Hỏi đáp Unit 2 Tiếng Anh lớp 8 phần Getting Started


Danh sách hỏi đáp (223 câu):

  • question 8 tet is the most important festival in Viet Nam ; ...... , most VietNamese return home for Tet

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  • Both of the chairs are uncomfortable

    → neither of

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  • 1. The United Kingdom, an island region, _______________ four countries including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. (comprise)

    2. Hawaii and Alaska _________________US states since 1959. (be)

    3. People in England _________________ Easter from March 30th to April 2nd. (celebrate)

    4. The flight to New Zealand ________________at 9 a.m. tomorrow, so you have to come an hour earlier. (leave)

    5. There are 42.4 million immigrants now living in the United States, and the number __________________ bigger. (get)

    6. I need to go home now because the movie _________________on the HBO channel in 30 minutes. (play)

    7. The rules of getting green cards to become a US citizen ____________________over the past several years. (change)

    8. We need to be quick, or we will miss Ms. Joan’s class which __________________in 5 minutes. (start)

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  • A.stopped b.plantted. c.kised. d.mixed
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  • SGK

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  • BT1: Find which word does not belong to each group

    1. A. bag B. metal C. glass D. plastic

    2. A. garbage B. litter C. rubbish D. floods

    3. A. reusable B. recycled C. repair D. refillable

    4. A. bin B. paper C. bag D. bottle

    5. A. reuse B. reduce C. repeat D. recycle

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  • B.highlight C.hunmor D.hour

    A.wanted B.washed C.watched D.worked

    A.sightseeings B.recycling C.fighting D.himself

    A.mountain B.yourself C.about

    A.computers B.reuse C.natural D.future

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  • write a paragraph with topic sentences " I LOVE THE COUNTRYSIDE"

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  • Give advice with should or shouldn't

    My English pronunciation is not good


    I am very tỉed


    My room is dark


    I am cold


    My mother is very busy


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  • Stupid là tính từ dài or ngắn vậy

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  • Viết 1 đoạn văn ngắn nói về : Life in the country

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  • 1. I am sure the letter wont arrive in time unles it (send) by air

    2. She ( ask) me if i came from vn

    3. The police officer stopped us and asked us where we (go)

    1. We (just move) to a new house which ( give) to us by jack's company

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  • I. Chọn từ mà phần in nghiêng có cách đọc khác:

    1. A. upset B. message C. beneath D. sentence

    2. A. should B. brought C. ought D. course

    3.A. speech B. children C. chicken D. machine

    4.A. deaf B. reach C. steamer D. bead

    5. A. reserved B. excited C. annoyed D. destroyed

    II. Chọn đáp án đúng

    6. Last week, he ....... to the school library.

    A. go B. will go C. went D. gone

    7. On the lef ..... the room, we can see many pictures... the wall

    A. to/on B. from/on C. on/of D. of/on

    8. Last night, my mother fell and hurt...

    A. herself B. her C. himself D myself

    9. You.... to go to bed tonight because you have to get up early tomorrow.

    A. should B. must C. ought D. may

    10. We .... move to the new house next month.

    A. are going to B. will C. 0 D. A&B

    11. Is Lien in your class?- No, she is only 9 years old. She.... to be in my class.

    A. isn't enough B. isn't old enough for C. isn't enough old for D. isn't old enough

    12. Sun... in the east and ... in the west.

    A. rise/set B. rises/sets C. set/rise D. sets/rises

    13. When I was a young girl, we used to live ... a farm

    A. at B. in C. on D from

    14. My mother asked me about my new friend's....

    A appear B appearance C appears D apperances

    15. I tired.... what his address was but I couldn't

    A remember B remembering C to remember D remembered

    16. My brother and I ... badminton but we don't have time for it now

    A use to play B used to playing C. use to playing D. used to play

    17. He wanted... what happened last night

    A to know B knowing C to knowing D know

    18. Unfortunately the new wife was very cruel to Little Pea

    A Unluckily B Luckily C Cruelly D Immediately

    19. The students ... write on the walls, the doors and the windows of the classrooms

    A have to B must C don't have to D must not

    20. Are Mai and her mother going to clean the living room ....?

    A. last Sunday B. today C last month D yesterday

    III. Tìm lỗi sai

    21. That boy is (A) going to cause(B) a fire because (C) he was playing(D) with matches

    22. This bags(A) are enough big(B) for us(C) to carry (D) everything

    23. Her family is(A) not going to buying (B) a big(C) house today(D)

    24 Nam didn't have to(A) take his(B) medicine yesterday because he is(C) better(D)

    25. The people in the neighbor took all(A) the rubbish outside(B) and burn(C) it(D) last sunday

    IV. Đọc đoạn văn và chọn đáp án đúng

    Once a farmer lived a comfortable life with his family. His chickens laid many eggs which the farmer used to buy food and clothing for his family.

    One day, he went to collect the eggs and discovered one of the chickens laid a gold egg. He shouted excitedly to his wife, "We're rich! We're rich!"

    His wife ran to him and they both looked at the egg in amazement. The wife wanted more, so her husband decided to cut open all the chickens and find more gold eggs. Unfortunately he couldn't find any eggs. When he finished all the chickens were dead.

    There were no more eggs of any kind for the foolish farmer and his greedy wife.

    31. which following sentences is not true? A. The farmer and his family lived a comfortable life because his chicken laid many eggs for them

    B. One day, the farmer found a gold egg in the chicken coop and he was very excited about it

    C. The farmer out open all his chickens to have more gold eggs

    D. The farmer had many gold eggs after he killed all his chickens

    32. What did the husband in the story do?

    A. a worker B. a farmer C. a servant D. a master

    33. what did the farmer's wife want when she saw the gold egg?

    A she wanted to sell the egg B.she wanted to eat the egg C.she wanted to havve gold chicken D.she wanted to have more gold egg

    34. why did he shout excitedly to his wife " we're rich! we're rich!"?

    A. he discovered one gold egg in the chicken coop

    B. he saw many gold chickens in the chicken coop

    C. he discovered many gold eggs in the chicken coop.

    D. he saw a gold chicken in the chicken coop

    35. what animals did the farmer raise?

    A. pigs B. dogs C. chickens D. a lot of animals

    V. chon cau co nghia tuong dong

    36. It is necessary for you to do your homework everyday.

    A. you don't have to do your homework everyday

    B. you have to do your homework everyday

    C. you have to doing your hoework everyday

    D. you have not to do your homework everyday

    37. Nam is only seventeen years old. He can’t drive a car.

    A. Nam isn’t old enough to drive a car. B. Nam is enough old to drive a car

    C. Nam is old enough to drive a car. D. Nam isn’t enough old to driving a car.

    38. The river is not clean enough for us to swim in.

    A. The river is so dirty that we can't swim in it. B. The river is too dirty for us to swim in.

    C. It is such a dirty river that we can't swim in it. D. All are correct.

    39. I had a dog last year but I don't have any more now

    A. I used to having a dog

    B. I am used to have a dog

    C. I used to have a dog

    D I didn't use to have a dog

    40. putting a knife into an electical socket is very dangerous

    A. It's dangerous putting a kinfe into an electrical socket

    B. It's danger put a knife into an electrical socket

    C. It's dangerous to put a knife into an eletrical socket

    D. It's safety to put a knife into an electrical socket

    HELP ME!! cần gấp

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  • HLB has a_____view(magnificently)

    2.Two companies,Honda and Toyota are in_______________with each other

    3.It is difficult to find_____________at buay time in the summer.(accommodate)

    5.This box is makd of__________paper(recycle)

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  • Đổi thành câu sử dụng enough

    31. We have money. We can buy that motorcycle. →…………………
    32. She has a lot of free time. She can go to the movies with you. →…………………
    33. Mr. Brown has experience. He can solve this problem. →…………………
    34. There are enough knitting frames in the workshop. Student can practice knitting.
    35. I haven’t got money. I can’t go away on holiday. →…………………
    36. We have enough time. We can get to the airport on time. →…………………
    37. She doesn’t know enough French. She cannot read a newspaper in French. ->.................................
    38. Lien has no friends. She cannot share this work. →…………………
    39. There are a lot of books. He will stay at home to read them. →…………………
    40. Tom bought many books. I could borrow him. →…………………
    41. This soup is very hot. We can eat it. →…………………
    42. These oranges are ripe. You can eat them. →…………………
    43. This morning is very cold. We could go swimming. →…………………
    44. She can carry the box; it’s very heavy. →…………………
    45. The room was very dirty. Nobody can learn it. →…………………
    46. It was very late. She could go home. →…………………
    47. The class was very tired. The teacher could explain the lesson. →…………………
    48. They can’t sleep. They aren’t tired. →…………………
    49. She could see the film because it was very boring. →…………………
    50. She is old, so she can drive a car. →…………………

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  • Viết lại câu mà nghĩa không thay đổi :

    1, The Smiths have tidied the house for Tet .

    The house .....

    2, The last time he met her was in 2001

    He hasn't .....

    3, The young man said " I must go to Cairo tomorrow "

    The young man ....

    4, " Do you have any friends in this town ?" - She asked me

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  • I . put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

    1. If we ( recycly ) ............ more , we will help the Earth

    2. Factories ( not dump ) ............. waste into rivers if the government fine them heavily

    3. If people travel to work by bus , there ( he ) ................ fewer ear fumes

    4. We ( save ) ............... thousands of trees if we don't waste paper

    5. If we use water carefully , more people ( have ) .............. fresh water

    6. If the factory ( continue ) ................. dumping poison into the lake all the fish and other aquatic animals will die

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  • Giúp mình viết 1 bức thư tiếng anh gửi cho bố mẹ nhân dịp đidu lịch ở1nơi nào đó.mình đang cấn gấp.?

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  • sap xep cau

    1.i used to climb trees when i(be)..............small is necessary(water)..............the flowers twice a day

    mn oi giup mk vs

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  • '' You should get up earlier''.

    - My mothet aksed me...................

    '' Open the door ''.

    - She asked me ..................................

    '' Take me that book, please''.

    - The man told her ............................

    '' You should practice reading English''

    - The teacher advised us.........................

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  • long is not very.......... He doesn't like playing sports.

    A. sports B. sporting C. sporty D. sported

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    1 last week we ..... swimming , this week we can't ( can / to go)

    2 may be the smiths ...... a new house next year . ( can / to build)

    3 If you try hard , you ....... your examinations . ( can / to pass)

    4 when I was five , I ....( not can / to swim)

    5 dennis .... the trumpet after four months . ( can / to play )

    6 luke has passed his driving test , now he ........ a car ( can / to drive)

    7 I ..... to him on the phone for three weeks last month . ( not / can /to speak )

    8 alex .... his homework when his desk is in such a mess . ( not / can / to do)

    9 they were so busy , they ... me . ( not / can / to text )

    10 lisa ..... her dress . she can wear it again .( can / to clean )

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  • "Using computer is a good leisure activity" Do you agree with the statement? Why?

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  • 1.Minh(live)____ in hue for 4 years.Now he is living in hanoi

    2.She is the most beautiful girl I (ever/see)_____

    3.He (be)_____ elected the president of the company 2 years ago and he (have/not)_____ a holiday since then

    4.The person I (meet)_______last night as really amazing

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  • Change these sentences into indirect speech :

    1. " Don't throw things away", Mss. Linda said to the students .

    2. " Shut the door but don't lock it ", she said to us.

    3. Tom said, " I'm a student "

    4. Nga said to He brother, " I can't answer this question. "

    5. Charles said, " I'm living in London now. "

    6. He said to us, " You are my best friends ."

    7. John said to me, " I don't know what Fred is doing. "

    8. She said, " I will answer the phone. "

    9. He said to his friends, " I must go home now "

    10. Hoa said, " I can't go out after 8 p.m"

    11. She said to me, " I will come and see you as soon as I can. "

    12. Judy said, " John wants to come here but he isn't very well. "

    13. Susan said, " My sister is coming to see me next week."

    14. Judy said to me, " I'm going away for a few days. I'll phone you when I get back. "

    15. " We are waiting for the school bus ", said the students.

    16. She said to me, " Turn off all the lights when you go out."

    17. Marry asked me, " Do you want to visit London? "

    18. She said, " Can you speak English? "

    19. Thanh said to her teacher, " Will I finish my exercise at home? "

    20. Nien asked Hoa, " Do you have many new friends? "

    21. My friend said, " Are you going to leave tomorrow? "

    22. They said to us, " Must you go now? "

    23. I asked Nam, " Are you free tonight? "

    24. She asked the tourists, " Do you know the way to the station? "

    25. John said, " Is Phong Nha Cave in southern Vietnam, Nhi?"

    26. The visitors said, " Can we take photos? "

    27. Daniel said to Tim, " Is there a cafe nearby ?"

    28. He said to me, " Don't forget to post the letter."

    29. Nhi said, " I am visiting Hoi An now. "

    30. " Can you open your bag, please? " said the customs officers.

    31. John said, " I don't know how to this exercise. "

    32. She said, " I must stay at home tomorrow. "

    33. Hao asked Tim, " Do you like this place?"- " No, I don't "

    34. The man said to Nam, " The clock will never work again if you try to repair it. "

    35. The teacher asked Nga, " Is Mouth Everest the highest mountain in the world? " - " Yes, it is "

    Giúp mình nhé.

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