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bởi Nguyễn Minh Dũng 15/04/2019

1.Angkor Wat is a famous in Cambodia (religion)

2.First-aid instructions taught at school (real)

3.Hue and Ha Noi are my itinerary (arrive)

4. She is delighted that we are intersted in..........the environment. (protect)

Give the correct form of words


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  • 1.religious




    bởi Nguyễn Minh Dũng 15/04/2019
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  • religious





    bởi nguyễn trung đức 15/04/2019
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  • Lương Thùy Linh

    Find the word which different stress pttern from the others.

    1,A.peson        B.father     C.teacher     D.enjoy 

    2,A.prefer        B.enjoy      C.mother     D.agree

    3,A.pollution     B.visit        C.listen

    4,A.depend       B.advise    C.affect       D.listen

    5,A.afect           B.father    C.teacher    D.picture

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    A friendly letter from Hoi An

        Dear Mary,

        We are having a wonderful time in Hoi An. The street here are so ...(1)... that cars are not allowed to enter the center of the ...(2)... . Therefore we have to ...(3)... . The houses are very ...(4)... but beautiful. However, I don’t like the way they ...(5)... business. It seems that every house has ...(6)... to sell souvenirs and other stuffs. The people are very ...(7)... and helpful. The food looks funny but it ...(8)... quite nice. I haven’t ...(9)... anything yet. But I will buy you some little ...(10)... lanterns  > Có thể giúp em điền từ vào chõ trống không ạ


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    Viết câu không đổi nghĩa

    Do you mind if I turn on the radio?


    People recycle used plasctic things to save natural resources

    ->Used plastic

    Please do not smoke here!


    "Do you visit Son Doong cave in Quang Binh,Nam?"she asked

    ->she asked

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    Lúc nào sử dụng do,does lúc nào sử dụng be vậy a ¿

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    Tìm lỗi sai

    bởi minh ngoc 24/03/2019 |   3 Trả lời

    1. Global warming has caused many natural disasters -> Natural disasters

    2. My mother had gone to work before i got up -> After


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    Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.
    1.A,wanted         B,washed           C,danced           D,watched
    2.A,goes             B,watched          C,misses            D,brushes
    3.A,come            B,mother            C,open               D,some
    4.A,mention       B,question         C,action             D,education
    5.A,who             B,when               C,where             D,what

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     Find and corect the mistakes

    1.I wish my mother give me presents more often.

          A                      B      C                     D

    2.The school library is free and open for all the pupils and teacher staff.

                                 A         B             C   D

    3.They will be travelling to Korea by the time you arived here.

                             A                              B                     C       D

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    Viết một bức thư kể về 1 chuyến đi Huế cho 1 người bạn.

  • Trâm Trần

    1a. ecology    b. environment   c. autography       d. residential

    2a. physiography b. alternatively c. criminology     d. unsuccessfully   

    3a. temporary  b.  geology    c. emergency    d. logography

    4.a. astrology    b. unnatural c. medication     d. demography

    5.a. voluntary   b. apology c. television d. nationlize

    6.a. engineer   b. volunteer c. muontaineer d.reindeer

    7.a. tropical b. natural     c. terrible     d. destructive

    8a.  nationality  b. mobility    c. equality  d. majority

    9.a. transitive      b. effecttive     c. positive  d. sensitive

    10.a. unpopular   b.unorganized   c. unfortunate  d. unambitious


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