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  • My favourite leisure activity is reading. I like reading because it is a hobby that is useful and interesting: useful because you can find a lot of knowledge of all areas that you need; interesting because the books can give you the joy and help you relax after a day of toil etc... Especially, when you join the forum, you can meet a lot of people who have interests similar to yours, comment on the books or novels that interest you.

    I love books and also natural as reading books. At the age of ten, I was awarded "The Scarlet Sails" of Alexandre Green by my grandfather. It is the first of book that I have been. I read it does not know how many times (Up to now, I still love it and occasionally read it again). My love for books begun.

    I usually spend almost of free time in choosing the book with my friends, participate in dicussion on the forum and reading (of course!). Every weekend and all holidays when I have no work to do, I often read books and ruminate on it. I also help some friends can select the genres of books that they like.

    I always hope that I will have my own library in my future. I love books very much and perhaps, I couldn't live without them.

    Bạn tham khảo nhé haha

      bởi Việt Hoa Thẩm Phan 10/06/2019
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