• Read the text below and decide which answer- a, b, c or d - best fits each space. 

    In the 1972 the Australian government (1) ...... a quota system which allowed a (n) (2) ...... number of kangaroos to be killed or 'culled' every year. Legislation was introduced because farmers claimed that the kangaroos were (3) ...... their crops. The problem is that (4) ...... two and a half million kangaroos can be killed legally each year, a futher two and a half million are killed illegally. The animals are killed for a variety of (5) ....... The main one, however, is that kangaroo meat is sold for human (6) ...... usually in the (7) ...... of steaks - or is used as pet fooD. There are also thousands of dollars to be made (8) ...... the sale of their skins.

    The environmental group Greenpeace and Australia's Animal Liberation (AAL) are now campaigning for a ban (9) ...... the sale of all kangaroo products. They (10) ...... that this will stop unscrupulous farmers killing the animal for (11) ....... A spokesperson for AAL said, ‘People aren't concerned because there are still (12) ...... six million kangaroos in Australia so they are (13) ...... an endangered species. People just don't care about (14) ...... like this unless there is a real threat. But we know certain types have already become extinct in some areas. We must act now (15) ...... it is too late.

    Câu hỏi:

    (1) __________

    • A. introduced
    • B. produced
    • C. turned out
    • D. offered

    Lời giải tham khảo:

    Đáp án đúng: A


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