Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

II. Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
Question 6. A. recycle B. medical C. chemical D. athletic
Question 7. A. pollute B. botanic C. contaminate D. economy
Question 8. A. into B. history C. tiny D. disease
III. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest.
Question 9. A. national B. grammatical C. medical D. chemical
Question 10. A. athletic B. historic C. dramatic D. classic
Question 11. A. scientifically B. economic C. artistic D. scientific
IV. Choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.
Question 12. Water pollution can put negative __________ on our health.
A. contamination B. affects C. effects D. problems
Question 13. A: How can light pollution __________ animals?
B: It can make animals change their behavior patterns.
A. cause B. make C. affect D. lead
Question 14. The dove is a universal __________ of peace.
A. symbolizing B. symbolize C. symbolic D. symbol
Question 15. The city has an atmosphere which is quite __________. You will never feel like that in other
A. important B. normal C. unique D. common
Question 16. __________ about the storm that stroke Hanoi last night?
A. Did you hear B. Do you heard C. Have you hear D. Did you heard
Question 17. Many people __________ because of the earthquake last week.
A. did injure B. injured C. have injured D. were injured
Question 18. When I looked at the river, I knew it __________ for a long time.
A. had contaminated B. had been contaminated
C. was contaminated D. contaminated
Question 19. All flights to Ha Noi had to be cancelled __________ the storm.
A. as a result B. due to C. because D. so
Question 20. When we were young, we __________ in the river near our home.
A. used to swim B. have swum C. had swum D. were swimming
V. Find a mistake in each sentence.
Question 21. My father worked (A) in a noisy factory for (B) a long time, since (C) he suffered from hearing
loss (D).
Question 22. The River Thames flows (A) through southern (B) England and connect (C) London with (D)
the sea.
Question 23. Much (A) of the town was reconstruct (B) after (C) the tornado (D).
Question 24. Look at (A) those (B) grey clouds! It will (C) rain soon (D).
Question 25. Students might (A) only use the (B) laboratory once (C) a (D) week.
VI. Read the passge. And decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

Living in Scotland

Scotland is the UK’s most northern country and has around 790 islands off its coasts – 130 of which
have people living on them. Scotland is well known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and lochs,
which are fress water lakes. There are over 600 square miles of lochs in Scotland including the most famous
one, Loch Ness.
It has a population of just over five million people which is about 8.5 per cent of the whole UK
population. Over 2 milion of these live in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and almost half of Scotland’s population
live in the Central Belt, where both the largest city (Glasgow), and the capital city Edinburgh) are located.
Scotland also hostsone of the biggest arts festivals in the world. This is commonly known as the
Edinburgh Festival but is actually made up of a number of different festivals which happen at different times
of the year, though many do take place in August and September. Many people have heard of the Fringe
Festival, but there are also the International Festival, the Film Festival, the Children’s Festival and the
Edinburgh Mela which is an intercultural festival.
Question 26. Scottish people inhabit on over 1/6 of its all islands. __________
Question 27. Scotland’s population is over 1/10 of the whole UK population. __________
Question 28. People in Scotland prefer living in other areas to big cities. __________
Question 29. There are 2 common months for Edinburgh Festival. __________
Question 30. There won’t be any special events exclusively for kids in this Festival. __________
VII. Read the passage and answer the questions.
Technology has advanced to the point where instant communication anywhere in the world is an
everyday fact of life. Technology has improved, and has a positive impact on communication as a whole in
many (31) __________ . It has increased the reliability of sending messages to others, made it easier to meet
new people and keep (32) __________ touch with friends.
Modern communication is handled by wireless signals, undersea cables, satellites and other (33)
__________ technology, ensuring the fast delivery of messages and data to any locations. The accessibility of
technology also means that you don’t need to be in any special locations like a post office or mail room to
send a message; all you need is a cell phone.
Online communication has (34) __________ the door to new ways of communicating with strangers and
taking part in communities. Chat rooms, (35) __________ forums and dating sites let people meet each other
and get to know more people without having to be there in person.
Question 31. A. methods B. means C. forms D. ways
Question 32. A. on B. out C. for D. in
Question 33. A. advanced B. high C. simple D. basic
Question 34. A. opened B. closed C. been opened D. been closed
Question 35. A. channel B. discussion C. cyber D. media
VIII. Choose the best sentence that can be made from the cues given.
Question 36. We/ use/ art/ communicate/ 200 years.
A. We will be using art to communicate in 200 years.
B. We will use art for communicating for 200 years.
C. We will have used art to communicating in 200 years.
D. We will be using art for communicating by 200 years.
Question 37. I/ look forward to/ hear/ you/ soon.
A. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
B. I am looking forward to hear from you soon.
C. So am I looking forward to hear from you soon.
D. I look forward to hear from you soon.
Question 38. The number/ English speakers/ increase/ recent years.
A. The number of English speakers increase in recent years.
B. The number of English speakers have increased in recent years.
C. The number of English speakers increased in recent years.
D. The number of English speakers has increased in recent years.

Question 39. According/ latest report/ the number/ people/ injured/ typhoon/ nearly/ 150.
A. According to the latest report, the number of people injured in the typhoon was nearly 150.
B. According to the latest report, the number of people were injured in the typhoon were nearly 150.
C. According to lastest, the number of people injured in the typhoon were nearly 150.
D. According to the lastest report, the number of people have injured in the typhoon was nearly 150.
Question 40. Tsunamis/ also/ refer/ the public/ tidal waves.
A. Tsunamis also referred to the public as tidal waves.
B. Tsunamis also refer to the public as tidal waves.
C. Tsunamis is also referred as the public as tidal waves.
D. Tsunamis are also referred to the public as tidal waves.
_________THE END___________

Theo dõi Vi phạm

Trả lời (7)

  • 9. b  10. a 11. a    12.c   13.c   14.d    15.d  16.a   17.d     18.b   19.b  20.d    21.a    23.b   24.c 25.a  36.b    .37.a   38.d  39.a 40.c 
     bài đọc bạn tự làm nha bài 2 khong có gạch chân 


      bởi Nhật Thiên Minh 05/05/2019
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  • 6. D

    7. A

    8. A

      bởi Thanh Hương 08/05/2019
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  • 13 c

    14  d



      bởi Trịnh Đức Anh 08/05/2019
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  • 6.D




      bởi Linh Pulli 11/05/2019
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  • 6. D

    7. A

    8. A

    9. b

    10. a

    11. a



















      bởi vũ hoàng lân 01/07/2019
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