstance B. moment C. opportunity D. situation

    162. He played an active__________ in politics until he was well over 80.

    A. job B. scene C. position D. part

    163. On the__________ to the town there is a beautiful wood.

    A. way B. entrance C. street D. direction

    164. This morning the postman was__________ down the street by my dog.

    A. run B. sped C. chased D. hunted

    165. The party,__________ I was the guest of honor, was extremely enjoyable.

    A. to which B. at which C. for which D. by which

    166. Because it rained very heavily all day they had to__________ the garden party until the following Sunday.

    A. prearrange B. rearrange C. postpone D. preserve

    167. I'll have to__________ to you, otherwise he will hear.

    A. whistle B. say C. whisper D. shout

    168. He retired early__________ ill health.

    A. in front of B. ahead of C. on account of D. on behalf of

    169. He hit the vase with his elbow and it__________ to the floor.

    A. broke B. smashed C. knocked D. crashed

    170. The train will be leaving in five minutes so you__________ better hurry up.

    A. will B. had C. would D. should

    171. There was nothing they could do__________ leave the car at the roadside where it had broken down.

    A. unless B. but C. instead of D. than

    172. The bus was so late reaching the station that I__________ missed my train.

    A. soon B. entirely C. almost D. already

    173. Driving in London is supposed to be confusing but I didn't find it at__________ difficult.

    A. first B. once C. all D. least

    174. The factory paid__________ nearly a million pounds to their employees who were injured in the explosion.

    A. back B. out C. off D. in

    175. I was just__________ to go out when you telephoned.

    A. thinking B. around C. planned D. about

    176. Take this road and you will__________ at the hotel in five minutes.

    A. reach B. find C. come D. arrive

    177. The job of student lodgings officer__________ a great many visits to landladies.

    A. offers B. concerns C. asks D. involves

    178. The young girl carefully__________ left and right before crossing the road.

    A. stared B. looked C. glanced D. watched

    179. He drives so quickly that I am afraid that one day he will__________ someone crossing the street.

    A. knock down B. crash down C. turn over D. run across

    180. I have often__________ why they went to live abroad.

    A. puzzled B. surprised C. wondered D. thought

    mọi người giúp em với ạ , em cảm ơn nhiều, em cần gấp ạ 

    29/12/2018 |   0 Trả lời

  • write a pasage about your unforgetable experience

    09/12/2018 |   3 Trả lời

  • viết 1 đoạn văn kể về 1 cuộc thi mà bạn muốn tham gia và nêu lí do

    06/12/2018 |   3 Trả lời

  • If you are ( experience ), you won't be offered tomorrow

    30/11/2018 |   7 Trả lời

  • (Finish) all my exercises, i went to bed.

    30/11/2018 |   11 Trả lời

  • I. Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không thay đổi.

    1. My head seems to be on fire now.

    > I feel as if........................

    2. I had a feeling that I was walking in the air.

    > I felt as through................

    3. Bill doesn't work hard.

    > I'd rather......................

    4. He spend his money like a prince.

    > he spend his money as if.............................

    5. You speak like a prophet.

    > You speak as through....................

    6. He had no sooner drunk a cup of coffee than he began to feel drowsy.

    > No sooner.......................

    7. He should call me on the phone.

    > It's time.............................

    8. In countries like Britain the weather changes all time.

    > In countries like Britain the weather..........................

    9. I would like the school holiday to be longer.

    > I wish....................................

    10. If we had more rain, our crops would be better.

    > ...........................................................

    11. The crops would have been ruined, if the flood had risen higher.

    > ..................................................................

    12. If you had not sneezed, he wouldn't have known that we were.

    > ................................................................

    13. I last saw him when I was a student.

    > I haven't ...................................

    14. Do you have any experience of driving this kind of car?

    > Have you ....................................................

    15. During my dinner, the phone rang.

    > While...........................................

    16. David left the party before we arrived there.

    > When ...............................................

    17. In the middle of our sleep, there was a knock at the door.

    > When ..........................................

    18. James spoke to his lawyer before signing the contract.

    > James didn't ...............................................

    19. I haven't come there for two years.

    > I last .........................................

    20. I have studied E for seve years.

    > I started ...............................

    21. Steve started working for this company five years ago.

    > Steve has..................................................

    II. Tìm lỗi sai và sửa lỗi

    1. If Jack had not been honest, he would have returned the money

        A            B                 C                    D

    2. I'll be at the cinema on time unless I'll have to work overtime.

         A                             B           C       D

    3. If I die, please to inform my wife.

              A        B    C     D

    III. Chia dạng đúng của từ cho trong ngoặc.

    1. The weather ( generally, get)              hot in July.

    2. You must wake her up. She (sleep)                  soundly for 10 hours.

    3. When I (go)               out, the sun (shine)                .

    4. The light ( go)                out while I (have)                   tea.

    5. When it (rain)                 , she (carry)                   an umbrella.

    6. We (walk)                   to the station when it (begin)                    to rain.

    7. he (teach)                       E for 2 months when he (live)                in Germany and ( work)                   as a journalist.

    8. The house (burn)                fast, so we ( break)                   the window to get out.

    9. He (eat)                       three sandwiches while you (talk)                  to him.

    10. The servant (drop)                 two cups while she (wash up)                       last night; neither of them (break)      .

    11. He (thank)​                 me for what I (do)           for him.

    12. When I (arrive)        , the dinner (already, begin)                    .

    13. In England, he soon (remember)                  all he (learn)                   .

    14. They (tell)             him they (not meet)                 him before.

    15. We (go)              out when the rain (stop)                    .

    16. Wait until I (catch)                you .

    17. I (be)              ready before you (count)              ten .

    18. John must eat breakfast before he (go)                       out .

    19. Miss helen (help)            you as soon as she (finish)               that letter.

    20. he (tell)             you when you (get)          there.

    21. She (not come)                 until you (be)            ready.

    22. I (come)              and (see)              you before I (leave)                 for England.


    25/11/2018 |   3 Trả lời

  • 13. shy people often find it difficult to........ group discussions.

    A. take place in

    B. take part in

    c. get on with 

    D. get in

    14. I am ....... to come to the meeting on Monday evening, please apologise for my absence

    A. capable

    B. excused

    C. unable

    D. disliked

    16. .........that he was poor, I offered to pay his fare


    B. known

    C. knew

    D. having knew

    17. .........photographs of the place, i had no fesire to go there

    A. seeing

    B. seen

    C. saw

    D. having seen

    18. I hate..... a child.....

    A. see/crying

    B. see/cry

    C. seeing/ to cry

    D. seeing/cry

    25/11/2018 |   2 Trả lời

  • 1. Michael took a deep breath and dived into the water

    --> Having...

    2. the unemployment rate has risen slowly over the last six month.

    --> there...

    3. it is a difficult question. i am trying to puzzle it out. nobody has answered it yet.

    --> the difficult question that....

    4. two new suits are being made for him

    --> he is...

    5. the Pacific ocean is on average deeper than the Atlantic

    --> the average...

    08/10/2018 |   0 Trả lời


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