Tóm tắt đoạn hội thoại giữa Hoa và Lan với ngôi kể thứ 3 (phần listen and read/SGK trang 10)

Tóm tắt đoạn hội thoại giữa Hoa và Lan với ngôi kể thứ 3( phần listen and read, SGK/10)


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  • Có cần dịch nghĩa ko bạn ????

    One day , Hoa and Lần mệt . Seeing Hoa looks so happy because she just received a letter from Nien . Niên is Hoa's neighbor in Huế and Lan does not know her . She is very pretty and has a nice smile . Niên is not old enough to study with Hoa because she is only 12 years old . She will visit the Hoa this Christmas . Hoa fell very happy .

    mk ko biết mk viết đúng ko nữa

      bởi Kiều Nhi 07/06/2019
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  • Viết 1 đoạn văn nói về địa điểm du lịch bằng tiếng anh

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  • 1. Tuan had to do homework himself

    2. She has built this house for ten years

    3. My dad worked in this factory five years ago

    4. I am going to visit Ha Long Bay this summer vacation

    5. My mother used to cook dinner for my family

    6. Mary and Nga will have a meeting this evening

    7. I often collect garbages in the school yard

    8. He can drive a car fastly

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  • 1. It was such a cold night last night!          (so)

    => It ___________________________________________ last night!

    2. Actually, I drank some coffee last night and I couldn't go to sleep until three in the morning.     (drunk)

    => Actually, ___________________________last night, I couldn't go to sleep until three in the morning.


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  • 1. If today (be)..........Sunday, we would go to the beach.

    2. If we (invite)..........her, she might go dancing with us.3. If I finish the work in time, I (go)...........to the football game.

    4. If he (have).........your address, he would have written to you.

    5. Unless they (pass)..........their examinations, they would join in the army.

    6. If he had told them the truth, they (not punish)...........him.

    7. These plants will die if you (not water)............them regularly.

    8. What you (do)..........if she refuses your invitation.

    9. He never does his homework. If he (do)............his homework, he (not worry)..............about his  examinations.

    10. It's too bad we lost the game. If you (play).......for us, we.............(win)

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  • Hãy viết một đoạn văn tiếng Anh nói về nơi em muốn đến dựa theo gợi ý sau : where do you want to visit? What do you want to see/do there ? ( Viết về Đà Lạt ạ)

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  • Bài 1;chia dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

    • 1,They.........(do) their homework before  they (go) .........to bed
    • 2,I (gind)......my pen after.I (buy)........ a new one.
    • 3,If you.......(be) a president,what you........(do)


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  • 1. He play soccer

    2. I'm drawing picture

    3. They can sing song's

    4. We Were cooking rice.

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  • - You should buy that villa

    => If I ....................

    - By the time I went to bed, I had read a book.

    => After ..............

    - If you don't study hard, you won't pass the exam.

    => Unless .........................

    - I have never eaten five-coloured sticky rice before.

    => This .........................

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  • Hỏi

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  • 1.Express                           A. eye contact
    2.Achieve                           B.a message
    3.Hold                               C.your head
    4.impress                           D.a question
    5.Make                               E.an opinion
    6.nod                                 G.a rule
    7.send                                H. an answer
    8.ask                                  F.a result   
    9.follow                               I. a conversation
    10.give                               J. other people

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  • Giúp Mik làm bài này vs ạ. Cảm ơn

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  • In end of July and early August 2015, there was a major flood in the North of Viet Nam. This is a natural disaster caused great damage, delayed production, affected many industries in the North of Vietnam, especially the coal industry. Typhoon in the north as of August 6th have damaged 3 thousand homes, 38 people died or missed and engulfed many large coal mines, raised concerns about the risk of serious environmental pollution to communities, local and for Ha Long Bay. According to the official website of the Government, the material damage is estimated at 2 trillion VND, of which about half is the loss of Coal and Minerals Industry Corporation of Vietnam. After the flood passed, to help people in need, the local government provided food for the injured and helped them cleared up debris.

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  • This is the schedule for my one-day visit to Moscow. On the first day we arrive at Moscow Vnukovo Airport at 7.30 A.M and take a ride to a hotel nearby. Then, we go to Kremli - the historical and geographical center of Moscow. It has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage. Next, we go to Red Square. It is near Kremli and is the most popular square in Moscow. Then, we go to GUM department store to buy many things. At about 12 A.M, we go to Tiberio Restaurant. After lunch, we return the hotel and go to sleep. At about 2 P.M, we wake up and go to Moscow River to go for a walk along the river or enjoying a boat tour. Enjoying on the river, you also see the beautiful scenery. At about 7 P.M, we have dinner in Old City Restaurant. After dinner, we return the hotel and arrange our luggage for to go home.

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  • Write a passage about a natural disaster 

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  • Hi Sharon

    How are you ? i am writing to introduce me . You are a LyLy friend , right? She is introduces you to me . My name is Lingg .I am from Viet Nam and i live in Phu Minh town with my family . i am 14 years old . and you? how are you been? How old are you? and finally , if you need then feel free to contact me via : Lingg224455@gmail.com or contact me at this phone 022*****73. Hope to hear from you soon 

                                                                                                  LyLy s friend 


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  • ......

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  • He  said to me "meet me at the cinema"

    -->he asked


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  • 1/ In some area, human (actions/acts/acting/activities) can be a contributing factor in causing landslides

    2/ If we (polluted/pollute/polluttion/pollutant) the air, more people will have breathing problems

    3/ Do you know what (polluted/pollutants/pollution/pollutant) cause air pollution?

    4/ (Poison/poisonous/poisoning/poisoned) chemical waste í dumped into the river by many factories

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    • {\color{Red} }{\color{Red} }cho em hỏi là từ "become" có thêm "s" được không ạ? Tại em chưa bao giờ gặp trường hợp này.mailkiss

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  • viết lại câu : "you should always wear your helmet when riding your motorbike, " his father told him

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  • write a short article about fire safety (80 words) 
    giúp e với

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  • Viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng anh nói về tính cách và cuộc sống  của người ngoài hành tinh.(có thể viết theo ý mình)

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  • 1 "i've worn this skirt for many times" She said to me

    2"She has given you her mobile number" John said 

    3"My father has worked for this company for 12 years" Ba said to me

    4"we have visited this country for three times " - the visitor said to us

    5" i haven't heard about  your plan to italy"Linda said



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