The invention of software by Bill Gate brought.......................wealth to him when he was only 25 (tell)

1.The invention of softwarme by Bill Gate brought.......................wealth to him when he was only 25 (tell)

2.He didn't feel happy because he worked....................(success)

3.The winner often get very ......................when they win the prizes(emotion)

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  • 1.The invention of softwarme by Bill Gate brought...........foretold............wealth to him when he was only 25 (tell)

    2.He didn't feel happy because he worked....unsuccessfully................(success)

    3.The winner often get very ....emotional..................when they win the prizes(emotion)

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  • 1. foretold

    2. unsucceful

    3. emotionally

      bởi [Youtuber] AnhLoc2007 28/12/2019
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    5. I'm afraid you're not old enough to travel abroad by yourself. OWN
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    6. The police managed to catch the bank robbers after a three-day chase SUCCEEDED
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    -> The group leader told the tourists......belongings unattended.
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    10. I'm not strong enough to climb that steep path without a walking stick TOO
    -> That path is .......clime without a walking stick.

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    2. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it.

    3.This is MRS.Jones. her son won the championship last year.

    4. Rod Lee has won an Oscar. I know his sister.

    5. Is this style of hair? Your wife wants to have it.

    6. A man answered the phone. He sad Tom was out

    7. 7.05 is the time. My plane arrives then

    8. Max is not home yet. That worries me

    9. Do you know the building? The windows of the building are painted green

    10. Last week i went to see the house. I used to live in it

    11.I do not know th girl's name. She's just gone into the ball

    12. Be sure to follow the instructions. They are given at the top of the page.

    13Hoan Kiem lake is a historical place. Its water always blue.

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    Thanks everyone a lottttttttttttttt

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    1.What a funny story!

    How !

    2.My brother could ride a bike when he was 6 years old

    My brother when he was 6 years old

    3.We might create a home robot that can do house work in 2030

    We will in 2030

    4.Minh is the most intelligent student in our class


    5.Learning English is interesting

    It is

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    1. He/ bad fall/ he/ repair/ his roof/.

    2. We. be/ the theater/ three times/ this month.

    3. It/ not/ be/ safe/ use/ these stairs/ they/ repair

    4. If/ you/ press/ that button/ a receptienist

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    1. I slept for 15 minutes ... the lesson

    2. She lived in Mexico ..... 5 years

    3. She is looking ... a pen

    4. You really must bring it back ..... 12.00 on Sunday

    5. Shall we go out .... June in the evening ?

    6. We are going to Denmark ... the first week of May

    7. There is a clock .... the door of the station

    8. I left my bicycle ..... the door ofthe station

    9. The dog is hiding .... the table

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    1.Mai/enjoy/watch/clouds/move slowly/sky/this/help/relax/improve/imagination

    2.my friend's brother/love/walk/dog/every morning/park/near/house

    3.Schoolwork/bring/Linda and her classmater/pressure/they/prefer/hang out/after/school

    4.My mother/love/yoga/while/my brothes/fancy/competitive sport/football/swimming

    5.Our family/like/DIY projects/spare time/help/create/happy/cozy atmosphere/home

    6.Linda/detest/outdoor leisure activities/mother/want/her/them

    help me

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    imagine you have a friend in another country and would like to invite her or him to visit your village. Write a brief introduction to attract him or her to visit your village.

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    My uncle is a good actor.

    - My uncle

    John listens patiently.

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  • 1.The invention of softwarme by Bill Gate brought.......................wealth to him when he was only 25 (tell)

    2.He didn't feel happy because he worked....................(success)

    3.The winner often get very ......................when they win the prizes(emotion)

    08/06/2019 |   2 Trả lời