Trắc nghiệm Unit 8 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Reading - Celebrations

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Reading Unit 8 Lớp 11 nâng cao hiểu biết của các em về các lễ hội không chỉ ở Việt Nam mà còn ở một số nước khác trên thế giới.


Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm (10 câu):

  • Câu 1:
    Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in the following passage SPRING FESTIVALS From (1) _______ times people have celebrated the end of winter and the new life that spring brings. One of the most important Christian festivals is Easter, (2) _______ Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter, however, is not the (3) _______ spring festival. In Sweden, people celebrate the end of the winter by making (4) _______ bonfires. Fire also plays an important part in the Hindu festival of Holi. In some villages children are (5) _______ round bonfires by their mothers to protect them (6) _______ danger in the coming year. Buddhists in Thailand soak (7) _______ in water when celebrating their New Year, which (8) _______ in the middle of April. In Antigua in Guatemala they carpet the streets with flowers. Chinese spring parades are (9) _______ colourful, but (10) _______ flowers they have large dragon puppets which dance in the streets.

    (1) __________

    • A. earliest
    • B. latest
    • C. previous
    • D. old
    • A. which
    • B. when
    • C. because
    • D. by then
    • A. single
    • B. one
    • C. only
    • D. lonely
    • A. giant
    • B. tremedous
    • C. extreme
    • D. huge
    • A. gone
    • B. carried
    • C. brought
    • D. run
    • A. out of
    • B. against
    • C. in
    • D. from
    • A. through
    • B. one other
    • C. each other
    • D. mutually
    • A. falls
    • B. appears
    • C. happens
    • D. occurs
    • A. the same
    • B. as
    • C. not less
    • D. equally
    • A. instead of
    • B. on behalf of
    • C. in spite of
    • D. place of