Hỏi đáp Unit 1 Tiếng Anh lớp 8 phần Listen


Danh sách hỏi đáp (17 câu):

  • Spider man

    Kết hợp từng câu vào một câu mới bằng cách sử dụng " enough "

    All students had to stay at home because it rained heavily .


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  • Nguyễn Sơn Ca

    Viết lại câu sử dụng từ gợi ý :

    There / might / not / meeting / this afternoon / because / director / ill / .

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  • hà trang

    1.our teacher asked us .... we liked to go camping at the coming festival

    a. whether b. if c. what d.a và b

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  • minh dương

    Viết lại câu giữ nguyên nghĩa : They decided to go home because they had seen that film before ➜ Having ................................

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  • Lan Ha

    Từ nào trong các từ dưới đây có dấu nhấn khác so với các từ còn lại:

    A. arrange

    B. demonstrate

    C. transmit


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  • Nguyễn Trà Long

    * Make meaningful sentences:

    a) Minh / not / good / pass / exam

    b) You / your friends/ have/ same/ different / character

    c) I / not/ intelligent / sister

    d) The man/ talk / you / this/ morning/ be / old teacher

    Giúp mình với nhé. Sáng mai mình học rồi

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  • Bảo Lộc
    stay walk go back eat buy pay

    hi , johnny!

    i got back home this morning. what a crazy holiday! first, my sister forgot her passport so we ........................ for it. then we went to the wrong airport terminal so we......................... to the right one. after that the airline cancelled our flight so we ..................... in an airport hotel for dinner every last day , my brother Toby dropped his phone in the sea and he....................... a new one. he was not pleased!

    write soon


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  • My Hien

    writing about how to cook a traditional dish

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  • thanh hằng

    Write a short passage about 150 words talking about class your activities to prepare for Teacher's Day.

    Giúp mình với!!!

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  • Xuan Xuan

    I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently

    1.A. feed B.clean C.sweep D. head

    2.A.knife B. fire C. sink D. rice

    3.A.classmate B.happy C.character D. fat

    4. A.character B. children C. Christmas D. school

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  • Mai Rừng

    Cho dạng đúng của từ trong ngoặc.

    1. People say that he is a ______ child in his family. (Trouble)

    2. Minh asked for a ______ and the cashier gave him one. (receive)

    3. The boy _______ asked for permission to go out with his friends. (REPEAT)

    4. You don’t have to do that work. In other words, it’s ______for you (NECESSITY)

    5. The farmer said he had something called ________ (WISE )

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  • Chai Chai

    complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the world in brackets: the problem will be dificult to find.(solve)

    2.He was turned down for the job because he wasn't(qualify)

    3.He is completely...!Not only is he lazy but he is dishonest too(employ)

    4.English is a...easy language for Swedes to learn(compare)

    5.The dictionaries are with the other...books(refer)

    6.Antsand bees are descibed as...insects(industry)

    7.These shoes look quiet smart but they terribly....(comfort)

    8.Thiss knife is very blunt.It needs..(sharp)

    9.Her parents...her to apply for the job last year(courage)

    10.I would like to book Hong Kong(fly)

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  • Lê Minh Trí

    I. Choose the best answer:

    1. He came and didn’t say anything, ______ worried all of us.
    a. that b. who c. whom d. which

    2. Marie, ______ I met at the party, called me last night.
    a. that b. whom c. which d. whose

    3. She’s the woman ______ sister babysits for us.
    a. who b. which c. that d. whose

    4. The story --------- the teacher told us was very interesting.

    a. who b. whom c. it d. which

    5. Do you know the girl ---------- is talking to them.

    a. who b. whom c. which d. she

    6. The test -------- the teacher gave us yesterday was very difficult.

    a. which b. who c. whom d. it

    7. The people -------- I met at his family were very nice.

    a. who b. they c. whom d. which

    8. Yoko told me about students __________ have taken the entrance exam 13 times.

    a. who b. whom c. which d. that

    9. The secretary....................I talked to didn't know where the meeting was.

    a. which b. whom c. that d. θ

    10. I need to talk to a person can trust. You will feel better if you do.

    a. whose b. which c. whom d. θ

    11. Bob is the kind of person can talk about anything.

    a. who b. whom d. that d. him

    12. He is a person...................friends trust him.

    a. who b. his c. that d. whose

    13. Fm looking for an electric can opener......................also can sharpen knives.

    a. who b. which c. that d. θ

    14. People .................. live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

    a. who b. whom c. which d. θ

    15. The problems .................. Tony has seem insurmountable.

    a. what b. he c. that d. θ

    16. The man ............. I introduced you to last night may be the next president of the university.

    a. which b. whom c. that d. θ

    17. Cathy is trustworthy. She's a person upon ............... You can always depend.

    a. who b. whom c. that d. θ

    18. Your career should focus on a field are genuinely interested.

    a. which b. what c. that d. θ

    19. People ................. outlook on life is optimistic are usually happy people.

    a. whose b. whom c. that d. which

    20. Ms. Donaldson,................. teaches linguistics at the university, recently re­ceived recognition for her research.

    a. who b. whom c. which d. that

    21. The earth, ................ is the fifth largest planet in the solar system, is the third planet from the sun.

    a. who b. whom c. which d. that

    22. The check................I gave Oliver was for work he'd done for me.

    a. who b. which c. that d. θ

    23. Melanie was looking after a dog..............leg had been broken in an accident.

    a. which b. whose that d. its

    24. One of the people arrested was Mary Arundel, ................. is a member of the local council.

    a. that b. who c. whom d. 0

    25. The Titanic,................sank in 1922, was supposed to be unsinkable.

    a. whose that . c. which d. who

    26. The Newspaper is owned by the Mearson Group, ....................... chairman is Sir James Bex.

    a. which c. that c. who d. whose

    27. She is one of the few people to ............. I look up.

    a. who b. whom c. that d. 0

    28. Genghis Khan, _________ name means “very mighty ruler”, was a Mongol emperor in the Middle Ages.

    A. whom B. whose C. who D. how

    29. The children _____ sang at the Mayor's parade were from the local school.

    A. whose B. where C. who D. whom

    30. The school programme _______ has been interrupted by revision tests requires a regular course study.

    A. whose B. who C. what D. that

    31. The girl ______ dress you admire has been working for an export company since she left school.

    A. who B. what C. whose D. whom

    32. The young man ______ was released after the court was found innocent of all the charges against him.

    A. who B. who he C. which D. whose

    33. Is that the same film ______ we watched last year?

    A. when B. which C. why D. who

    34. The girl _____ I borrowed the dictionary asked me to use it carefully.

    A. whose B. from whom C. from whose D. whom

    35. The first television picture _________ John Logie Baird transmitted on 25 November, 1905 was a boy ______ worked in the office next to Baird's workroom in London.

    A. which / whom B. who / which C. that / whose D. that / who

    36. Joyce Bews, ______ was born and grew up in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, _______ she still lives, was 100 last year.

    A. that / in which B. who / where C. that / where D. who / that

    37. The pollution ______ they were talking is getting worse.

    A. that B. about which C. which D. whom

    38. Robert Riva, an Italian ____ used to play for Cremonese, now coaches the Reigate under 11's football team.

    A. when B. which C. where D. who

    39. When I was at school, there was a girl in my class ______ skin was so sensitive that she couldn't expose her skin to the sun even with cream on.

    A. where B. whose C. whom D. that

    40. Unfortunately, the friend with ________ I intended to go on holiday to Side is ill, so I'll have to cancel my trip.

    A. who B. whom C. where D. that

    41. The new stadium, ____ will be completed next year, will seat 30,000 spectators.

    A. what B. where C. when D. which

    42. Blenheim Palace, _____ Churchill was born, is now open to the public.

    A. when B. where C. which D. whose

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  • Trịnh Lan Trinh

    1. A. looked B. watched C. carried D. stopped

    2. A. unite B. underline C. university D. uniform

    3. A. danger B. angry C. language D. passage

    4. A. character B. children C. teacher D. change

    5. A. look B. cook C. book D. roof

    6. A. school B. chemist C. machine D. ache

    7. A. hard B. who C. honest D. house

    8. A. passed B. danced C. lived D. walked

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  • Nguyễn Thị Thu Huệ

    1.we will wait for you if you are late-they said to me

    2 we must hurry if we don't want to be late-they said

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  • hi hi

    leisure activity: you and your friend are free tomorrow make a dialogue to write her to go for a picnic

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  • Nguyen Ngoc

    Có một số từ gợi ý đã cho anh chị nào rảnh không chỉ e làm bài điền vào đoạn văn này nhé

    according at contact for has

    tall see wear light with

    The police are looking (1) _______ a tall, teenager boy (2) _______ blue eyes in connection with a robbery yesterday (3) _______ Dayton’s Jewelry store. (4) _______ to the witness, robber is about six feet two inches (5) _______. He’s very thin and his skin is of very (6) _______ color. He (7) ______ dark straight hair. He has broad shoulders and a dimple in his check. He was last seen to (8) _______ a brown jacket and black pants. If you (9) ______ anyone fitting this description, (10) _______ the police department immediately.

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