Đề cương ôn thi HSG tiếng Anh 11 khối THPT không chuyên

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HỌC247 giới thiệu đến các em đề cương ôn thi Học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh lớp 11.






(Dành cho học sinh THPT không chuyên)

Thời gian thi: 180 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề


Section 2. Choose the correct answer


1. Paul decided to get work experience in South America because he wanted

A. to teach English there                                            B. to improve his Spanish

C. to learn about Latin American life                         D. to improve his English

2. What project work did Paul originally intend to get involved in?

A. construction                                                           B. agriculture

C. tourism                                                                   D. architecture

3. Why did Paul change from one project to another?

A. his first job was not well organized                       B. he found doing the routine work very boring

C. the work was too physically demanding                D. his first job was boring

4. In the village community, he learnt how important it was to

A. respect family life                                                  B. develop trust

C. use money wisely                                                   D. spend time with neighbors

5. What does Paul say about his project manager?

A. he let Paul do most of the work                             B. his plans were too ambitious

C. he was very supportive of Paul                              D. he was too ambitious


I. Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from those of the other words.

1. A. latter                               B. label                        C. ladder                     D. latitude

2. A. pour                                B. roar                         C. flour                        D. soar

3. A. chase                              B. purchase                 C. bookcase                 D. suitcase

4. A. thread                             B. feather                    C. bread                      D. bead

5. A. Prepare                           B. preface                    C. preparation             D. prejudice 

II. Choose the word whose stress pattern is differently from those of the other words.

1. A. amphibian                       B. champagne             C. cathedral                             D. creature

2. A. accommodation              B. antibiotic                C. counterclockwise                D. deforestation

3. A. consciousness                 B. ecotourism              C. biosphere                            D. confirm

4. A. architectural                   B. cosmopolitan          C. appreciative                        D. archeologist

5. A. consolidate                     B. context                   C. conference                          D. confidence


I. Read the sentences carefully and choose the best answers to make complete ones.

 1. From 1949 onward, the artist Georgia O’keeffe made New Mexico _______.

            A. her permanent residence was                 B. where her permanent residence

            C. permanent residence for her                   D. her permanent residence

2. Just as remote-controlled satellites can be employed to explore outer space, _______ employed to investigate the deep sea.

            A. can be robots                                                                                B. robots can be    

            C. can robots                                               D. can robots that are

3. _______ is not clear to researchers.

            A. Why dinosaurs having become extinct. B. Why dinosaurs became extinct

            C. Did dinosaurs become extinct                D. Dinosaurs became extinct

4. The first transatlantic telephone cable system was not established _______ 1956.

            A. while                 B. until                          C. on                             D. when

 5. Drinking water _______ excessive amounts of fluorides may leave a stained or mottled effect on the enamel of teeth.

            A. containing                                               B. in which containing

            C. contains                                                  D. that contain


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