Choose the best option.

You'll have the opportunity _______ any questions at the end.

A. asking B. to asking C. being asked D. to ask

42. The equipment could be used for a(n) _______ of educational purposes.

A. amount B. little C. variety D. area

43. The reason _______ the disaster was engine failure, not human error.

A. into B. about C. at D. for

44. She’s doing extra work to _______ up with the rest of the class.

A. come B. make C. catch D. put

45. There's an Egyptian art collection on _______ at the museum at the moment.

A. display B. illustration C. demonstration D. network

46. After so many years of neglect, the house is practically _______ ruins.

A. at B. under C. about D. in

47. The college principal promised _______ into the matter.

A. to look B. looking C. being looked D. to be looked

48. The two scientists both ___ the same discovery independently, at roughly the same time.

A. took B. made C. kept D. invented

49. My doctor put me _______ a diet of nothing but fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

A. up B. at C. on D. into

50. The power failure was _______ to the recent storms and high winds.

A. blamed B. complained C. acclaimed D. attributed

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