Trắc nghiệm Unit 9 Tiếng Anh lớp 11 phần Reading - The post office

90 phút 16 câu 14 lượt thi

Câu hỏi trắc nghiệm (16 câu):


  • Câu 1: Mã câu hỏi: 4375

    Exercise 1: Choose the word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

    A major revolution for the automated office is electronic mail. The customary (1) _______ system requires message written on paper to be (2) _______ physically from one location to another. With electronic mail, messages are converted (3) _____ electronic signals, transmitted (4) _____ in the world, and then changed back into the original written form, all in several seconds and minutes at (5) ______.

    Through the use of video screens in company offices, a single (6) ____ can be transmitted to hundreds of people in dozens of branch offices at the same time. Thus, electronic mail, along with (7) ______, can be an important asset in teleconferences. Furthermore, the use of electric mail in the form of a 'mailbox' (8) ______ to a telephone is also of great value. Since in offices many telephone (9) ______ go uncompleted on the first attempt, with electronic mail, two-way conversion is not essential, so it (10) ______ telephone use and saves time.

    • A. post
    • B. postal
    • C. postage
    • D. posting
  • Câu 2: Mã câu hỏi: 4376

    • A. transformed
    • B. transferred
    • C. transacted
    • D. transmitted
  • Câu 3: Mã câu hỏi: 4377

    • A. from
    • B. by
    • C. into
    • D. with
  • Câu 4: Mã câu hỏi: 4378

    • A. wherever
    • B. anywhere
    • C. somewhere
    • D. everywhere
  • Câu 5: Mã câu hỏi: 4379

    • A. most
    • B. all
    • C. least
    • D. last
  • Câu 6: Mã câu hỏi: 4380

    • A. data
    • B. instrument
    • C. document
    • D. information
  • Câu 7: Mã câu hỏi: 4381

    • A. programs
    • B. graphics
    • C. websites
    • D. databases
  • Câu 8: Mã câu hỏi: 4382

    • A. attached
    • B. transmitted
    • C. extended
    • D. spread
  • Câu 9: Mã câu hỏi: 4383

    • A. bills
    • B. calls
    • C. uses
    • D. services
  • Câu 10: Mã câu hỏi: 4384

    • A. increases
    • B. receives
    • C. reduces
    • D. transfers
  • Câu 11: Mã câu hỏi: 4385

    Exercise 2Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers. 

    The last two decades have seen enormous changes in the way people's lives are affected by IT. Twenty years ago, few people had access to a computer whilst today most people use them at work, home or school and use of e-mail and the Internet is an every day event.

    These developments have brought many benefits to our lives. E-mail makes communication much easier and more immediate. This has numerous benefits for business, commerce, and education. The World Wide Web means that information on every conceivable subject is now available to us. Clearly, .for many people this has made life much easier and more convenient.

    However, not all the effects of the new technology have been beneficial. Many people feel that the widespread use of e-mail is destroying traditional forms of communication such as letter writing, telephone and face-to-face conversation. In addition, the huge size of the Web means it is almost impossible to control and regulate. This has led to many concerns regarding children accessing unsuitable websites. In conclusion, developments in IT have brought many benefits, yet I believe developments relating to new technology in the future are likely to produce many negative effects that will need to be addressed very carefully.

    In the last twenty years,__________

    • A. there have been dramatic changes in the field of computer science.
    • B. people's lives have been changed a lot because of the invention of the computer.
    • C. the World Wide Web and e-mail communication have affected modern life.
    • D. there have been developments in telecomunications.
  • Câu 12: Mã câu hỏi: 4386

    According to the passage, E-mail______________

    • A. reduces face-to-face contact
    • B. can be checked quickly and easily
    • C. is used only in business
    • D. takes a lot of time to transmit
  • Câu 13: Mã câu hỏi: 4387

    The World Wide Web and e-mail communication ________


    • A. causes a busy and exciting life
    • B. have also been used for education purpose
    • C. is difficult to get access to
    • D. is destroying traditional customs
  • Câu 14: Mã câu hỏi: 4388

    What does the IT stand for?

    • A. Information Transfer
    • B. Information Transmission
    • C. Information Theory
    • D. Information Technology
  • Câu 15: Mã câu hỏi: 4389

    Which sentence is NOT mentioned?

    • A. The World Wide Web is difficult to navigate.
    • B. The World Wide Web provides information.
    • C. The World Wide Web is difficult to control.
    • D. E-mail communication is quick and easy.
  • Câu 16: Mã câu hỏi: 4390

    The writer thinks future IT developments will be__________


    • A. more positive
    • B. more negative
    • C. more rapid
    • D. unexpected