Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 

1. a. ride b. Excited                   c. ridden d. beehive 

2. a. pasture b. vast c. brave d. farm 

3. a. cattle b. circular c. country d. collect 

4. a. generous b. ger c. grassland d. guess 

5. a. worked b. watched c. relaxed d. crowded 

6. a. visited b. recommended c. wanted d. hoped 

7. a. community b. custom c. costume d. museum 

8.  a. ethnic b. gather c. though d. clothing 

II. Complete the passage with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets. 

Is life better now than it was in the past? Of course in many ways life is (1)_________ (easy) now. We live in the world which is (2)_________ (clean) and safer. It is generally (3)_________ (healthy) as well, and because of improvements in medical care, both men and women can expect to live (4)________ (long) lives. Our day-to-day existence is (5)________ (comfortable), but are we (6)_________ (happy)? 

The rhythm of life is faster, and (7)_________ (stressful). People are always in a hurry. In the end it is hard to say things were (8)_________ (good) or (9)_________ (bad) before. As the saying goes ‘the grass is always (10)_________ (green) on theother side of the fence’. 

III. Write the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets. 

1. We ___________(play) football this afternoon. Do you want to play too? 

2. Could you meet me at the airport tomorrow? My flight___________(arrive) at six. 

3. Last summer, my friends and I ___________(spend) our holiday on a farm. 

4. Nick ___________(not ride) a buffalo drawn cart before. 

5. The cattle ___________(graze) on the green pastures right now. 

6. Millions of Mongolians ___________(be) semi-nomadic herders for thousands of years. 

7. My family ___________(live) in a small town for ten years before moving to Boston. 

8. Country life ___________(not excite) me at all. It’s so boring. 

9. Nick would like ___________(visit) the countryside at the harvest time. 

10. I don’t mind ___________(drive) for 1.5 hours on the weekend to get out to the countryside. 

IV. Write the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Use the words in brackets. 

1. This supermarket isn’t as expensive as the one across the street. (less) 


2. The English teacher started teaching at our school three years ago. (for) 


3. My doctor advised me not to eat in front of the television. (said) 


4. You won’t pass the exam unless you study harder. (if) 

5. Hanoi urban districts are noisier than its suburban areas. (as) 


6. Why don’t we go to uncle Huan’s farm this weekend? (going) 


7. Sarah found it difficult to learn to read in Japanese. (difficulty) 


8. The book was so complicated that we couldn’t understand it. (too) 


9. Sandy now doesn’t study so diligently as she did in the past. (more) 


10. The Chinese printed the first books more than a thousand years ago. (by) 


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