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bởi Hoa Hong 26/07/2018

Khởi động bài tập này chút đi các bạn

1. a. pan                  b. match              c. lamp                d. save

2. a. cover               b. folder              c. send                d. answer

3. a. injure               b. knife                c. kill                    d. sink

4. a. steamer         b. reach                c. breakfast         d. bead

5. a. reach             b. such                 c. chemical          d. chore

Câu trả lời (6)

  • 1d              2c              3b             4c           5c

    bởi hà trang 26/07/2018
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  • 1. D

    2. C

    3. B

    4. C

    5. C

    bởi Đỗ Hương Giang 26/07/2018
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Các câu hỏi có liên quan

  • Trần Hoàng Mai

    1. The teacher told him ___________ up late.

    A. to not stay B. to stay not C. to stay not D. not to stay

    2. My father is good at ____________ English.

    A. speaking B. spoken C. speak D. to speak

    3. We are all ________ that you passed your English exam. Congratulation!

    A. relieved B. afraid C. delighted D. certain

    4. “__________to come and have dinner with us?” “I’d love to but I’m very busy”.

    A. would you mind B. Could you please
    C. Would you like D. Do you enjoy

    5. I am very _____________ in the information you have given me.

    A. concerned B. interested C. surprised D. worried

    6. Can you tell me where ______________ ?

    A. she does B. does she C. she is D. is she

    7. You have to work ____________ for the coming exam.

    A. hardly B. more hardly C. more hard D. hard

    8. I saw her _____________ the flowers in the garden.

    A. watering B. watered C. be watered D. is watering

    9. They had their luggage ___________ by the porter.

    A. carry B. carrying C. to carry D. carried

    10. She often spends her weekend ___________ through pleasant open countryside.

    A. travel B. traveling C. to travel D. to traveling

    II. Use the words given in brackets to form a word that fits in the space. (0,2 x 10 = 2pts)

    1. This book has a lot of information. It's very _________________. (use)

    2. You'll meet the tour guide on your ________________ at the hotel. (arrive)

    3. Our post is delivered ______________________except for Saturday (day)

    4. Ha Long Bay was by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. (recognition)

    5. Relax for some minutes and you'll feel more ______________ . (comfort)

    6. His parents are very __________________ of him. (pride)

    7. "The lost shoes" is one of the _______________ stories I like best. (tradition)

    8. The _____________ from Hanoi to London was delayed in two hours. (fly)

    9. I'm sure that I have connected the printer ___________ . (proper)

    10. Each of my friends has a _________________ character. (differ)

  • Nguyễn Thị Trang

    They started living here last month.

    They have___________________________

  • Hong Van

    Viết lại câu sử dụng từ gợi ý

    1. the village is the same as it was in the 1950s ( changed)

    -> The village...............................

    2. Our teacher always makes us do our homework before we leave the class (allows)

    -> Our teacher............................

  • Thu Hang

    Topic: Life in the countryside

    - What do you like about the countryside?

    - What don't you like about the countryside?

    - Talk about the advantages of living in the countryside?

    Giúp vs mai mik kiểm tra rồi

  • Spider man


    1. Please don’t tell anyone about it.

    - I’d rather you_____________________________________________________

    2. I would prefer you deliver the sofa this afternoon.

    - I’d rather you ____________________________________________________

    3. Why don’t you ask her yourself ?

    - My friend suggests that __________________________________________

    4. She urged her husband to apply for the post in the government.

    - She urged that her husband __________________________________________

    5. They insisted on my coming early.

    - They insisted that _________________________________________________

    6. An accountant needs to master computer science.

    - It is necessary that _________________________________________________

    7. It’s time for us to leave now.

    - It’s time we ____________________________________________________

    8. What a pity ! Your sister can’t come with us.

    - If only __________________________________________________________

    9. Everyone find it important for us to do something save the environment.

    - It is important that we ______________________________________________

    10. Michael lost his job last month, so he cannot buy a car.

    - If Michael ___________________________________________________