Hỏi đáp Unit 3 Tiếng Anh lớp 8 phần Vocabulary


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  • Vo Kieu

    bởi Vo Kieu 20/10/2019

    Đưa ra ý kiến của bạn về cuộc sống ở nông thôn ? Bằng tiếng Anh Giúp mk với ko đc chép mạng
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  • Đan Nguyên

    STRESS SYLLABLE (đánh dấu trọng âm)
    1. A. natural B. department C. exception D. attentive
    2. A. economy B. diplomacy C. informative D. information
    3. A. arrest B. purchase C. accept D. forget
    4. A. expertise B. cinema C. recipe D. similar
    5. A. government B. musician C. disgusting D. exhausting
    6. A. successful B. interest C. arrangement D. disaster
    7. A. competition B. repetition C. equivalent D. disappointment
    8. A. private B. provide C. arrange D. advise
    9. A. academic B. education C. impossible D. optimistic
    10. A. study B. knowledge C. precise D. message

    Quan trọng là đánh trọng âm nhé. K nhất thiết phải khoanh đâu

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  • Nguyễn Bảo Trâm

    viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi

    1. he has never been late for work

    - never

    2. the man is my new boss. He istalking to the lady over there

    - the man

    3. "does Mr. Pike live here?" the postman asked the boy

    - the postman asked the boy

    4. they will built a new school next month

    - a new school

    5. finding an apartment in a big city is not easy

    - it is

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  • An Nhiên

    Give the correct form of the words:

    1. We remain close friends despite having had many_________( argue)

    2. I received a letter of_______( confirm) from the airport.

    3. All the pupils must have their parents'__________( permit) to go for a picnic.

    4. Gold has several qualities that have made it a commondity of____________( exception) value throughout history.

    5. Contrary to popular__________( believe), Walt Disney's first theme park was not Disneyland. It was a garden in Bel Air, California.

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  • Nguyễn Thị Trang you think /increase/ next month/the fuel price / will/?


    2 . arrive/next week/ won't/the mail/until.


    3.I don't think /he/the new position/ take / will

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  • Phạm Phú Lộc Nữ

    1. The temperature of water increases. Many fish in the river die ( since)

    2. People use too much herbicide to treat weeds. Water in rivers and canals are extremely polluted and has bad effects on people's health( Because)

    3. Water in the Cau River becomes brown and has terrible smell. The waste is realeased from the paper mill in Thai Nguyen city

    4. Plastic bags take so long to decompose. Nearly all of them still exist in the environment today

    5. The noise from the music club is loud. The residents of the street cannot sleep( because of)

    6. Aquatic life suffers or dies. There is thermal pollution( because of)

    7. It rained heavily. The road in front of my house was flooded( due to)

    8. Noise pollution is one of the major of stress and anxiety. People suffer from stress and anxiety( due to)

    9. Global warming happens. There is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere( causes)

    10. Light pollurion occurs. We are unable to see the stars in the sky( makes)

    11. Air pollution happens. There are asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses

    12. The tsunami happened. Many people in this area became homeless( made)

    13. Contamination in the air happens. There is acid rain which damages soil, vegetation and aquatic life of the region( results in)

    14. The food is contaminated. Pople's health is poor( results in)

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  • Anh Trần

    do you have any close friends ? I think everybody at least has one close friend in their life . and so do I . I have two close friends , Lan and Nga . We are in the same class at primary school , and then secondary school . We are also neighbors so we spend most of our time on learning and playing together . Lan is a beautiful girl with big black eyes and an oval rosy face . she is an intelligent student who is always at the top of the class . she likes reading , and she often goes to the library whenever she has free time . nga isn't as beautiful as lan but she has a lovely smile and looks very healthy . Nga is very sporty . she spends most of free time playing sports . Nga is a volleyball star of our school . she is also very sociable and has a good sense of humor . Her jokes always make us laugh . I love both of my friends and I always hope our friendship will never die . dịch sang tiếng việt

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  • hi hi

    mn ơi giúp mk viết bài nói về cách học tiếng anh vs

    p/s: có gt nha

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  • Lê Nhật Minh

    a)It's interesting to travel around the world.


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  • sap sua

    IV. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. Write your answer in the numbered space given (5pts)

    1. In summer, in Sapa, it is very cold at night, but it’s warm (1) ______ the day.

    2-3. Voght-Roberts and some crew members (2) ______ the new King Kong film spent nearly two months in Vietnam (3) ______ the end of last year surveying and selecting the locations.

    4-5. I've just rewarded her (4) ______ a book (5) ______ her good study.

    6-7. The police came just (6) ______ time to bring the riot (7) ______ control.

    8-9. He said he broke the window (8) ______ accident, but I knew that he did it (9) ______ purpose.

    10. When I traveled to Korea, I came (10) ______ Lee Young Ae, a famous Korean actress, at a restaurant.

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  • Thuy Kim

    1. He had his father ____ his watch.

    A. fixed B. fixing C. to fix D. fix

    2. Jane really enjoys ____ to dinner parties.

    A. inviting B. being inviting C. being invited D. be invited

    3. Economics ____ as interesting to me as literature.

    A. doesn’t B. haven’t C. isn’t D. aren’t

    4. This soup is very hot, but I always think the ____ the better.

    A. hotter the B. hottest C. hotter D. hot the

    5. After a month, Hoa got used to ____ in her new school.

    A. study B. studying C. studied D. is studying

    6. He worked hard ____ he could pass the final exam.

    A. so that B. in order to C. so as to D. as result

    7. They ____ me if I could speak Japanese.

    A. told B. said C. asked D. talked

    8. Are you proud ____ your country and its tradition?

    A. about B. on C. of D. for

    9. ____ the news bad?

    A. Are B. Is C. Were D. Are there

    10. There were _____ flowers that I couldn’t decide what to buy.

    A. so many B. so few C. so little D. so much

    11. My sister likes sweets ____ from chocolate.

    A. making B. made C. to make D. make

    12. What is he laughing ____ ?

    A. over B. by C. into D. at

    13. We arrived ____ the station half an hour late.

    A. in B. on C. to D. at

    14. My brother and I _____ .

    A. am having a wonderful time here B. am having a wonder time here

    C. are having a wonderful time here D. are having a wonder time here

    15. The guide ____ some interesting things.

    A. told B. spoke C. said D. talked

    16. “Pass me that pen please”. -“ ____”.

    A. No, it isn’t B. Here you are

    C. Yes, please D. it doesn’t matter

    17. I’m bored _____ sleeping and watching all day.

    A. up B. of C. with D. about

    18. Why don’t you ____with your university study ?

    A. go in B. go on C. go by D. go at

    19. Of my parents, my father is _____.

    A. more stricter B. the strictest C. strict D. stricter

    20. Who is going to _____ the phone ?

    A. reply B. respond C. answer D. pick

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  • Goc pho

    Có bài đọc này, mọi người rảnh làm giúp e với

    I live in a house near the sea. It's an old house, about 100 years old, and it's very small. There are two bedrooms upstairs but no bathroom. The bathroom is downstairs next to the kitchen and there's a living room where there is a lovely old fireplace. There's a garden in front of the house. The garden goes down to the beach and in spring and summer there are flowers everywhere. So, I have a lot of visitors. My city friends often stay with me.

    I love my house for many reasons: the garden, the flowers in summer, the fire in winter, but the best thing is the view from my bedroom window.

    27. Where does the author live?

    a. near the sea               b. in the country             c. in the city           d. a & b

    28. How many rooms are there in his/ her house?

    a. two                               b. three                           c. four                   d. five

    29. There's a garden _____ the house.

    a. before                        b. behind                          c. beside            d. beneath

    30. The author loves the house because of _____

    a. the garden                 b. the flowers in summer

    c. the fire in winter         d. all are correct

    31. What does the author like best?

    a. the lovely old fireplace                                  b. the garden

    c. the flowers in spring and summer                 d. the viewfrom his/ her bedroom window.

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