tóm tắt truyện Lọ Lem và Cô bé quàng khăn đỏ

M.n ơi,cho mk tham khảo cái này nha,quan trọng lắm,mai nộp r.

Các bn viết dùm mk tóm tắt truyện Lọ Lem và Cô bé quàng khắn đỏ ,Coogn chú ngủ trong rừng nha.(Học chủ đề Folk Tales)

Cho mk luôn genre(thể loại),main character (nhân vật chính) của 3 truyện trên nha


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  • - Lọ Lem

    Once upon a time there lived a sweet little girl called Ella.Her mother had died when she was a child.And soon her father too died.She lived with her mean stepmother and her two proud step-sisters.They made Ella do all the housework."Clean the chimneys! Dust the cupboards!""And my clothes!" they cried.The young girl was always covered in soot and dust.Hence, she was called Cinderella.One day the Prince invited all the girls in the kingdom for a Ball in the castle.Everyone including the two step-sisters were very excited.Cinderella too wanted to go to the Ball but her sisters laughed at her."Stay at home and scrub the floors!", screamed her stepmother.The day of the Ball finally came.Her stepmother and step-sisters left Cinderella alone at home.She was so disappointed that she began to cry.Suddenly, she saw a shimmering light in the room.A woman with the kind smile and a wand stood in front of her."Who are you?" as Cinderella surprised. The woman replied, " I'm your fairy godmother. I'll help you go to the Ball. Now, do stop crying!" "But I have nothing to wear" sobbed Cinderella, I can't go to the Ball." As she wept, Cinderella’s fairy godmother appeared. "Cinderella, why are you crying?" she asked. "You wish to attend the ball, is that not so?" "Y-es," cried Cinderella, between sobs. The fairy godmother smiled and said, "Well, run into the garden and bring me a pumpkin." Cinderella immediately went to get the finest pumpkin she could find. When she brought it, her godmother struck the pumpkin with her wand, instantly turning it into a fine coach, plated with gold and silver. Next, she had Cinderella find some mice and when she brought the furry creatures back the fairy godmother tapped them each with her wand, turning them into six fine horses and a coachman. "Well what do you say?" asked her godmother. "Oh, yes!" cried Cinderella, "but should I go looking like this, in these rags?" Her godmother only touched her with her wand and instantly Cinderella’s rags turned into a dress of while and silver, sparking with jewels. To top of it, fairy godmother gave Cinderella a pair of glass slippers, the prettiest in the whole world. "The spell only lasts until midnight, so promise you will leave the ball before then," warned the Godmother. Cinderella promised to return before midnight, thanked her again and drove off to the ball. When Cinderella made her entrance, the dancing and music stopped as everyone turned to gazed at her beauty. No one recognized her, she was a complete mystery. The Prince rushed up to greet her, led her to the most honorable seat by his side and later took her out for a dance. Cinderella even made time to approach her step-sisters, who still did not recognize her and shared some of the oranges the prince had presented to her as a gift. The Prince never left her side, and Cinderella was enjoying herself so much that she completely forgot the time! When the clock struck midnight, Cinderella was shocked and fled immediately, leaving one of her glass slippers behind in her haste. The Prince ran to follow her, but only managed to pick up the glass slipper she left behind. Cinderella managed to get home, but was quite out of her breath and in her dirty old clothes. She was resting in bed when her two step-sisters stumbled into her room. "You stayed really late!" cried Cinderella, rubbing her eyes and stretching as if she had been sleeping. "If you had been there you would have seen the most beautiful princess," exclaimed the eldest sister, "she was so nice to us and had the undivided attention of the Prince." "Her background is a mystery and the Prince would give anything to know who she was," said the youngest. A few days later the Prince declared that he would marry the woman whose foot fit in the slipper. His solider began to try the slipper on all the princesses and duchesses in the Court, it was all in vain. Days later, it was brought to the two sisters who tried with all their might to make the slipper fit. Cinderella, who saw this, politely asked to try it. Her sister burst out laughing at the idea, but the Prince ordered that everyone in the kingdom should have a try. When Cinderella’s foot slid perfectly into the slipper, her sisters were astonished. Cinderella’s fairy godmother appeared and with the flick of her wand turned Cinderella into the beautiful girl from the ball. The step-sisters dropped to their knees and begged for forgiveness for the awful way they treated her over the years. Cinderella lifted them up and embraced them, saying she forgave them with all her heart. Cinderella was then escorted to the Prince, dressed as beautiful as she was at the ball. A few days later they were married. Cinderella who was no less good than beautiful, gave her two sisters rooms in the palace, and everyone lived happily ever after.
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    2.I like reading books because it ....................... my knowledge

    3.We are very .................... about the soccer match on TV

    4.The beaches in Vietnam are really ................. and beautiful

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  • M.n ơi,cho mk tham khảo cái này nha,quan trọng lắm,mai nộp r.

    Các bn viết dùm mk tóm tắt truyện Lọ Lem và Cô bé quàng khắn đỏ ,Coogn chú ngủ trong rừng nha.(Học chủ đề Folk Tales)

    Cho mk luôn genre(thể loại),main character (nhân vật chính) của 3 truyện trên nha


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  • Please don't interrupt me while i am speaking

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  • Ex1: Connect each pair of sentences, using the conjunction or conjunctive adverb given in brackets:

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    2. Valentine Day is not very popular in Viet Nam. People in big cities send gifts on that day. (yet)

    3. Flower buds and blossoms are the symbols for new beginning. These two distinctive flowers are widely sold and purchased during Tet. (because)

    4. Homes are often cleaned and decorated before New Year's Eve. The kitchen needs to be cleaned before the 23rd night of the last month. (and)

    5. Street vendors rush into the city center with peach trees on their bicycles. The streets look like moving pink forests. (when)

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    2. '' As soon as I hear from him, I will let you know" My neighboursaid to me

    3. '' I will live in town till my husband returns from the expendition and when he returns, we will go to he seaside together" she said

    4. '' I hope they will have taken a decision by the end of the meeting" she remarked

    5. '' This story happened long ago" he said '' and few people remember anything about it"

    6. My sister said to me " What about going to see aunt Mary on sunday?''

    7. James said" Do you want me to type this letter for you?''

    8. James said to Jill " When do you expect to finish your assingment"

    9. "These old buildings might have already disappeared by the time I am back next year" He said

    10. Rose said " I was just leaving the office when I came face to face with a stranger"

    11. Richard asked Jane "Is it true that your father fought in the last war?''

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    2/ He (leave)............home 2 years ago

    3/ If she (have) ................time, she will go to the cinema

    4/ Would you mind (close).............the window?

    5/ He ( feel)..............happy when he got a scholarship

    6/ This house (build).............last year

    7/ My younger sister wishes she (take) ...................this activity tonight

    8/ I've enjoy ( talk ) ....................to you about the old times

    9/ The little girl is used to (collect)...........from school by her mother

    10/ He ( come)..................if he is free

    11/ I (stay).................in London for 2 months last year

    12/ The teacher wishes the boy ( stop)............making noise now

    13/ Last night, the phone (ring)..................while we (watch)................TV

    14/ As soon as they (phone)...............me, I shall contact you

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  • Ex5: Chọn ý đúng nhất

    1. The man....in the accident was taken to hospital.

    A. injured B. injuring C. was injuring D. he injured

    2. Do you mind if I ..the fan?

    A. turn on B. turned on C. will turn on D. would turn on

    3. Through the car window, we can see a boy......water buffalo

    A. pushing B. sitting C.playing D. riding

    4. The black car ....in the USA is miollion dollars

    A. brought B. thought C. made D. done

    6. Da Lat is known......the city of Eternal Spring.

    A. with B. for C. as D.like

    7. Was Ha Long Bay.....by UNESCO as a Would Heritage site in 1995?

    A. proposed B. created C. introduced D. recognized

    8. Donna is thinking.....importing flowers from Vietnam

    A. of B. at C. on D. in

    9. In the afternoon, we decided to.....around West Lakke in a canoe

    A. swim B. paddle C. drive D. cycle

    10. These beautiful pictures..............from recyclad paper.

    A. reuse B. is reusing C. are reused D. has reused

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  • Chọn đáp án đúng:

    1. Something .... happened in class yesterday.

    A. fun

    B. funny

    C. funnily

    D. was funny

    2. The exhibition ... place twice a year.

    A. makes


    C. does

    D. takes

    3. I don't think ... of them is at home.

    A. both

    B. neither

    C. either

    D. all

    4. The boy ... long hair was talking to the girl who was ... red.

    A. with/in

    B. of/at

    C. in/with

    D. at/of

    5. I think our team depends too heavily ... a few good players.

    A. for

    B. in

    C. on

    D. with

    6. The team ... by experienced cook won the rice-cooking contest.

    A. led

    B. leads


    D. lead

    7. The current problem is ... by the commitee

    A. studying

    B. being studying

    C. being studied

    D. been studied

    8. After the clothes have been washed they ... out to dry.

    A. were hung

    B. are hung

    C. are hanged

    D. were hanging

    9. Mr. White told me he would stay at home .... two days.

    A. other

    B. the other

    C. others

    D. another

    10. I don't like to ask for a help as a rule but I wonder if you could ... me a favour

    A. make

    B. do

    C. find

    D. tell

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    A. supplies

    B. facilities

    C. provisions

    D. what

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  • Chọn đáp án đúng

    1, Mount Rushmore . . . . . . from more tham 100km away

    A can see B can be seen C was seen D seen

    2, He was watching TV . . . .. his brother was playing with his toys .

    A when B why C where D while

    3, Mount Pinatubo , which is a volcano in the Philipines , poured . . . . . in 1991

    A in B on C out D of

    4, We are thinking . . . . planting flowers in our garden .

    A of B at C in D off

    5, Trung ..... Minh if he lived in Quang Nam province then .

    A said B told C asked D wondered

    6, Our family . . . . in HCM for over ten years .

    A has lived B have lived C lived D lives

    7, Stop, boys! It's dangerous . . . . near the streets .

    A playing B to playing C played D to play

    8, Is she . . . . . or unconscious ? You must keep her awake

    A conscious B sleeping C asleep D All are correct

    9, A new stadium . . . . in this town next month

    A was built B will be build C will be built D is built

    10, Liz sai that she . . . . me some information about her shool the next week

    A sent B will send C would send D were sending

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  • II. Rewrite the sentences

    1. I prefer listening to music to playing games

    => Listening to music is .........................................

    2. Life in the past in not as comfortable as life nowadays

    => Life nowadays ....................................

    3. You shouldn't forget to write to your parents

    => You'd ............................................

    4. Trung didn't go to school last Saturday

    => Trung was ...........................

    5. My house is the oldest on the street

    => No houses .................................

    6. It takes my mother half an hour to cook lunch

    => My mother spends .......................................

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  • I. Fill in the blanks with suitable word

    celebration custom gather gifts midnight
    praticularly symbolize bring ring display

    In scotland, the biggest ...(1) of the year is "Hogmanay". "Hogmanay" is the scottish word for New Year 'Eve. on 31st december in edinburgh, there is enormous firework...(2) at the castle and they play live music in the park. Thousands of people ... (3) in the streets, coffees and bars. Then at 12o'colock, church bells ...(4) all over the city. After midnight people go "first footing". This is a scottish ... (5) that dates back hundreds of years. "First footing" is visiting your neighbours after ... (6) on New Year's Eve. The visitors must step into the house with their right foot step first, to ...(7) good luck. Traditionally, the visitors brings three ... (8): a piece of coal and a little whisky. The gifts ...(9) warmth, food and happiness. If the first person who visits your home after midnight is a man with dark hair, that is ...(10) lucky.

    II. Read the passage and choose the best answer in the blanket
    For many people, travelling by plane is an exprience. Others, however, find the whole idea quite terrifying, ... (1) flying is no more dangerous ... (2) any other form of travel and some experts say it is cinsiderably safer. It is know , however, that most accident occous ... (3) talking off and landing when a ... (4) decisions are vutally important. The people .. (5) job is to look ...(6) the passengers, the stewards and stewardesses play an omportant in helping passengers to ...(7) safe and comfortable. Indeed for many passengers being ... (8) such care of is all part of the total experience. ... (9) other form of travel involves waiting for people in quite the same ... (10) with food, drink newspaper. magaziness, music, and even video films
    1. A. although B. too C. and D because
    2. A. than B.as C. then D with
    3. A. while B. during C. for D through
    4. A.leader's B. chief's C. driver's D pilot's
    5. A. whose B. which C. their D that
    6. A. for B. up C. after D round
    7. A. feel B. rest C. experience D lie
    8. A. given B. kept C. shown D taken
    9. A. any B. no C. all D not
    10. A. way B. kind C. sort D. prat

    Ai giúp mk vs mk cần gáp ạ

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  • Circle best option A, B, C or D to complete the following passage.


    Hypatia was born in Alexandria, in Egypt, in 370 A.D. For many centuries she was(1)……………only woman scientist to have a place in the history books. Hypatia’s father was a director of Alexandria university, and he(2)…………….. sure his daughter had the best education available. This was unusual, as the most woman then had few(3)……………..to study. After studying in Athens and Rome, Hypatia returned to Alexandria(4)………………she began teaching mathematics. She soon became famous(5)……………..her knowledge of new ideas. We have no copies of her books,(6)…………….we know that she wrote several important mathematical works. Hypatia was also interested in technology and (7)……………..several scientific tools to help with her work. At the(8)…………….many rulers were afraid of science, and(9)……………connected with it was in danger. One day in March, 415, Hypatia(10)………………attacked in the street and killed.

    1. A. one B. the C. a D. an

    2. A. could B. made C. said D. put

    3. A. classes B. customs C. opportunities D. teachers

    4. A. where B. how C. there D. which

    5. A. from B. by C. for D. in

    6. A. because B. but C. or D. as

    7. A. did B. experimented C. invented D. learnt

    8. A. day B. period C. year D. time

    9. A. anyone B. nobody C. all D. something

    10. A. was B. had C. has D. is

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  • PART 2: USE OF ENGLISH (5pts)

    A. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. (2pts)

    Susan has been studying interior design part time for three years and she (1.get) _______ her diploma next month. Since she (2.work) _______ in the same company for over ten years, she feels that she (3.need) _______ a change, so she (4.plan) _______ to open her own design business. She (5.start) _______ looking for an office next week, and she (6.hope) _______ she will have found something in good location and at a reasonable price by the end of the month. Her tutors (7.tell) ______ her that she (8.be)______ very talented and they (9.assure) _______ her that she (10.make) _______ a success of the business.

    B. Put the suitable prepositions into the reading passage. (2pts)

    Trouble at Norton Mining

    The entire workforce of Norton Mining has gone (1) _______ strike following a serious accident at the mine in Coolooma. The cause (2) _______the accident is unclear, but the union is blaming management attitudes to safety regulations. A spokesperson said “Damage (3) _______ equipment was frequently ignored and union demands (4) ____safer working practices were rejected. The managers’ relationship (5)_______ the union was very poor, so although we

    11/09/2019 |   1 Trả lời

  • *đặt các từ theo đúng thứ tự để tạo các câu có ý nghĩa

    to / clean / like / keep /our / would / we / tidy / rooms / and

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  • These announcements appear at some places only. match each announcemen with a proper place where it usually appears.


    appearing places

    1. no smoking- inflammable!

    2. keep silent

    3. keep out of reach of children

    4. for over 18 years old only.

    5. no smoking - fasten your seat belt .

    6. be aware of bears !

    7. dangerous ! high voltage!

    8. no picture allowed

    a. in a school yead.

    b. on an airplane

    c. at a gas station

    d. on the fance of a military base

    e. on a box or bottle of medicine

    f. at the gate of a supermarket

    g. in a hospital

    h. on electric posts

    i. at the entrance of forest

    j. at movie or cinema halls

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  • Tìm lỗi sai:

    1.It's become more and more difficult to find a job in this town

    2.the students have done the test for a quarter past eight

    3.we've hearing that the Kim lien is a beautiful village.

    4.the weather is getting hotter and hottest in July

    22/11/2019 |   1 Trả lời