Practice IELTS

bởi Nguyễn Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Linh 17/09/2018

Combine the following simple sentences to make concise compound/ complex or compound-complex sentences without changing their meaning. Use the following ways:

- Using FANBOYS (coordinators): for, and, nor, but, or, yet, since

- Using the following subordinators: whenever, since, as, as if, because, so that, although, whereas

- Using the following conjunctive adverbs: however, furthermore, also, otherwise, therefore, consequently

- Using relative clauses (adjective clauses)


- You can omit any redundant words, but you cannot add any words except for the pronouns, the coordinators, subordinators, the conjunctive adverbs listed above.

- You should pay attention to punctuation marks.


Julia Robert was engaged to Keifer Sutherland in 1991. She changed her mind and canceled everything three days before the wedding.



The article was about assisted suicide. The article upset many people. Several states allowed assisted suicide under medical supervision.



Camcorders are dropping in price by 10 percent. Many parents use them to record family events.



On the streets of Miami, many different languages can be heard. The same is true in New York. In San Diego, we can also hear many different languages spoken on the streets.



Music soothes our soul. It puts us in good mood. We all love music.



Companies conduct market research to discover trends among customers. Customers' tastes change rapidly.



Mark made a list of what he needed. He double-checked it. He would not forget anything.



Millions of Russian men were away in the military during World War II. Russian women filled their places at work. World War II started in 1939.



Puerto Rico attracts thousands of visitors. It has sunny weather. It also has beautiful beaches.



Diana Spencer was born into a wealthy and upper class English family. She was educated in private schools. She was the first wife of Charles-Prince of Wales.



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