Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. 1. a. bandage b. damage​​c. teenager​​​​d. message 2. a. first ​ b. victim​​c. facility​​​​d. notice 3. a. conscious ​b. shock​ c. promise​​​​d. hold 4. a. about​​b. drought ​ c. wound​​​ d. house 5. a. pressure​ b. address​ c. dressing​​​​d. possible II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or plirase. 6. They are going to buy a map________get lost. a. not so as to ​b. so as not to ​c. so not as to ​d. to not to 7. _____ is used to check one’s eyesight. a. Eye-shade ​b. Eyeglass ​​c. Eye piece ​ d. Eye chart 8. ‘Dr Jackson isn’t in his office at the moment.’‘In that case, I ______ him at home.’ a. will phone ​b. am going to phone ​c. am phoning d. phone 9. ______ the door, please? a. Will you shut ​b. Do you shut c. Are you shutting d. Are you going to shut 10. Her mother forced her ______ in the bed all day yesterday. a. lie ​​​b. lies ​c. to lie ​d. lying 11. The worst _____ areas are the Midlands and North-West. a. affected ​​b. affecting ​c. effected ​​​​d. effecting 12. Thanks _____ me the money. I’ll pay you back on Friday. a. for lending ​b. lending ​c. to lend ​​d. about lending 13. _____ is a chair with wheels for somebody who cannot walk. a. Stretcher ​​b. Ambulance ​c. Wheelchair ​​d. Crutch 14. She hid the present _____ the children wouldn’t find it. a. in order to ​b. so that ​c. so as to ​​​​d. for 15. Make sure that the needles are sterile. a. free from bacteria ​b. slightly clean c. staight​​d. unused III. Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces. Yesterday, when I was riding along a busy street, I saw an (16)___. A woman was knocked down when she crossed the street at a zebra crossing. Many people stopped (17)_____ their help. A police man arrived and asked a young man to telephone for an (18)____While waiting for the ambulance, the policeman and some people tried to (19)_____the bleeding. They used a handkerchief to cover the wound, then put pressure on it. and held it (20)____They tried to talk to her in (21)_____to keep her (22)_____After about three minutes, the ambulance (23)____and the woman was taken to the hospital. 16. a. accident ​b. event ​c. ambulance ​d. emergency 17. a. offer ​​b. offering ​c. to offering ​d. to offer 18. a. ambulance ​b. first-aid ​c. arrangement ​d. address 19. a. cut ​​b. hold c. stop ​​d. cover 20. a. tight ​​b. tightly ​c. tightness ​ d. tights 21. a. time ​​b. as ​​c. addition ​​d. order 22. a. awake ​b. unconscious ​c. asleep ​d. warm 23. a. arrives ​b. is arriving ​c. arrived ​d. has arrived IV. Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c, or d) that best answers each of the questions about it. When people have a cold, a fever, or the flu, they usually go to the doctor for help, or they get some medicine from the drugstore. But many people also use home remedies for common illnesses. Here are some simple home remedies. Burns Put the burn under cold water or put a cold handkerchief on it. Then apply aloe vera gel to the burn. It’s important not to put ice on the burn. Cough Drink warm liquids or take some honey. Headaches Apply an ice pack or cold cloth to your head, or splash your face with cold water. It’s also a good idea to put your hands into hot water and leave them there for several minutes. Also, you shouldn’t read or watch TV. aloe vera gel (n) gel nha dam/ lô hội ​​​splash (v) vỗ (nước) 24. When people have a cold, a fever, or the flu they____. a. go to the doctor ​ b. buy some medicine c. use home remedies d. all are correct 25. What does the word ‘common’ in line 3 mean? a. dangerous b. serious ​c. bad ​​d. minor 26. We should put_____on the burn. a. a cold handkerchief​​b. aloe vera gel c. ice ​d. a
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