Trắc nghiệm Unit 11 Tiếng Anh 11 - Speaking


Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm (10 câu):

  • Câu 1:
    Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer Many countries are now growing palm oil trees to gain energy. The rush to energy derived from plants will lead to deforestation, push small farmers off the land and lead to serious food shortages and increased poverty unless it is carefully managed. Rich countries want to see crops grown for fuel to help stabilize the price of oil, open up new markets. But the United Nations urges governments to beware their impacts. The report, which predicts winners and losers, will be studied carefully bio-fuel industry which wants to provide 25% of the world’s energy within 20 years. 17 countries have committed themselves to erowing the crops on a large scale. It has been said that 10% of all fuel must come from bio-fuels by 2020. The crops have the potential to stabilize the price of oil, but forests are being cut to grow plantations of palm oil trees. These crops will take the best land, which will increase global food prices. Growing bio-fuel crops can be harmful to farmers who do not own their own land, and to the poor who buy food. Using bio-fuels results in some reductions in emissions but we cannot fight climate change by large scale deforestation. Investments need to be planned carefully to avoid generating new environmental and social problems.

    The passage is about ___.

    • A. a new source of energy from palm tree which can replace oil
    • B. the report on energy
    • C. winners and losers
    • D. deforestation
    • A. causes no harm
    • B. helps poor farmer to be rich
    • C. supplies cheaper food
    • D. leads to deforestation
    • A. oils
    • B. palm trees
    • C. deforestation 
    • D. bio-fuel
    • A. It makes the oil price stable.
    • B. It causes deforestation.
    • C. It may make food more expensive.
    • D. It may lead to climate change by large scale deforestation.
    • A. to grow as many palm trees as possible
    • B. not to grow palm trees any more
    • C. to plan carefully in the investing of palm trees
    • D. to generate new social problems
    • A. fixing
    • B. to fix
    • C. fixed
    • D. that is fixing
    • A. that is clean and safe
    • B. to be clean and safe
    • C. being clean and safe
    • D. which is clean and safe
    • A. being
    • B. is
    • C. to be
    • D. which is
    • A. to increase
    • B. increasing
    • C. that is increasing
    • D. increased
    • A. which invented
    • B. to invent
    • C. invented
    • D. that is invented