Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence below.

Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence below.
6. A boy is ___________ the buffalo in the rice field.
A. playing   B. fighting   C. herding   D. running
7. There are not many high buildings to block ____________ in our village.
A. view   B. a view   C. some views  D. the view
8. Terraced fields are often found in ___________ area.
A. mountain   B. mountainous  C. mountaineer  D. mountainful
9. Vietnam is a country of great ____________ with 54 ethnic groups.
A. diversity   B. diversed   C. diverse   D. diversion
10.  For Vietnamese people living in the countryside, rice is the main ___________ crops.
A. agriculture  B. agricultural  C. agribusiness  D. agricultures
11.  Important decisions of the whole tribal group are often made in the _______ house.
A.communal   B. communication  C. communicate  D. common
12.  Many Vietnamese ethnic minority students are studying at ___________ schools.
A. private   B. international  C. national   D. boarding 
13.  During Tet holiday, many _________ festivals are held among different ethnic groups in Vietnam.
A. religion   B. religiousity   C. religious   D. religiously
14.  Vietnamese government have made great effort to __________ traditional cultural indentifies of each minority group.
A. change   B. preserve   C. collect   D. store
15.  The Cham has a __________ of wet rice cultivation.
A. tradition   B. traditional   C. traditionally  D. traditioned

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