Bt SBT Tieng Anh 8

Bt SBT Tieng Anh 8

bởi Le Anh ngày 11/09/2017

Write sentences about what these people are going to be.Use the words in the box.

teacher , interpreter , pilot , actor , athlete , chef , driver , singer , lawyer , dancer .


Hai is learning to drive.

->He is going to be a driver.

a)Lan is learning to dance.

b)Hoa loves children.

c)Tom and John are learning to fly.

d)Nam is studying law.

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    a. Lan is going to be a dancer.

    b. Hoa us going to be a teacher.

    c. They (Tom and John) are going to be pilots.

    d. Nam is going to be a lawyer.

    bởi Mai Thuy ngày 11/09/2017
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  • a. dancer

    b. teacher

    c. pilot

    d. lawyer

    bởi hoàng duy ngày 13/09/2017
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