Use the correct form and tense of the verb in brackets to complete each of the following sentences

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Chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc. Ai rảnh giúp e bài này đi

1. They (not load) ... the rice baskets onto carts yet.

2. Sarah (ride) ... a horse to the farm yesterday.

3. My kite was beautiful because I (draw) ... colourful items on it.

4. Feeding poultry (be) ... faster than feeding cattle.


Câu trả lời (2)

  • 1. They (not load) ... the rice baskets onto carts yet. => haven't loaded

    2. Sarah (ride) ... a horse to the farm yesterday. => rode

    3. My kite was beautiful because I (draw) ... colourful items on it. => draw

    4. Feeding poultry (be) ... faster than feeding cattle. => is

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  • con cai

    Giúp mình tìm lỗi sau trong bài này với

    1. There have four people in our family.
    2. Today we play more badly than we did yesterday, so we need to practise more.
    3. I have never seen a most expensive kite than this one.
    4. Maria and her sister talked loud than the other guests.
    5. John ran more fastly than all other competitors in the race.

  • con cai

    Giúp mình đi, chọn 1 đáp án đúng thôi mà

    1. The road cuts across the park. It goes ____ it.

    A. through

    B. over

    C. round

    D. along

    2. Where is my notebook? - _______ mine.

    A. Down

    B. Under

    C. Below

    D. Bottom

    3. Why do we stop at a square? - ______ have a rest.

    A. so to

    B. In order

    C. In order to

    D. In order that

  • Nhat nheo

    Bài này khó quá, ai giúp em đi. Xin đa tạ

    Match the word in column A with it’s synonym in column B.




    1. slim

    2. reserved

    3. short

    4. beautiful

    5. generous

    6. sociable

    7. annoy

    8. hard-working

    9. friend

    10. voluntary

    a. kind

    b. pretty

    c. mate

    d. outgoing

    e. thin

    f. willing

    g. small in height

    h. shy

    i. make angry

    j. diligent

  • Nguyễn Quang Minh Tú

    Mình đang cần người hỗ trợ bài tập chia động từ, có ai không giúp mình đi

    Each of us __________ (have) a different character.

    I would like _________ (make) a big cake for my father.

    The sea __________ (cover) two-third of the world.

    Vegetarians __________ (not eat) meat or fish.

    Oranges __________ (be) rich in vitamin C.

    When I am tired, I enjoy __________ (listen) to music.

    The river Amazon __________ (flow) into the Atlantic Ocean.

    We don’t have enough money __________ (go) by taxi.

    Water __________(boil) at 100 C.

    The sun _________(rise) in the east.

  • Thùy Nguyễn

    Mọi người ơi, cấu trúc enough làm sao ạ, giúp e làm bài tập này với.

    Combine the following sentences into one sentence, using (not) + adj + enough.

    1. He wasn’t very experienced. He couldn’t do the job.

    2. She can’t ride a motorbike because she is too young.

    3. The boy is too young. He doesn’t understand it.

    4. You can’t put this book in your pocket because it is too big.

    5. The weather isn’t very warm. We can’t go swimming.

    6. I am very lucky because I have many good friends.

    7. This exercise is too difficult for me to do.

  • Lê Trung Phuong

    Vì em hơi yếu mấy bài dạng điền từ, có anh chị nào xem qua giúp em đi.

    Read the passage then choose the best answer to complete the passage.

    Last year (1) _______ on a home stay to the United States. I lived (2) _______ the Johnsons in California. When I (3) _______ there, I went to school with my American sister, Julie. At first, speaking English (4) _______ day was hard. I was homesick. But then I started to enjoy my home stay. English was (5) _______. School (6) _______ fun. I liked (7) _______ with the Johnsons. During spring vacation, we went (8) _______ a camping trip. Now I am back home with my parents. I often write (9) _______ my American family and they write to me. Next year the Johnsons are (10) _______ to visit me.

    1. A. go B. went C. gone D. will go

    2. A. for B. at C. with D. by

    3. A. was B. be C. will be D. were

    4. A. every B. each C. a D. the

    5. A. hard B. harder C. more easy D. easier

    6. A. am B. was C. were D. will be

    7. A. live B. will live C. living D. None is correct

    8. A. on B. at C. of D. near

    9. A. to B. for C. with D. by

    10. A. go B. going C. goes D. gone

  • Nguyen Ngoc

    Có một số từ gợi ý đã cho anh chị nào rảnh không chỉ e làm bài điền vào đoạn văn này nhé

    according at contact for has

    tall see wear light with

    The police are looking (1) _______ a tall, teenager boy (2) _______ blue eyes in connection with a robbery yesterday (3) _______ Dayton’s Jewelry store. (4) _______ to the witness, robber is about six feet two inches (5) _______. He’s very thin and his skin is of very (6) _______ color. He (7) ______ dark straight hair. He has broad shoulders and a dimple in his check. He was last seen to (8) _______ a brown jacket and black pants. If you (9) ______ anyone fitting this description, (10) _______ the police department immediately.

  • Lê Nhật Minh

    Em cần một số từ vựng cho những câu này, mọi người giải quyết cho e nhé

    Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

    1. People in my country are very warm and __________. (FRIEND)
    2. An __________ is a child whose parents are dead. (ORPHANAGE)
    3. L.A Hill is a ___________ writer. (HUMOR)
    4. I’m ___________ sorry for the delay. (EXTREME)
    5. She looks more __________ than her sister. (BEAUTY)
    6. I am ___________ enough to have a lot of friends. (LUCK)
    7. They enjoy the ___________ summer evenings in the countryside (PEACE)
    8. Those cats look ___________ (LOVE)
    9. It was ___________ of him to offer to pay for us both. (GENEROUSITY)
    10. Role-play is __________ in developing communication skills. (HELP)
  • My Le

    Em đang cần đáp án bài này có ai rảnh xem cho e nhé! Chỉ cần đưa ra T hay F thôi ko cần sửa gì đâu.

    Read the passage carefully and check True (T) or False (F).


    Being there through the hard times to cheer you up, and put a smile on you. Taking some risks to have such fun and to forget about the miserable problems.

    Phone you when you are lying in bed sick. Sending you cards filled with get well wishes. Telling jokes, make you laugh till your stomach hurts. No matter how distance they are from each other.

    Knowing never to let anything or anyone come between them. To apologize at every mistake and to forgive their faults. Friendship is a strong power, an unbreakable chain linked together with secrets and trust. A good friend can always be a good teacher to us.


    True (T)

    False (F)

    1. A friend will take away smiles from you and get you in troubles.



    2. A good friend cares for you when you are sick.



    3. You can share secrets with a good friend.



    4. A good friend can be a good teacher to you.




  • Lê Nguyễn Hạ Anh

    Các anh chị hỗ trợ em làm bài tập này với, liên quan đến so sánh tính từ

    Read the situations and complete the sentences. Use the comparative form ﴾er or more﴿ with give adjective

    1. Andrew hasn't many friends.Clare has lots of friends ﴾popurlar﴿

    ->Clare ...............................

    2.The film lasts two and a half hours, but videotape is only two hours long ﴾long﴿

    ->The film .......................................

    3. It takes four hours to go by car and five hours to go by train﴾slow﴿

    ->Going by train ......................................

    4. laura's room has a lot of pictures and flowers. Mark's room doesn't have any pictures ﴾interesting﴿

    ->Laura's room .............................................

    5. Daneil can lift 90 kilos, but Matthew can lift 120 kilos ﴾strong﴿

    ->Matthew ................................................