Hỏi đáp Unit 1 Tiếng Anh lớp 8 phần Listen and Read


Danh sách hỏi đáp (11 câu):

  • Nguyễn Anh Hưng

    andrew is keen on collecting sramps

    -> andrew likes

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  • truc lam

    Combine each of the following pairs of sentences in to one sentence.Using (not ) adjective + enough + to- infinitive

    1.He is tall .He can play volleyball

    -> He is.........

    2.My sister is old.She can drive a car

    -> my sister is.......

    3.The radio isn't small .You can't put it in your pocket.

    -> The radio isn't ......

    4.This coat isn't warm.I don't wear it in winter

    -> This coat isn't........

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  • Mai Trang

    1. I don't know why this class is always so dirty. It (clean) every morning.

    2. The murder suspect told the police a complicated alibi but it (believe) by them and he was charged with the murder.

    3. "Whose is that computer in the corner of the office?" "I don't know - it (never use) by anyone."

    4. When foreign films are dubbed into English, usually a lot of the original meaning (lose) in the translation.

    5. Humans (think) to have originated in the east of Africa.

    6. If my car (damage) by you, you will pay for the repairs.

    7. Glenn Miller (kill) in an aircrash in England in the 1940s.

    8. When I am older, I (know) as a famous scientist.

    9. The films of Charlie Chaplin (love) all over the world.

    10. The new factory will open next July and the company says that over 250 employees (need) initially.

    11. Did you hear that Jane (promote) to a management position at work! What great news.

    12. (pay) for a job you enjoy doing must be the definition of a happy life!

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  • My Hien

    1 i don't feel like .. out for a walk(going, to go, go, to be going)

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  • Kim Ngan

    giúp mk nha

    1 How many close friends do you have

    2 Do they have the same or different character

    3 How old are they

    4 Are they the same class

    5 What does your house look like

    6 How many rooms does it have

    7 Do you have any own room

    8 What things are there your rooms

    9 What did you use to do last year

    10 What subject do you like best ? Why

    11 What subject do you need to improve

    12 How do you improve it

    13 How many hours do you do your homework

    14 Who helps you with your homework

    15 Do you like sports

    16 Which sports do you like

    17 What facilities are there in your neighborhood

    18 What things do you like best ? Why19 Do you live in country or city

    20 Do you prefer city or country ?Why

    Giúp mk vs mai thi rồi ạ

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  • Thùy Trang

    Mother said, " I think it won't rain tomorrow ".


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  • Lê Minh

    write a short paragraph in English about changing rural life

    tra loi nhanh giup mk nha

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  • Mai Trang

    II/Choose the word that is a different kind of food to the others.(why)

    1/ B.banana C.egg D.grap

    2/A.carrot B.onion C.potato

    3/A.bean B.pork C.beef D.chicken

    4/A.pear B.melon C.peach D.salad

    5/A.yoghurt B.tea C.butter D.cheese

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  • Phan Thị Trinh

    I. Complete the second sentences so that it has a sililar meaning to the first.

    1. I intend to come over to pick you up.

    I am........................

    2. It takes Minh two hours to do his home work every day.

    Minh spends...............................

    3. This coat isn't warm. I don't wear it in winter(dùng'' enough'')

    This coat...................

    II. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form or tense

    1. Nga and Hoa ..............(see) a movie tonight

    2. Alexander Graham bell......................(introduce) the telephone in 1876

    3. Last year, I spent 2 weeks (do)....................volunteer work.

    4. It is dangerous (ride)................... a motorbike so fast

    5. I hope my brother (send) a letter soon

    6. They are clever enough (do)............... these exercises

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  • Tuấn Huy

    Các bạn ơi chỉ giúp mình với nhé, tìm lỗi sai trong các câu sau đây:

    She threw the bag of (A) potato chips to (B) Jame and he catches (C) it with (D) one hand

    Old Mr.MacGill had (A) thick red hair when he is (B) young but now he is (C) completely bald (D)

    Các bạn giải thích và sửa lại từ giùm mình luôn nhé, vì mình dở môn này lắm! Cảm ơn các bạn !

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  • Việt Long

    Trong những từ dưới đây, từ nào thích hợp để điền vào chỗ trống

    1. What...... the gift? It is a book. (are/ is / were)

    2. It is...... picture book . (English / the English / an English)

    3. Great! What does your friend look.....? ( like / likes/ likely)

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